Kanye West, Alexander Wang And More Make 2015’s Business Of Fashion 500 List

These are the “supposedly” most important people in Fashion!


Kanye has been going hard to give himself a name in fashion as if he didn’t already have a huge name in fashion before being a heavy assisted designer in the fashion world. Business of fashion has revealed a list of some of the most influential people in fashion and Kanye west is among some of the names mentioned along with Alexander Wang, Public School, Dao-Yi Chow and 497 more industry icons. What a dope list to be apart of if I’m Kanye. You can check out the full list from here.


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Kanye West Reveals Another Colorway Of the adidas Yeezy Boost 750 During Yeezy Season 2 Show

Kanye West continues to debut gems! 


Mr. West presented his Yeezy Season 2 show today in NYC and the collection was very much different from the first in style and texture. But, like always Kanye had some surprises in store as he debuted another colorway of the Yeezy Boost 750 at the show which was featured in a brown upper with a semi-transparent sole and a gum bottom. Stay tuned for more details about this particular Yeezy Boost 750. More images will be produced soon i’m sure.

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Kanye West Teases Yeezy Season 2 via Twitter

Yeezy Season is Approaching!


Yeezy Season 2 is on it way and from the sources we here this collection won’t have anything to do with adidas originals. The show which no one knew would be scheduled has now disrupted designers plans for NYFW as we are told many do not like that Kanye is allowed to be added to such a hefty list of shows that was already booked for NYFW. But guess what, Yeezy gets what he wants and that means he will be presenting his Yeezy Season 2 collection Wednesday at Skylight Modern on 537 West 27th Street and Vanessa Beecroft will perform. This is very dope news for Yeezy fans and lovers of high-fashion x street-wear. The Yeezy supply website has been updated with a new video of long-sleeve camoflauge t-shirts with invites to the show.

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Kanye West Debuts Possible All Black adidas Yeezy 750 Boost at NYFW

Kanye West spotted in another colorway of his creations, once again.


Kanye West has been making headlines after the pricing of his Yeezy Season 2 made it’s way around the net. Yeezy has been sporting different colorways of the low-top Yeezy 350’s so he decided to switch it up with the 750, which grew a larger anticipation from fans with his arrival at the Givenchy fashion show on friday. According to many sources who attended Kanye wore a all-black colorway of his adidas Yeezy 750 Boost alongside Kim Kardashian who flaunted a Givenchy piece. The shoe is featured within a black suede upper with translucent boost cushioned sole. Perhaps the best part of the shoe remains the gum sole. Check out some of the images of Yeezy’s possible second colorway of the 750 Boost below.







Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the Givenchy New York Event on Pier #26. Kim shows off her baby bump in her black fashion. Pictured: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Ref: SPL1072424 110915 Picture by: Gachie / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com




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Kanye West adidas Originals Yeezy Season 1 ‘SENSE’ Editorial

Check out this editorial with SENSE magazine for Yeezy Season 1. 


Fashion magazine SENSE based out of japan, SENSE publishes an editorial for Kanye West’s adidas Originals YEEZY season 1 products. Styled from Kanye’s creativity the editorial gives out prices for the collection also. There hasn’t been any info given on when these pieces will drop or when they will release but we will keep you updated on news emerging for the season. The prices are in Japanese yen and more than likely won’t be the finalized prices from adidas worldwide. According to the editorial these prices will give you a glance at what to expect:

Slide 1
Camo T-Shirt: ¥25,000 JPY (Approximately $210 USD)
SFT Sweat Pant: ¥60,000 JPY (Approximately $500 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 2
Vest 1: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,025 USD)
Hooded Jacket: ¥204,500 JPY (Approximately $1,700 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $430 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $480 USD)

Slide 3
Coat: No Pricing Information
Undestroyed Sweater ¥163,500 JPY (Approximately $1,360 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 4
Destroyed Sweater ¥272,500 JPY (Approximately $2,260 USD)
FJ 3/4 Short ¥41,000 JPY (Approximately $340 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 5
Long Fur Coat: ¥368,000 JPY (Approximately $3,060 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $160 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 6
Coach Jacket: ¥259,000 JPY (Approximately $2,150 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $430 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $480 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 7
Thin Camo Jacket: ¥170,500 JPY (Approximately $1,420 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $160 USD)
Boucle Pant: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,025 USD)

Slide 8
Camo Trenchcoat: ¥300,000 JPY (Approximately $2,500 USD)
Thermal Long Sleeve: ¥42,500 JPY (Approximately $350 USD)
FJ Sweatpant: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)

Slide 9
Vest 1: ¥23,000 JPY (Approximately $190 USD)
Basic hoodie: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $477 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
SFT Long John Pant: ¥57,500 JPY (Approximately $477 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 10
Long Shearling: ¥477,000 JPY (Approximately $3,958 USD)
Undestroyed Sweater: ¥163,500 JPY (Approximately $1,356 USD)
Tab Bottom Pant: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)
Yeezy Boost 750: ¥42,180 JPY (Approximately $350 USD)

Slide 11
Thin Camo Jacket: ¥170,500 JPY (Approximately $1,415 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $162 USD)
Boucle Pants: ¥123,000 JPY (Approximately $1,020 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 12
Thermal Tee: ¥35,500 JPY (Approximately $295 USD)
Jersey Tank: ¥19,500 JPY (Approximately $162 USD)
Supply Shorts: ¥44,000 JPY (Approximately $365 USD)

