Tyga’s First Week Numbers Are In…

They aren’t pretty

Last week, Tyga surprisingly released his new, oft-delayed album, Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, for stream on Spotify, and the album would eventually be available on iTunes on Friday.

The album, executive produced by Kanye West, made headlines long before its release, thanks to Tyga’s battles with Cash Money. Long before Lil Wayne and   expressed their discontent with Birdman’s behind-the-scenes actions, Tyga made his feelings known on Twitter in late 2014, and 9 months later, finally got the opportunity to get his album heard. Unfortunately, his sales numbers aren’t very attractive.

A couple weeks ago, Troy Ave was dragged all over social media for his low sales mark, which included an awkward physical copy tally of 30, and Tyga has somehow hit a mark even lower than that. According to a Soundscan report, the “Make It Work” rapper mustered up 2,200. To be fair, his week was drastically shortened by the late release, most albums are released on either Monday or Tuesday, but it’s still atrocious, all things considered.

To help put things in perspective, Tyga responded to Complex’s tweet of the news with a brief explanation of his goal with the release, which was not to hit a particular sales mark.


Lil Wayne Announces Holiday Release For the ‘Free Weezy Album’

Finally, some new Lil Wayne music

During the Washington D.C. stop of his Release Partiez tour, Lil Wayne finally revealed some information that Weezy fans have been awaiting for months.

My new album is called F-W-A, and it will be out the 4th of July.

FWA, or the Free Weezy Album, has been teased for most of the year, especially in light of Wayne’s ongoing struggles with Birdman and his record label, Cash Money Records, whom he’s suing for $50 million in back pay, among other things. Wayne’s forthcoming 5th installment in his Tha Carter series, Tha Carter V, has been promoted and given artwork, but since last fall’s news of Cash Money’s hindrance of its release, Weezy has actively tried to explore other options.

One of those options could play a part in the release of FWA. Over the weekend, Wayne announced that he’d just “signed a deal with Jay Z,” leading to speculation that he’d finally broken out of his deal with Birdman, and signed on the dotted line with Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. However, it turned out Wayne was referring to a deal he signed with Jay’s streaming service, TIDAL, making him the newest “co-owner” of the company. Could we be getting a July 4th release of Free Weezy Album on TIDAL? We’ve already seen Wayne drop exclusives on the service. He dropped “Glory,” a 5-minute black-out session, on TIDAL earlier this month.

Lil Wayne Comes at Birdman in Young Money Cypher


If we thought this publicized beef between Birdman and Lil Wayne was over, we were sadly mistaken..

In this Young Money Cypher that was released last night, things weren’t said too kindly on anyone’s part. It looks like literally everyone is taking shots at everyone else.

“I say hit em up to my daddy b**** ass,” Wayne rapped, just past the 10 minute mark of the video in reference to Tupac’s diss track “Hit ‘Em Up,” coming for Birdman.

YMCMB associate Flow dissed Young Thug by saying, “Young motherf***** Money / These my mother****** brothers not my fucking hubbies,” referring to Thug often calling his close associates “lovers” or “hubbies.”

Damn. Wayne might as well have just said Birdman’s name. Man, this beef needs to be over already. This is looking like it’s still going to be happening till Birdman pays up the coin, it doesn’t look like Wayne is budging.

Check out the cypher above.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

She Finally Speaks: Nicki Minaj Speaks On Lil Wayne & Birdman Issue

The Young Money artist finally opens up about the YMCMB conflict that has been going on for the last couple weeks.

Nicki Minaj says she loves both Birdman and Lil Wayne.

She says the beef between her mentor Lil Wayne and CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams aka Birdman will come to an end soon. Nicki Minaj stopped by BBC Radio to explain her standpoint on the matter.

“People know that I love Wayne and I have loyalty towards him, but I love Baby too,” Nicki Minaj says. “I’m very close to Baby, and I don’t think people know that.” She proceeds to say that she refuses to entertain the idea of permanent separation between the two.

“I am banking on the fact that they’re gonna work this out like family,” Minaj says. “They’ve gone through things before just like family does and it is what it is. They gonna get through it. I’m not even gonna think that way.”

