Mache Custom Russell Westbrook- Inspired Air Jordan 29s on display at NBA Live 16 Launch Party

Over the weekend EA Sports had a NBA Launch Party for #NBALive16


EA sports had an amazing event over the weekend to celebrate the launch of NBA Live 16 which features NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook on the cover. Mache Customs had a pair of Air Jordan 29s on display at the Jordan Brand Terminal 23 at the exclusive EA Sports event.

The Air Jordan 29s are a 1-of-1 pair and were inspired by Russell Westbrook being featured in all-white with hand drawn images of Russell in which the same image appears on the cover of NBA Live 16 and the EA sports logo. Dope right? Check out images of the Air Jordan 29s below.

EA-Sports-Commissioned-Custom-Air-Jordans-for-Russell-Westbrook-1 EA-Sports-Commissioned-Custom-Air-Jordans-for-Russell-Westbrook-3


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Russell Westbrook Debuts the Jordan Westbrook 0

Westbrook Debuts The First Ever Off The Court Jordan Brand Shoe 



Russell Westbrook came through to colette in Paris to debut his exclusive Jordan brand kicks. The Jordan Westbrook 0 which was limited to 20 black pairs and 20 red pairs on release day. The Westbrook 0 is a shoe that is equipped in hightop with a synthetic leather and suede with a white sole. Westbrook spoke on the shoe being Jordan’s first off the court shoe and check out what he had to say below.

“It’s the first time Jordan is doing an off-the-court shoe, and I was happy that they picked me to be able to have my own shoe, I always wanted my own shoe since I was little. It’s the first one, but hopefully the first of many.” Westbrook tells WWD

The shoe will release July 11 in North America at a set price of $125.

The Good, The Bad, And The Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook is the most difficult player to evaluated in the history of the NBA. No one has truly found a place to put him in yet. Point Guard, shooting guard, playmaker, turnover-machine, all have been said in order to analyze his game. But Westbrook has never been one to be defined, having broken the model of what it means to be a point guard. He isn’t a point guard, he isn’t a shooting guard, he is a player that will do whatever it takes to win the game. From winning All-Star MVP in Madison Square Garden this past February, to dropping a triple-double 3 days after having facial surgery; Westbrook can’t be defined by any other label than straight baller. Thoughout the season Westbrook has had some many memorable moments on and off the court. Check out the season that Westbrook has had.