Listen Here: The Maino And Stephanie Santiago Episode of Tax Season

Maino and the Loud Speaker Network’s own Stephanie Santiago join Tax in the studio to discuss sex, holding your man down while he does a bid, why Maino is the King of Brooklyn and whether he’s still a goon.

There are a host of topics they go into, and so you really need to be listening heavy on this episode!

Listen Here: The Styles P Episode of Tax Season

In episode 24 Tax sits down with Styles P for some OG Talk, and some amazing OG talk is what came of it. They discuss the current status of Hip Hop, what Meek Mill should have done differently, and why OG’s should respect the new generation of rappers. The Henny was flowing for this episode and jewelers dropped some real jewels. So sit back and press play.

Also, make sure you go and cop Styles P new project A Wise Guy and a Wise Guy available now.

Listen Here: The Desus And Kid Mero Episode of Tax Season

Just as promised, Taxstone is back this week, and this time he has The Bronx in the building for the special occasion. He decided to bring in his #UncommonSense castments Desus and Kid Mero for an epic conversation about pre-gentrified New York, what it’s like working for MTV, telling Ja Rule “…not really”, never sleeping on Albanians, why to always be afraid of older Spanish men who aren’t afraid to talk shit. Obviously, that’s not all so make sure to tune in for this special episode.

Listen Here: The Lost Episode of Tax Season

This week is an off week for the legend that is Taxstone. He’s out celebrating his birthday someplace exotic right now. But the folks over at The Loud Speakers Network knew they couldn’t leave anyone hanging. Their master engineer Samir Karam whipped something up from an episode back in May they thought was gone due to some technical issues they were facing that day. The episode has the stripper and burgeoning mogul Cardi B, and has a visit from Combat Jack and Vida Bella. Enjoy the episode but be sure they will be back next week with a brand new episode to break the Internets.

Listen Here: Episode 20 of Tax Season With Memphis Bleek

Tax sits down with Roc-a-Fella alumni Memphis Bleek. They go deep into Bleek’s history and discuss Jay Z, the downfall of the Roc and classic Summer Jams. Bleek also shares his thoughts on the current state of NY hip hop, ghostwriting and Jay Z making people disappear!

Tax Season started not too long ago, only being 20 episodes in with this one, but it’s taken the podcast world by storm. Apple has already called it one of the top rated podcasts in its 10 years of doing podcasts. So if you want some entertainment, you already should know this is a show you have to listen to.

Listen Here: Tax Season Episode 19

In episode 19 Taxstone is joined in the studio by writer Preezy and culture preserver Elgin. The trio discuss Meek vs Drake, Tax vs OG Maco and the insane state of Hip Hop as a while. Later in the episode Combat Jack makes an appearance to discuss Funkmaster Flex and Taxstone discusses his real issue with Ebro of Hot 97.

It’s also one of the most interesting weeks for who broke the Tax Code. This is an episode the Internet has been waiting on for days so don’t miss it!



Listen Here: The Albee Al Episode of Tax Season

This week on episode 18, Tax and guest co-host Diamond welcome Jersey City rapper Albee Al to the show. Fresh out of prison after beating a murder charge and doing a 5 year bid, Albee Al shares what led to his arrest, how he has grown from his ordeal and what’s next for the Jersey spitter.

Also make sure you stay tuned to find out who violated the Tax Code this week

Listen Here: The Wax Episode of Tax Season

Tax welcomes the one and only Wax from the Brilliant Idiots to the show. Wax talks about how he met Charlamange, being on #UncommonSense and why he brings ice cubes to the bedroom.

They also discuss El Chapo’s escape, 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy, why Tati hates selfie sticks and what Wax’s big plans for chickens.

Also, you can’t guess who broke the Tax Code this week.

Listen Here: Tax Season Episode 16 “Ask The Ladies”

Guys, have you ever been curios how the mind of women around you works? Well then listen in on this special episode of Tax Season where Taxstone brings in some of his female friends to answer all the questions you might have about women. The questions go from totally normal to things you might not ever think about. This podcast took over the hood a few months ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Take a listen and let us know what you think.


Listen Here: The Freeway Rick Ross Episode of Tax Season

On episode 13, Taxstone interviews the street legend Freeway Rick Ross. Ross talks about how he introduced crack to the west coast, how he got setup by the LAPD, and his involvement with the CIA in selling drugs to fund secret wars in Central America. And to top it all off, you really want to hear who violated the Tax Code this week, and so tune into this episode. It’s really not one you want to miss!