Staten Island’s Sha Keeps Things Strictly New York In His Visual For “Patrick Ewing”

In terms of Hip-Hop, the New York City borough of Staten Island has not had many new faces emerge into the spotlight. With that said, Shoalin native Sha has been changing the narrative. Having collaborated with several notable talents and making his rounds in the club circuit with major DJs spinning his tunes in the nightclubs, The Park Hill area native reveals the visual for his breakthrough single “Patrick Ewing.” Named after the New York Knicks basketball legend, Sha likens his prowess in music and on the street to that of the NBA Hall of Famer. Be sure to pick up the single on iTunes and follow Sha on Instagram & Twitter @Sha225si.

Erica Garner Denies NY Post Statements Against Sharpton, Announces New Foundation In Her Father’s Name

daughter of man slain on Staten Island by the NYPD says that comments she about Rev. Al Sharpton were taken out of context

Erica Garner, the daughter of slain Staten Island man Eric Garner, says that the statements released by several news outlets including The New York Post, were inaccurate when they quoted her stance on Rev. Al. Sharpton, saying he was “all about the money”.

In an exclusive statement released through, The daughter of the man choked to death by the NYPD says that her comments were,

“taken out of context, edited and released to partisan outlets for nefarious reasons.”

See the rest of the statement below where Garner also plugs the new foundation she created in her father’s memory to continue her own community activism.

On February 24, 2015, The New York Post released a story claiming that Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner believes that Reverend Al Sharpton of the National Action Network (NAN) is “all about the money” and only wants his face in the front of issues. In response to those fraudulent claims, Erica has released the following statement:
“It is unfortunate that the New York Post and James O’Keefe have taken a moment of reflection and mourning as an opportunity to sow discord and confusion among a peaceful and unified movement. The comments were taken out of context, edited and released to partisan outlets for nefarious reasons. Reverend Sharpton, Cynthia Davis, and NAN are greatly appreciated in their assistance in helping me to fight for justice in my father’s murder. O’Keefe and the Post do not represent the kind type of dialogue that I am trying to engage in, nor does that article reflect my feelings towards the Reverend and National Action Network.
“To make sure that partisan hit-men like Mr. O’Keefe and bottom feeders can no longer impede progress to racial harmony and equality I would like to announce the foundation that I have started with the help of like-minded community partners, The Garner’s Way foundation. With this foundation I will fight to engage communities all over the world in this struggle through, political awareness, music, arts and community activism. Your support in the fight is desperately needed all donations can be made at
“The Garner Way Foundation, aims to engage communities all over the world in social justice issues through, political awareness, music, arts and activism.”

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

NYC Bridges And Highways Closed Due To Protests Over Eric Garner Verdict

the citizens of the Big Apple and other cities around the country showed their dissatisfaction in our justice system last night by it to the streets

Last night, protesters took to the streets of NYC and crippled the city, shutting down bridges and major highways and streets, primarily in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Holland Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge, West High Highway, and Staten Island Ferry were among the travel and transportation hubs that were interrupted last night, which was the second night of protests of the grand jury decision not indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the choking death of 43 year old Eric Garner back in August.

Just nine days after a grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, a 12-person jury in Staten Island felt that there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges against Pantaleo in the death of Garner even though his death, which was brought about by an illegal chokehold, was caught on video.

In the aftermath of last night’s protests, over 200 New Yorkers were arrested. Similar street swallowing marches went on in several other U.S. cities including Chicago, Boston, Buffalo, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and of course, Ferguson, Missouri.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Jury Nears Decision On NYPD Chokehold Death Of Eric Garner

A panel in New York City is quietly nearing its own conclusion about another combustible case involving the death of an unarmed man at the hands of police

Amid the fallout from a grand jury’s decision in the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Missouri, the grand jury that began investigating the chokehold death of Eric Garner in September heard last week from what was believed to be its final witness, according to Associated Press.

The New York Police Department officer was seen on a widely watched amateur video, showing him wrapping his arm around Garner’s neck. Before the end of the year, authorities are expected to announce whether the officer will face criminal charges in a case that sparked outrage and grabbed headlines before it was overshadowed by the killing of Brown, in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

The Garner video, along with a medical examiner’s finding, that the chokehold contributed to his death on the streets of Staten Island should give a grand jury ample reason to indict, said Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr.

