Premiere: Watch Tre Redeau’s “Doja” Video ft. Dizzy Wright & Blossom

Directed by: Timslew

It’s the day after Labor Day and you feel awful. Not “I ate the last Dorito” awful but “my body hates me” awful. On your lunch break, pour yourself a green tea, dim the lights, and watch the new visuals from the Portland native, Tre Redeau. “Doja” is the third video to drop from Tre’s last project Kool-Aid Stand. It starts with warm colors that are soft on the eyes. The video switches from That ’70s Show styled smoking sessions indoors to walking around town, all with a slightly blurry yet welcoming feeling. The production is a mix of Curren$y and Cypress Hill, almost like a hybrid of a sativa and an indica.

When asked about the first time he was high, Tre responded:

“Man, it was crazy. I was outside a kickback when we smoked, and it hit me immediately after I inhaled the smoke. Then I slowly made my way back into the party. Grabbed a tub of liquorice and put “Party Life” by Jay Z on repeat. I still don’t know why they had red vines there but they were live at that moment. I was definitely gone in my own world and nobody changed the song.”

Also Tre has been kind enough to host a contest for you to win a pair of Grey Nike Air Yeezy 2’s. Head to his website for the full rules.

Bryan Hahn is on break for the rest of the day. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

Watch Tre Redeau’s “The Anthem” Video ft. Manny Monday & Myke Bogan

Have you ever jousted in a pool in your backyard with fire at the end of the lance? What about putting out a fire caused by one of the lances with a beer? Okay, how about getting wasted with your friends in your backyard? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you can probably hang with Tre Redeau, Manny Monday, and Myke Bogan. If you answered yes to all of them, you probably are Tre Redeau, Manny Monday, or Myke Bogan.

With plenty of brews and loud on deck, the three emcees hang out with some friends and have themselves a grand old time in the sun that none of them will probably remember. With a fuzzy beat on ice from Big Chawn, the three Portland emcees kick rhymes about straight kicking it. Could you tell that the original name for the song was “Come Through Bring a Blunt Thru”? Dare we say, we have a new summer anthem on our hands?

Give the track a listen above and let us know. This is the second release off of Tre’s upcoming mixtape, Kool-Aid Stand (7/28).

Bryan Hahn is currently on his deck with a stupid amount of beer. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).