Watch Vince Staples’ New Video for “Norf Norf”

Vince Staples continues the black-and-white theme

If you haven’t bought or streamed Vince Staples‘ debut album, Summertime ’06, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The Long Beach wordsmith has been pushing his brand of audio dope effortlessly, and his Album of the Year candidate has provided several dope records, including “Senorita” and “Get Paid.”

Today, he’s released a video for one of the Disc 1 standouts, “Norf Norf,” which is a perfect sampling of the rugged records Summertime ’06 is brilliantly littered with. Watch it above.

Vince Staples Goes In-Depth on Lyrics from ‘Summertime ’06’ with Rap Genius

After maintaining a steady upward trajectory within the underground rap sect, Def Jam‘s best kept secret, Vince Staples dropped a scorcher of a debut album with Summertime ’06. With ubiquitous high praise pouring in across the blogosphere, Staples took some time out to provide a first-hand break down of the album’s lyrics and concepts with the folks over at Genius. In his annotations, he provides some insight into his rhymes, his neighborhood of Long Beach, California and even his hilarious (but understandable) obsession with Fetty Wap:

This guy is Luther Vandross! I’m a fan, bro. When I say I like Fetty Wap, people think I’m trying to be funny…My feelings be so hurt, bro. Fetty Wap is damn near Santa Claus!

He also had a interesting stance on the world’s perception of Long Beach inhabitants as well as prejudice in general:

Everyone thinks we drive low riders and wear Dickies. Not to hit on Dickies ‘cause they got some shit, but I’m not putting that fucking suit on. That’s what they think this community is, bro. That shit sucks. I’ve never seen that shit before!
Until people really see themselves within other people, they can’t genuinely care for their betterment. It’s hard to understand and respect things that are different than us. We need to start looking at each other eye-to-eye.
Head here to read all of Vince Staples colorful commentary and purchase Summertime ’06 here.

Vince Staples: “Ray J is More Powerful Than Lil’ B”

Vince Staples brings his Norwood-ian philosophy to GQ

Earlier this month, Vince Staples sat down with Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 for an interview and a freestyle in promotion of his debut album, Summertime ’06, hitting stores today. During his interview, Staples spoke at length about the impact of Ray J on Hip-Hop culture, from helping to make Kim Kardashian‘s relevant, to changing Fabolous‘ career forever, and not in a positive way. It was fascinating to see someone sensationalize nearly every Ray J career move, and Staples expanded on those sentiments in a sit-down with GQ magazine. Here’s an excerpt below, and do yourself a favor and read the entire conversation here.

If you didn’t know, Staples’ stellar debut album, Summertime ’06, is in stores now. Stream it here.

How did Ray J ruin the career of Fabolous?

They were at the Floyd Mayweather fight, and Fabolous disrespected the Money Team, so Ray J smacked the shit out of him! I don’t know if he ruined his career, but all I know is that I’ve never looked at Fabolous the same ever since that stuff with Ray J went down. If you’re a New York artist, and someone calls a radio station and says, “Imma smack the shit outta you ‘cause you’re a bitch to me” and nothing happens, then Ray J wins. And I love Fab, but he didn’t call Power 106 [in Los Angeles].

Listen though. When you Google “Ray J” these are the people that come up that are associated with him: Kim Kardashian, Brandy, Kanye West, Whitney Houston, Damon Thomas, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Lil’ Kim, Robert Kardashian, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Omarion. You show me someone who has such a star-studded line-up associated with them and then we can have a conversation.

Did you say Whitney Houston?

Yeah, he dated Whitney Houston. Ray J was Whitney Houston’s last boyfriend. He found her.

What’s your favorite Ray J song?

“Centerview.” It’s an ode to where he came from. Well we can’t forget his acting career. Ray J was in a movie called Once Upon a Time…When We Were Colored. Ray J fought for civil rights on the big screen.

Who is more powerful, Ray J or Lil B?

Ray J is more powerful than Lil B.