We hope that the duo will get past this but the way it’s looking, this will continue on for a little while longer than expected…


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

Listen to Christina Milian’s Sultry New Single, “Rebel”

Our favorite Young Money Milian-aire is back with a new single, “Rebel,” following the season finale of her E! reality series, Christina Milian Turned Up.   Continue reading Listen to Christina Milian’s Sultry New Single, “Rebel”

Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian Beef Over the Use of Fleek?

Photo: The Boombox

Nicki Minaj is known for being a trailblazer who creates her own words to make her barbs stand out than the rest. For sometime, the word fleek has been used to describe everything from clothes to eyebrows and even hair.

On Nicki’s third album, The Pinkprint, she has a song called Feeling myself that features Beyonce. On the second verse of the song, Nicki opens up with, “Pretty on fleek, pretty on fleek” Since then the world has been using that term for everything.

Christina Milian decided to post a picture of a sweatshirt using the same phrase, Pretty on Fleek and told fans to buy the sweatshirt on, Wearepopculture.com. The Queens native got wind of the usage of fleek and decided to address it on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.19.30 PM

Milian who seems a bit lost at the shade Nicki threw to her, responded back.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.24.16 PM

But of course, quickly the two made up and settled their differences.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.26.04 PM

Honestly, who cares, right? But Milian pretending she didn’t know how to use Twitter after Nicki clapped back is pretty funny.

Ballah-moni Kollie- (@Gottadream87)


Drake Shoots Back At Chris Brown During New Zealand Performance

Here we go again guys

Drake and Chris Brown‘s feud has gone through many different phases and evolutions, but it all pretty much comes down to their complicated respective relationships with Rihanna. Still, despite the fact that neither party has dealt with Rihanna in a serious capacity for some time, their “beef” is still alive and well. Last summer, it appeared that wasn’t going to be the case. Canadian border control was reportedly the only thing that stopped Drake bringing Chris Brown out for a surprise performance at his annual OVO Fest in August, and the two were photographed in the studio. There was also that ESPY Awards skit that everyone presumed was the official-unofficial end to the tension between the two superstars.

Unfortunately, they’ve sung a different tune in 2015. In light of Tyga‘s issues with Drake, highlighted by Drake’s jab at the “AYO” rapper on his “6PM In New York” track, Chris Brown has gone back on the offensive when it comes to Drake. He’s refused to go in depth about their relationship in the interviews he’s done in the past week, called him “a fan” on The Breakfast Club, and flat out said “I don’t mess with dude” on Ebro In The Morning.

Over the weekend, Drake performed in Auckland, New Zealand for the first time, and threw a light jab at Chris Brown, presumably in retaliation to all of the jabs Chris has thrown over the past few days. While performing “Energy,” Drizzy turned the “I got rap n****s that I gotta act like I like” into…


We all know who he’s talking about.

Chris Brown & Tyga Talk Fan Of A Fan 2, Kylie Jenner, Drake & More On Hot 97

The first of two high-profile Hot 97 interviews

Chris Brown and Tyga are two of the most talked about Hip-Hop artists right now, and only a portion of the chatter is due to their new album, Fan Of A Fan: The Album, which is due out on Tuesday. The other portion(s), are due to the hit-making duos many run-ins with paparazzi, fellow artists, the Twitter world, and their (alleged) women. On Monday, an interview that has already been taped, that features both Chris and Tyga engaging in a lengthy conversation with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97, will be released to the internet, but as a precursor, the station has revealed an informal interview the two stars did with one of Hot’s brightest new personalities, Ness Nitty.

The crafters of “AYO” talk about everything, from the biggest obstacles Chris Brown faces on his daily journey to a monogamous lifestyle, to Tyga’s issues with Drake and how it affects his relationsihp with CB. At one point, Chris Brown begins mocking Drake, which comes off as quite awkward, considering the two stars reportedly made up last summer, made a record that they were supposed to debut at Drake’s OVO Fest, and they even appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit together.

Watch the interview above, in which both Chris Brown and Tyga touch on a myriad of other topics, including the album they’ll release on Tuesday.