Slide 13
Short Sleeve Crew: ¥48,000 JPY (Approximately $398 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
Worker Pant: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 14
Quilted Camo Jacket: ¥231,500 JPY (Approximately $1,921 USD)
Long Sleeve Crew: ¥52,000 JPY (Approximately $431 USD)
SFT Sweat Pant: ¥60,000 JPY (Approximately $498 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)

Slide 15
Camo Trenchcoat: ¥300,000 JPY (Approximately $2,490 USD)
Thermal Long Sleeve: ¥42,000 JPY (Approximately $348 USD)
FJ Sweatpant: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)
Yeezy Boost 350: ¥30,125 JPY (Approximately $250 USD)

Slide 16
Nylon Bomber: ¥218,000 JPY (Approximately $1,809 USD)
Thermal Tank: ¥37,000 JPY (Approximately $307 USD)
FJ Sweat Pants: ¥49,500 JPY (Approximately $410 USD)
Yeezy 950: ¥61,500 JPY (Approximately $510 USD)





Pusha T, The Weeknd, Kanye West And more Featured In Alexander Wang x DoSomething Campagn

Celebrities are taking a stand in the best for the kids of the future with designer Alexander Wang behind the scheme.

For the 10 year anniversary of Alexander Wang, the brand teamed up with non- profit organization DoSomething with the help from a slew of big name celebrities to feature within the campaign with names such as Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Pusha-T, Jhene Aiko, Angel Haze, Tyga & many more. To note, 38 celebrities were featured in their series shot by renowned photographer Steve Klein. It’s always a dope display to see huge names of today taking a stand for the world and the future. In other word’s “help the world, suck less”.

The collection seen modeled by celebs is available now on Alexander’s Wang’s website for sale which all of the proceeds will go straight to youth charities and activism initiatives. Check out portraits of some of the artist who were featured in the Alexander Wang x DoSomething campaign below


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‘T Magazine’ Issue Takes a Look Into “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Kanye West”

Kanye West’s Evolution as a Designer in the Fashion Industry! 


Kanye West has came a very long way from where he was before in the Fashion Industry especially after his highly anticipated Yeezy Season 1 Collection release. During, New York fashion week, T Magazine got an opportunity to sit down with Yeezy himself as they cover a story called “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Kanye West.”  Very Versatile images of Ye rocking some his highly saluted pieces with photography done by Juergen Teller and inerviewed by Jon Caramanica, the text was based around Kanye’s huge partnership with the Three Stripes known as adidas, and touches on his future ambitions as a designer and father, and new music. The story was definitely a great one and will give you more insight on who exactly Kanye is as a person and not the rapper. Check out the behind the scene video of the interview below.

 “I have this table in my new house,” West said, offering a parable. “They put this table in without asking. It was some weird nouveau riche marble table, and I hated it. But it was literally so heavy that it took a crane to move it. We would try to set up different things around it, but it never really worked.

“I realized that table was my ego. No matter what you put around it, under it, no matter who photographed it, the douchebaggery would always come through.”

You Can Check out the full interview over at T Magazine.




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Kanye West And Dame Dash Confirm Karmaloop Purchase via Instagram

Yeezus & Dame purchase Karmaloop..


So after all the speculation of what would happen with Karmaloop after CEO Greg Selkoe came forward and acclaimed the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Kanye and Dame Dash come to the rescue 2 days after the announcement of the filing and says they have decided to come together to purchase the once #1 streetwear online retailer. As of these days, Karmaloop has been struggling pretty bad and no one really knew until two days ago. Dame Dash went to his personal instagram and uploaded two videos of himself and Kanye together as Ye speaks, “You know, honorable people stick together, so this is how the generations do. Now you super famous (pointing to West) and we linking up and we decided to go buy Karmaloop. We just talked about it, so it’s gonna happen, and a couple other cool things.” Greg Selkoe decided to announce the partnership via his personal twitter. What are your thoughts on this purchase? Feel free to leave your comments on our Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the videos below.




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Kanye West Photographer To Sell “College Dropout” Never Before Seen Images

Vintage Kanye Will Soon Be Available For Purchase 



How dope is this the celebrity photographer for College Dropout, Danny Clinch is giving fans an opportunity to purchase some vintage hip-hop images including dope shots of Kanye in his College Dropout days. Known as the vintage days for Mr. Yeezus himself. Check out the big announcement from to his fans from his Instagram this week below.

Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life Tour 1999 #dannyclinchhiphop #jayz #hardknocklife #philly

A photo posted by Danny Clinch (@dannybones64) on Jan 23, 2015 at 2:46pm PST


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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Featured In Balmain’s 2015 Spring/Summer Ad Campaign

Mr & Mrs West, once again stunning the fashion world! 


Kanye & Kim have been taking their influence of fashion to another level. This time with the help of Balmain’s upcoming 2015 collection. Balmain previewed their upcoming menswear campaign which featured Mr & Mrs West. Check out the very elegant photoshoot for the collection that tips the hat on a very intriguing year for the couple. Kim was just named “Women of the Year” by British GQ in September, and Kanye has his highly-anticipated Yeezy 3 collaboration coming very soon. Stay tuned for more info regarding the campaign and the collection from here at the Source. Check out the gallery below of the Balmain photoshoot.



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