Stream Vince Staples’ Debut Album, ‘Summertime ’06,’ Here

Vince is ready for his close-up, a week early

Off the strength of his lead single, the Future-sampling “Senorita,” and an elite run of mixtapes, Long Beach, Calfornia rep Vince Staples will be releasing his proper debut album, Summertime ’06, to the masses next Tuesday, but you can hear it a week early today. Staples is joined by Jhene Aiko, DJ Dahi, Joey Fatts and a few others on his 2-disc journey, and of course his mentor No I.D.

If this is your first introduction to Staples, you won’t be disappointed. Stream the LP below, or go through it track-by-track over at NPR.

Vince Staples Freestyles on Hot 97 w/ Tyler The Creator, Drops New Music

Those West coast boys can really rap

Vince Staples will be releasing his new album, Summertime ’06, on June 30, and in preparation, he released a new song, “Get Paid”–which you can listen to below–and stopped by Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg‘s Real Late show to chat and drop some serious bars. He would later be joined by Tyler, The Creator, who brought his hilarious personality to the studio and ended up freestyling over some classic Lil’ Kim. That wasn’t before Vince Staples took Outkast‘s “ATLiens” to task, seemingly coming up with bars in his head while he waited for his turn on the beat.

Check the freestyle above, and Vince’s new song and the interview below.

Watch: All Def Digital x Grammy U Team Up to Interview Vince Staples

Vince Staples keeps it all the way real in this candid clip.   Continue reading Watch: All Def Digital x Grammy U Team Up to Interview Vince Staples

Vince Staples and Antwon Perform At Converse Rubber Tracks Live

On Friday night in Echo Park Converse Rubber Tracks presented its latest concert event inside the low-ceilinged Echoplex. Continue reading Vince Staples and Antwon Perform At Converse Rubber Tracks Live

Listen to Common Ft. Vince Staples and Jay Electronica “Kingdom (Remix)”

Continue reading Listen to Common Ft. Vince Staples and Jay Electronica “Kingdom (Remix)”

Watch Vince Staples Video For “Blue Suede” From His Upcoming Def Jam EP ‘Hell Can Wait’

Ya’ll wan’t the real?

Vince Staples has really been making a name for himself over the past few years.  Many first heard of the raw, but incredibly talented rapper when he made some standout appearances on Earl Sweatshirt‘s album Doris, including a standout appearance on the track “Hive”, he had also collaborated with Mac Miller (under his producer pseudonym Larry Fisherman) for the mixtape Stolen Youth.   The word of mouth and buzz he generated with those projects as well as his own Shyne Coldchain Vol 1.  led to the young talent from Long Beach, CA being signed to Def Jam records in August 2013.

He started the 2014 off by dropping the critically acclaimed mixtape Shyne Coldchain Vol 2. , featuring production from Def Jam VP No I.D. who was responsible for signing Staples to Def Jam and has almost mentored and shaped his young career so far.  This relationship also led to Vince making two exemplary appearances on Common’s recent LP Nobody’s Smiling, including the lead single “Kingdom”.

Now Staples is returning with his latest project, and EP that will be released by Def Jam called Hell Can Wait due out September 23th.  The first track featured on it is the HARDDDD hitting “Blue Suede” produced by Toronto’s Marvin “Hagler” Thomas.  The track manages to be reminiscent of Eazy E‘s “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s” but yet also sounds current enough for Staples to not be labeled as a “throwback rapper”.  The video, directed by C. Blacksmith is the perfect asthetic to go along with the track which you can buy on iTunes, check it out above and let us know what you think.

We got a chance to hear some of the tracks off the upcoming Hell Can Wait, and trust us, this song is just a sign of things to come.

Spencer like the J’s with the blue suede as well, but not more than the Bred 1’s.  Follow him on Twitter – @sjeezs

Watch Common’s New Video For “Kingdom” Featuring Vince Staples


Common’s back.

Finally. The Chicago vet has been pretty much missing in action, save his collaboration with Ab-Soul earlier this year, but it appears we’re finally getting the roll out for his new album, Nobody’s Smiling. This will be his first album since his critically-acclaimed 2011 release, The Dreamer, The Believer, and he’s linked up with Vince Staples, one of the freshest voices in rap, for the first single “Kingdom”. The conceptually sound track narrates a series of stirring images in the official music video for the track, which you can check out below.

Nobody’s Smiling will be out on July 22nd on Def Jam Records.