Summer Time Fun: Tips to Having an Unforgettable Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Ever heard of the saying, “ballin’ on a budget?” That is a real concept. Spending racks on a new summer wardrobe or expensive vacations out of your means isn’t necessary to have a bangin’ summer. Opting for “staycations,” a vacation in your city where you act as a tourist and explore the in’s and out’s of your city like an out-of-towner, or shopping on a budget will help you go into the Autumn season with a hefty savings and a memorable summer. Check out some tips on how to have an amazing summer without spending a ton of dough.

Take Advantage of Local Events and Attractions
No matter where you live, there’s always something to do. Whether festivals, outdoor concerts, to visiting your local museums or parks, the summer is the time to go outside and even the warm temperatures. And don’t forget about those Happy Hours! Bars and restaurants slash their prices, make sure you take advantage of the deals.

Visit websites like Valpak, where they have a bundle of discount vouchers for local restaurants and other entertainment activities for 50% off or more.

Kick Off Weekly Family Dinners
Pick your closest four or five pals and start a family dinner where one person cooks for the group each week. Great for socializing and entertaining, bring games and drinks And don’t forget to put your phones away. After 8:00pm, start a “No-Phone” rule, where no one is allowed to peek on social media or text the entire evening. The first to break must buy the group drinks!

Find Free Activities for Kids
Kids out of school and getting restless? Check out Regal Summer Series, where kids see matinee’s for only a buck. This is also the time to sign your kid up for summer sports leagues, which are usually low-cost or no cost. Children also get free passes to museums and local attractions.

Travel Smart
Want to take a summer vacation? It’s totally possible to get out of town without breaking the bank. Aside from Groupon’s irresistible Getaways, visit LivingSocial who can send you on a all-inclusive tropical vacation, sometimes including airfare, without going broke.

– Angela (@SheisAngela)

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The Summertime Snooze: Ways to Stay Woke During The Sports “Off-Season”

It’s the summer, time for cookouts, beach trips, and festivals. Whats not included in those plans are sports. Unless you’re still holding on to the idea of baseball carrying the sports world, sports are in the cellar. Both the NBA and NFL are in complete summer break mode, and trying to follow the off-season moves is like doing the summer reading assignments from school. For a person like me who loves talking sports 24/7, this is driving me crazy. No more touchdown dances, slam dunks, or ear blows from the likes of Lance Stephenson. What is a brother to do? I sat down for a bit and tried to decide that I have to do something until the fall. So I made a list of things that can get you through the months of “who won the offseason”, and “baseball power rankings”.

1. Actually go out and play a sport.

Being from New York I know first hand that we get about 50-80 really great days out of the year. Whats a better way to spend them then actually going out and balling. Basketball, football, soccer, it really doesn’t matter just do something that you know you’ll have fun doing. Great way to stay in shape, work on your game, and meet some new people. Spending just a few hours every week ¬†balling will make you forget what cornerback your team signed to their roster.

2. Movies are on FLEEK

I love watching movies, and Hollywood puts out it’s best products during this time of year. Blockbuster premier each and every week, and give movie goers something to talk about around the water-cooler on Mondays. Some of the best movies of the year come out during the summer time.

3. Party and B*llSh*t

This is where you find Mr or Mrs right now. Parties are going to be LIT during this time. Rooftop parties, outdoor festivals, and cookouts are just some of the places to enjoy some liquid courage. Make sure you turn up because before you know it, the school bells start ringing.

4. Albums drop and Concerts go UP

Drake, Future, Nicki, Meek, and Trey are all set to take over the summer touring scene. These big acts and more take their shows on the road all though out the world. The music is here to be played at those parties, in the car ride back from the movies, or  at the blacktop while you ball.

I know football is weeks and weeks away, but so is the fall season. While football is God to all the other sports, having a break will allow you to enjoy the other things in life. Sports will return and make your weekends and holidays enjoyable, but summer is here and now. The more you miss the sports, the faster the season will slip away from you.

King Jut (@KingJut92)