“You’d have to be blind to not see what happened,” Carr said in a telephone interview. “I can’t see why it should take so long to reach a decision. The wait is making me very anxious, of course. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, who has control over the timing of a grand jury vote and an announcement, has declined to comment. New York City authorities say they’re already taking steps to avoid a repeat of the violent protests in Ferguson.

The NYPD sent detectives to Missouri to gather intelligence on “professional agitators,” who frequent protests and to share strategies for quelling violence, said Police Commissioner William Bratton. Police also have kept in touch with community leaders on Staten Island to coordinate the response to the grand jury decision.


“We’re always and constantly networking and trying to make ourselves accessible and reaching out,” Bratton said.

The Garner case stems from a July 17 confrontation between Officer Daniel Pantaleo and other NYPD officers who stopped him on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. The video shot by an onlooker shows the 43 year old Garner, who was black, telling the officers to leave him alone and refusing to be handcuffed.

Pantaleo, who is white, responded by putting Garner in an apparent chokehold, which is banned under NYPD policy. The heavyset Garner, who had asthma, is heard gasping, “I can’t breathe.” He later was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide caused in part by the chokehold. But police union officials and Pantaleo’s lawyer have argued that the officer used a takedown move taught by the police department, not a chokehold, and that Garner’s poor health was the main reason he died.

As in the Brown case, which involved a black 18 year old and a white officer, Garner’s family sought intervention by federal prosecutors. Carr and others met several weeks ago with U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, the nominee to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, whose office covers Staten Island. Lynch hasn’t commented.

“She just said that they were keeping an eye on the case,” Carr said. “It gave me something to hold onto.”

Some demonstrators at a recent Brooklyn protest organized in respond to the Ferguson case said they expected a similar outcome in New York.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if another cop got off,” said 15 year old Gramal Ralph, who’s black. “I would hope that we could get justice here, but I don’t have faith in the system anymore.”

-Tamara El (@_SheWise_)


metroPCS Celebrates Staten Island Bay Street Grand Opening with the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project, Power 105.1,and  the Source Magazine To Improve Public Safety And Empower Local Youth



Through this two day event a unique Private/Public partnership between the HHSYC and metroPCS has been formed that will focus on finding solutions and resources to end to gun and gang violence

New York, N.Y., July 1, 2014—As we continue to support Gun Violence Awareness Month the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council’s Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project, metroPCS, Power 105.1, the Source Magazine, and “The Shark” Daymond John hosted a two-day BBQ & Grand Opening Celebration, with support from the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour, created to help find Solutions to End Gun & Gang Violence.

Hundreds of residents came out in support of the celebration as the community came together to discuss ideas on how to improve public safety on Staten Island and empower the youth with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed.  This was a day when youth, parents, entertainers, business and community groups came together to make a pledge to take back their community “One Block At A Time.”

Summer is a period when gun violence spikes and with school officially over it is important that we take a proactive approach to protect our children and keep our neighborhoods safe.  What better way to accomplish this task than to partner with a socially responsible company like metroPCS who really cares.

Once again DJ Bam Bam rocked the house and kept the barbecue moving.  There was plenty of food, drinks, and prize give-a-ways with over 100 participants signing the “Petition for Power” to end gun and gang violence.  A host of vendors were promoting some of the hottest cell phones in the country, but it was the Samsung Galaxy with its underwater protection features that blew everyone else out of the ocean.

The crowd counted down as the ribbon was cut marking the official opening of the Bay Street store and the creation of a unique private/public partnership to end gun and gang violence with the community.

“This rare partnership between the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council and metroPCS shows exactly how the private sector can help improve public safety.  This is an important first step towards using the power of the private sector to empower local communities with the tools to end gun and gang violence.  We applaud Albert Benjamin and Avi Shay of metroPCS for being socially responsible and using their resources to help us in our work to “Save Souls” while also putting an end to gun and gang violence.  You can bet we will be using their beautiful space to have many more events to empower our youth and keep our communities safe,” stated Charles Fisher, Founder, HHSYC.

Stated Avi Shay of metroPCS “I want to thank the HHSYC, Power 105.1, DJ Bam Bam, and the Source Magazine for supporting our grand opening BBQ and making the two-day production a huge success.  We have a lot of work to do, but we are up for the challenge and it all starts with our commitment to provide jobs, offer quality phones, and use our resources to stop all this crime and violence.  Our store is in a beautiful neighborhood and it is our intent to play a major role towards improving the quality of life in this community.”

