‘Welcome to Death Row’ Could Be the Sequel To ‘Straight Outta Compton’

The Welcome to Death Row movie is currently being shopped around, and is seriously being considered to be the sequel to F. Gary Gray’s masterpiece, after the box office success of Straight Outta Compton. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

In the wake of Straight Outta Compton‘s box-office success, APA is shopping Welcome to Death Row, which features many of the same figures from the Universal hit.

The agency has put together a package based on a book and documentary of the same name by S. Leigh Savidge, who received a story and co-executive producer credit on Compton.

While Compton chronicles the rise and breakup of seminal gangsta rap group N.W.A — a span that covers nearly a decade from the late 1980s to 1996 — and features the group’s members Ice CubeDr. Dre and the late Eazy-E as the film’s three main protagonists, Welcome to Death Row involves the years after N.W.A formed, one of the most explosive and controversial periods in music history. It’s an era when artists like Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur forged mega-solo careers and Death Row Records‘ Suge Knight reigned as the most powerful and feared hip-hop executive in the business.



[VIDEO] Rare Footage of Tupac & Snoop Dogg Talking About The Importance of Voting

Unseen footage has recently surfaced of Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and many other Death Row Records artists actively participating in the Brotherhood Crusade Rally on August 15th, 1996.

Suge introduced Tupac and Snoop as the spokespersons of Death Row Records. He said:

One thing I’d like to say, if it weren’t for the community it would be no Death Row Records. And more important than all that, if it weren’t for Snoop, Daz, Hammer, Tupac…it would be no me. So, I’m not here to try to get the limelight or be famous, nothing like that. I think my spokesperson for Death Row always will be—The guy who acts, raps. The other guy who raps and now he’s a model. I’d like to bring Tupac and Snoop up.

Tupac went on comparing the numbers of record sales to voters. Pac said:

My record sales, we got six million. Snoop got four million. Dogg Pound got three million. And we keep going. That means we represent that many votes. If we can represent that many votes, we gotta let these politicians be scared of us. That means anytime we drop something y’all gotta pick it up. Every time y’all call for us, we gon’ come.

Snoop said a few words following Pac’s speech while holding a voting registration form. He spoke about how community’s a represented by voting:

It’s our voice that means something. It’s all on us. If we don’t speak ain’t nobody gonna speak for us. They gon’ speak against, so we got to speak up. As a rapper. As a brother from the community. Somebody who is intact with what y’all feel and with what y’all go through. I’m one of the main voices saying that I’m with getting out here, voting. And getting y’all to get out there and vote. And be about what you about cause y’all community is you.

The Brotherhood Crusades Rally was one of the last moments of Pac’s life. He was shot dead a month later. The crowd’s feedback to the rappers and their words is more proof of how influential Hip Hop is, and how this influence can be used positively.

Check out the rare footage in its entirety above. The Death Row Records representatives begin speaking at the 8:00 minute marker.

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Eazy-E’s Son Claims Suge Knight Was Involved With His Father’s Death

F. Gary Gray’s blockbuster film is having real life repercussions

In Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray‘s masterful creation based on the the rise and impact of N.W.A, Eazy-E‘s fallout with Suge Knight was bluntly documented, as was his battle with HIV/AIDS, the latter of which is what his death was unanimously attributed to.

However, since the film’s debut earlier this month, several conversations have begun surrounding the real events inspiring the movie’s scenes, and recently, Eazy-E’s son spoke out about his father’s demise, and what he believed to be the true story.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.22.20 PM

The accusations are pretty scathing, but Yung Eazy was sure to mention that time Knight was on Jimmy Kimmel‘s late night show candidly discussing infecting someone with AIDS. You can watch that clip here.

Judge Refuses To Lower Suge Knight’s $10-Million Bail In Murder Case

Marion “Suge” Knight is accused of killing a man with his pickup and the judge refuses to lower his bail of $10-million

Since the altercation in a Compton parking lot in January, Suge Knight has been in custody for striking two men with his pickup and killing one. The judge has set the bail at $10-million and will not budge.

According to TMZ Suge’s request to move to a new facility was also denied during his latest hearing in Los Angeles, as well as his attempt to reduce his bail. Suge’s attorney states that his client is going crazy because the toilet in his cell flushes every 20 minutes consistently on its own and his bed is too small.

Knight’s original bail was set at $25 million back in March because of his criminal past, which makes him a candidate for the three-strike, life in prison law in California.

Suge Knight was originally arrested this past January on a murder charge after a hit and run on the movie set of Straight Outta Compton while Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were both present. Terry Carter, 55, died as a result of his injuries after Knight ran over him with his truck. Actor Che “Bones” Sloan was also injured when the former Hip Hop mogul put his vehicle in reverse and struck the men.

Knight was just convicted of a robbery charge this year alongside comedian Katt Williams after a female photographer claimed that the two men stole her camera. His next court hearing in this case is scheduled for September 17th.

TheSource.com will bring you updates on this story as it develops.

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Widow of Terry Carter, Suge Knight’s Hit-and-Run Victim, Names Ice Cube, Dr. Dre in Lawsuit

Terry Carter’s wife is holding everyone responsible, not just Suge

Lillian Carter lost her husband, Terry, in a horrific hit-and-run incident earlier this year, for which Suge Knight has been arrested and charged with murder. He currently awaits trial behind bars, partly because the incident was caught on video.

