Tyga Goes to Church for “$candal” Video

Gardena, California-native Tyga takes the spiritual route for his new video for $candal, which was filmed in a cathedral during his time in Barcelona, Spain. $candal, the last record on his latest mixtape, addresses the public opinion of his relationship with famous girlfriend Kylie Jenner, et al. Based on what we’re witnessing, we might get a video for each record on Tyga’s new mixtape, Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout. In the meantime, here’s $candal:

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Tyga and 2 Chainz Perform at ‘World’s Largest Pizza Festival’

The World’s Largest Pizza Festival was held on Friday, Sept. 4 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at a private estate in Beverly Hills

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Tyga Drops Video for “Stimulated,” Starring Kylie Jenner

“They say she young, I should’ve waited/she a big girl now when she stimulated”

Tyga has dropped the video for the most talked about song off his F*ck What they Talkin Bout mixtape, “Stimulated.”

The Cali rapper uses some suggestive lyrics, speaking about “penetrating,” referring to Kylie Jenner a certain woman as a “big girl now.” Yet, what takes the video over the top is who Tyga has playing his vixen.

Yup, Tyga recruited his, now-of-age girlfriend Kylie Jenner to be with him throughout the video. Watch as he shows he doesn’t give two F’s what people think of him right now.

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So This Is How Tyga Was Able To Afford That $320,000 Ferrari For Kylie Jenner!

Tyga has been in the news quite a bit lately. From his friendship with Kylie Jenner, a recently released album, cameo in the film “Dope,” as well as a brand new reality show on MTV2,  the young rapper stays in the headlines and on the screen. His most recent siting on the web was for the $320,000 Ferrari he purchased for Kylie on her 18th birthday. Many we’re left scratching their heads as to how he could afford such a gift, given he was also rumored to be going through some financial problems.

Well, wonder no more, as it is now being revealed that Tyga has signed a very lucrative deal with Tunes Audio, a well established OEM and ODM manufacturer of in-ear monitors for many well known brands. Signed on August 9th, the deal is worth a staggering $10 Million, making the “Rack City” rapper a part owner of the company.

Having been in business for over two decades, Tunes Audio is known for hand molding countless amounts of in-ears for audiophiles, the hearing impaired, and has been used on stages by some of the most famous musical artists worldwide.

CEO of Tunes, Rolexandro Valentin, issued a statement.

We are really excited about signing a multi dollar deal with the young star. Not only is Tyga is a trendsetter and a driver of the culture, but he’s also a businessman. We look forward to building this company together. This is just the beginning.

Boasting a social media footprint of over 27 Million followers, Tyga is definitely one of the most visible artists in music. He too shared a statement.

I saw what TUNES was doing in the audio world so when they said they wanted to start making headphones, we partnered up.Only boss moves here.

So with all of the hoopla surrounding Tyga’s time in the headlines in the past year, it has definitely paid dividends.


Tyga is definitely out here gettin’ it. Do ya thing playa. – Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Tyga Will Co-Star In Bruce Willis’ New Film

Sticks and stones may break his bones, but words will never hurt him

The Hollywood Reporter announced that rapper Tyga will be starring in Bruce Willis’ forthcoming, untitled action-comedy. The casts includes David ArquetteJason MomoaAdam GoldbergFamke Janssen, John Goodman, and Kal Penn.

The movie is about Bruce getting his dog kidnapped and he gets caught up with two Samoan brothers while retrieving his dog. Tyga’s role in the film is under wraps, but this will be another thrust towards an acting career for Tyga. He starred in Dope as a drug dealer, and he has a role in Barbershop 3. 

Is Tyga going from a rapper to an actor? Hmm.

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Has Tyga Been Stepping Out on Kylie with a Transgender Actress?

UPDATE: The FBI could be involved.

In light of allegations–which you can read about below–that Tyga has been involved with and exchanged naked pictures with transgender actress Mia Isabella, the Young Money rapper has attempted to enlist federal agents in his search for the person(s) responsible for leaking the pictures, which Tyga alleges are doctored.

The pictures surfaced on popular gossip site B. Scott, and eventually went viral, showing an alleged exchange of photos between Tyga and Isabella, including a d*ck shot from Tyga. According to his attorney, Lee Hutton, the photos were “hacked.”

Original Story:

Tyga can’t catch a break in 2015, can he?

Tyga has spent the better part of the past year fending off social media pundits lamenting him for his relationship with Kylie Jenner, who won’t be 18 until August. He’s also been dealing with problems that he’s been having with his label, Cash Money Records, who allegedly held up the release of his latest album, Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which was just released without warning on June 23. To add insult to injury, Tyga suffered eye-popping low sales in his first week, tallying just 2,200 moved units.

Today, things get worse for Tyga. Perhaps exponentially. Screenshots from popular gossip site B. Scott have surface, allegedly depicting Tyga exchanging nude photos with a transgender actress named Mis Isabella, with whom Tyga has reportedly been involved for the last 3 years.

The reported screenshots are below for your perusing.

scott shot 2 scott shot

No word from Tyga on the allegations,


Tyga’s First Week Numbers Are In…

They aren’t pretty

Last week, Tyga surprisingly released his new, oft-delayed album, Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, for stream on Spotify, and the album would eventually be available on iTunes on Friday.

The album, executive produced by Kanye West, made headlines long before its release, thanks to Tyga’s battles with Cash Money. Long before Lil Wayne and   expressed their discontent with Birdman’s behind-the-scenes actions, Tyga made his feelings known on Twitter in late 2014, and 9 months later, finally got the opportunity to get his album heard. Unfortunately, his sales numbers aren’t very attractive.

A couple weeks ago, Troy Ave was dragged all over social media for his low sales mark, which included an awkward physical copy tally of 30, and Tyga has somehow hit a mark even lower than that. According to a Soundscan report, the “Make It Work” rapper mustered up 2,200. To be fair, his week was drastically shortened by the late release, most albums are released on either Monday or Tuesday, but it’s still atrocious, all things considered.

To help put things in perspective, Tyga responded to Complex’s tweet of the news with a brief explanation of his goal with the release, which was not to hit a particular sales mark.


Video of Tyga Fighting a Switzerland Club Owner Surfaces

Don’t come near the Rolls Mr. Club Owner

A TMZ video has captured Tyga getting a bit rowdy in Europe, thanks to an alleged altercation with a club owner. According to the report, Tyga was slated to perform at the club on the night in question, which he did, but only for 10 minutes, much to the dismay of said club owner.

As the “Make It Work” rapper tried to leave the venue, the club owner came outside to where Tyga was–sitting in the back of his car–and began an argument, which apparently prompted Tyga to exit his vehicle, and engage. The video doesn’t show everything that happened, but towards the end of it, punches are clearly being thrown, and a gun was reportedly brandished during the commotion.

As a side note, Kylie Jenner was present on the premises that night, thought her location during the raucous isn’t mentioned.

tmz kylie