“You can bet that metroPCS is committed to being a leader and working with the HHSYC, Power 105.1, the Source Magazine, “The Shark” Daymond John, elected officials and community leaders to keep our communities safe from the criminals.  Whatever needs to be done you can count on our stores to play a strategic role towards keeping the neighborhood free from crime and violence,” ended Albert Benjamin of metroPCS.

“This was a great two-day experience as we celebrate the end of Gun Violence Awareness Month with metroPCS, Power 105.1, the Source Magazine and “The Shark” Daymond John.  Each have showed us a lot of love and support for our work to end gun and gang violence, which is not an easy task.  I want to thank Albert and Avi for their commitment to help us with our mission.  I also want to thank DJ Bam Bam for keeping the music flowing and being a positive role model for our youth and young adults.  As the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour continues to roll though the state of New York we will be reaching out to community and business leaders for their support as we teach students, youth and young adults how to take a proactive stand to end gun and gang violence,” ended Randy Fisher, executive director, HHSYC.

“Whatever me and my crew need to do to empower the youth and improve public safety we will be in the mix to make it happen.  We have a long hot summer ahead of us and it is my intent to take the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour to the next level and I know with the support of Power 105.1, the Source Magazine and metroPCS we will save a lot of lives this summer,” ended DJ Bam Bam, the official DJ for the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour.

For metroPCS Bay Street Store info call: 718-816-1616

Destined Girls Banner CF RF Lowell
Members of the Destined 4 Chanj group along with their founder, Arquasia Boyd, stand with Randy and Charles Fisher in front of the banner. Also pictured is Lowell Ulmer of Yahweh Magazine.
Group Shot Banner
L to R: Vanessa Edwards-El, event coordinator; Charles Fisher, Founder, HHSYC; Avi Shay, owner metroPCS Bay Street; Edwin Gonzalez; Sergey Chaykin, Regional Manager, Rave PCS; Antonio Brown, Field Sales Manager, Samsung; DJ Bam Bam, Randy Fisher, Executive Director, HHSYC.
BamBam Avi CF Store
L to R: DJ Bam Bam; Avi Shay, owner metroPCS Bay Street; Charles Fisher, Founder, HHSYC hold up the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project banner.
About to cut Ribbon
L to R: Jeremy Colon, Territory Manager, Rave PCS; Lowell Ulmer, Yahweh Magazine; Sergey Chaykin, Regional Manager, Rave PCS; Charles Fisher, Founder, HHSYC; Avi Shay, owner metroPCS Bay Street; Randy Fisher, Executive Director, HHSYC; Vanessa Edwards-El, event coordinator; DJ Bam Bam; Edwin Gonzalez. VP of Sales, Rave PCS.
Girls Sign Petition
Young ladies from the Destined 4 Chanj group sign the “Petition for Power” to end gun and gang violence.
Group shot winners banner
Charles Fisher, Avi Shay, Vanessa Edwards-El and Randy Fisher take a picture with some of the winners of the cell phones and watches that metroPCS gave away with some of sales reps from the Bay Street store.
Bam Source Metro
DJ Bam Bam representing inside the store.
Winner Phone Book Avi CF RF
Charles and Randy Fisher take a picture with Avi Shay and some participants that won some of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council’s hot hip-hop books.


For more info on what metroPCS and other companies are doing in the ‘hood hit us up at

Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC).

METROPCS Supports Project To End Gun And Gang Violence In NYC And NJ

METROPCS Hosts A Grand Opening BBQ With The 7 E’s 4 Power Tour Created To Provide Jobs And Help End Gun & Gang Violence

In an all out effort to reduce gun and gang violence during the hot summer months the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council has partnered with metroPCS and Power 105.1, with support from the Source Magazine, Microsoft, “The Shark” Daymond John, DJ Bam Bam and many others to host the 7 E’s 4 Power Tour to further support the Grand Opening of a metroPCS store on Staten Island.  This public/private partnership is the first step towards reaching out to local businesses to help improve public safety.  Not only are we talking about metroPCS’s support for the project, but there will also be job opportunities, quality phones, and discounts on merchandise and services.  It is important that we work with socially responsible companies that are willing to use their resources to help reduce gun and gang violence in our schools, homes and communities and that is what this partnership is all about.