However, Carter isn’t just holding the driver of the truck that struck and killed her husband responsible. According to the lawsuit, Lillian Carter also holds Dr. Dre and Ice Cube responsible, as well as Universal Studios and Tam’s Burgers (The incident occurred in a Tam’s Burgers parking lot). Carter claims that Dr. Dre warned the producers of the film that Suge Knight’s presence on set could be a hazardous one, considering the two former collaborators have been at odds for years. Tam’s Burgers is being accused in the suit of not having adequate security. Dr. Dre’s lawyers have called the lawsuit, “preposterous.”

Watch Snoop Speak On Feeling Sorry For Suge Knight On Whoolywood Shuffle

Check out Snoop Dogg during his recent Whoolywood Shuffle interview with DJ Whoo Kid as he expands on his relationship with Suge Knight

Recently Suge Knight has been facing serious criticism after his recent court appearances and open cases have flooded the news but Snoop Dogg empathizes with his comrade that he recently made amends with prior to all the drama. When asked if he feels sorry for Suge by DJ Whoo Kid during a Whoolywood Shuffle, Snoop responds by saying…

I do, and that’s why I feel sorry for him, because I made up with him and me and him we got on a great page before this nonsense started happening cause I played the role of being the big man…I never hated him and he never really hated me. How could you hate me when I made you $100 million and how can I hate you when you helped me build a team to beat my murder case? That’s why I’ve always had an open heart for him.”

Watch the above footage as Snoop speaks on Knight, his newly released Bush album and how Nipsey turned down the role portraying Snoop in the upcoming N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, because he wanted to avoid being in his shadows.

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Floyd Mayweather to Put $10 Million Towards Suge Knight’s Bail if he Beats Pacquiao

No one catches more breaks than Suge Knight

In two days, Floyd Mayweather will step into the ring to fight Manny Pacquiao in one of, if not the single biggest boxing event in the history of the sport.

Right after he’s done with that, according to Suge knight’s lawyer, he’s going to put $10 million towards Suge Knight’s $10 million bail. The video clip, released by the New York Daily News a short while ago, shows Knight’s lawyer detailing what be believes to be a key flaw in the prosecution’s argument, then revealing that following Mayweather’s fight Saturday, the filthy rich fighter will come back to Cali and help out Suge. According to the lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, Knight and Mayweather are “good friends,” and last week Mayweather inquired about the details of putting Knight’s bail up last week.

Suge’s trial is set to begin in July. Watch the clip above.

Suge Knight Slapped With $25 Million Bail, Collapses In Court

photo: Page Six

Suge Knight is currently in the midst of an intense trial for his January hit-and-run that resulted in the immediate death of one man, and the critical injury of another. His line of defense has evolved several times, including an initial self-defense claim, and later on he reportedly began telling folks that he was “legally blind.”

Today, Suge’s bail was finally set to the tune of $25 million, and Suge’s reaction was as dramatic as one could imagine. According to the Los Angeles Times, Knight collapsed, slamming his head into a chair. Due to his incarceration, Suge hasn’t been receiving the proper medical help–he deals with both diabetes and a blood clot problem–and sources say that’s what contributed to his collapsing in court.

Suge’s initial bail of $2 million was revoked once the court learned of his criminal record, and that he was a three-strike candidate.

Suge Knight’s Self-Defense Claim May Have Just Been Validated

Suge Knight has said from the beginning that he had acted in self-defense in the deadly hit-and-run that has resulted in his facing premeditated murder charges. The incident occurred in the parking lot of Tam’s Burger, on January 28th in Compton, CA.

It seems there has been a break in the case, as it is now being reported Cle (Bone) Sloan, who survived being run over by Suge’s truck in January, told an investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, that he “I f—-d him up!” referring to Knight. It is said that Sloan made the admission from his hospital bed. According to The NY Daily News “Sloan said he contacted Knight and began to punch him through the driver side window,” the report stated.  “Sloan stated Knight tried to exit the red Ford but was stopped by his punches,” the report continued.

The confrontation stemmed from a verbal altercation between Knight and Sloan at a previous location three miles away. The first location was not far from the production of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Once Sloan spotted the Death Row Records co-founder in the parking lot he pursued the matter further. According to Knight‘s lawyer Sloan initiated both altercations. The second man involved Terry Carter, was struck by Knight’s truck, killing the 55-year-old married dad.

Knight has been charged with murder and attempted murder.  He has pleaded not guilty and is currently behind bars and being held without bail. Prosecutors still believe Knight intentionally ran over Sloan and Carter.

After the news of Sloan‘s stunning admission has changed the course of the case. Court has definitely taken its toll on Knight, 49, who had been recently deemed legally bind.


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Video Of Suge Knight’s Hit-And-Run Incident Has Surfaced

Suge’s lawyers appear to have their work cut out for them

Suge Knight has been charged with premeditated murder for a hit-and-run incident that occurred on the set of the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, after he ran his truck over a colleague of his, Terry Carter, and backed his truck into Cle Sloan, critically injuring him.

Today, surveillance footage of the incident has surfaced, and it is every bit as astounding as the accounts from eyewitnesses have been. You can watch the clip above, but please, at your own risk. The moment Suge’s truck made impact with both Carter and Sloan is startling, and graphic.