Albert headshot

When we first met with Albert he told us that he would be willing to use his stores and influence with metroPCS to keep our communities safe and through this imitative we are in a unique position to achieve that goal as we approach another long hot violent summer, a period when gun violence spiker.  Most corporations are only about the profit but Mr. Benjamin has shown and proven that he is truly committed to helping those living in poor and disadvantaged communities improve social, political and economic conditions in their neighborhood.  It’s rare to meet a business owner who puts people before profit.

We applaud Mr. Benjamin and metroPCS for stepping up to the plate to stop the violence on Staten Island and other crime-infested communities because crime is on the rise in our city, and in NYCHA developments by 31% over the last five years in comparison to the rest of the city at 3.3%.  With government resources on the slide the only way we are going to empower our young citizens is through the help of business and community leaders like Albert Benjamin who care enough to put people before profit.  Early this week we caught up with Albert and this is what he had to say.

Q–Tell me, what inspired you to open a store in this neighborhood? 

I feel very strongly that Bay Street is a wonderful place to do business with great people living in the neighborhood.  I felt that it would be a great place to open my metroPCS store and provide great wireless service at a very low price.

Q–Do you have others?  

Yes, I currently have a few metroPCS stores in other great Staten Island neighborhoods.

Q–What is your history and/or experience in this industry? 

I used to run and operate a lot of cell phone stores for almost all the carriers that are currently out there today until I opened my own business and I have over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry.

Q–Why should the public buy your product?  

We sell high end and affordable cell phones as well as affordable cell phones and affordable monthly plans to fit everyone’s budget without signing any long-term contracts or credit checks and I feel that metroPCS is the best wireless provider for your money with great nationwide 4G coverage.

Q–Are you going to be active in the community and if so How? 

I will do my best to get involved in most of the local neighborhood events, joint civic groups and be an active force in the community, with a focus on empowering our youth with the tools to be successful in life.

Q–We heard you have a huge area next to the store—what are your plans for the space?

We will coordinate all kinds of events and activities with the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, schools, housing developments and local groups to address gun and gang violence, education, substance abuse and employment.  This would be our way of giving back to the community as much as we can.

Q–How can we end Gun & Gang Violence in the community?  

By educating all of our young people about the dangers and risks of using guns, drugs and being involved in a gang.

Q–Are any jobs available for local community residents?  

We always hire local people from the community to do all kinds of promotional and sales work for us.

Q–What are your store hours?  

Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 8PM; Sunday 10AM to 6PM.

Q–Any special offers or promotions for the Grand Opening?  

New customers who buy one phone get one phone free as well as a free Bluetooth headset with every new activation.

Q–Any advice for our youth and young adults who are looking to start their own business? 

First and foremost finish school and if possible go to college and get a good education.  Don’t let anyone put you down—always work hard and follow your dreams.  You can always get a job you don’t like and succeed or fail, so you might as well take a chance on doing something you really love first and chances are you will be good and successful at it.

SI MetroPCS3

SI MetroPCS2

7 E_s 4 Power Tour Metro PCS Flyer3

For more info on what metroPCS and other corporations are doing in your community to end gun and gang violence hit us up at

Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC).

Stream & Download Chise’s “Almost There: Visions, Vices, Vulnerabilities”

tumblr_mz282uzioJ1rekic6o1_500After releasing several videos and singles, Staten  Island’s native, Chise, rises to the scene with his debut project titled Almost There: Visions, Vices, Vulnerabilities. Channeling the message of ambition, life challenges, and the ills of everyday struggles, Chise delivers each subject in this smooth 17 track tape. The 21 year old carefully selects unorthodox 808 based productions to compliment every lyric, including an Aaliyah sampled track. The first and the titled track of the project, “Almost There” is the perfect theme song for any individual on the move.

You can stream or download the complete project by clicking here.

Nicole Scarlett – @NicoleScarlett_

Introducing…Staten Island’s Own Chise. Listen To His New Song, “I Want It All”


Fresh talent from the 5th boro.

Every once in a while here at The Source, we introduce you guys to some fresh talent that’s come across either or speakers or inboxes, and today, we’re here to remind you that Wu-Tang and Mack Wilds isn’t the entire Staten Island story. Everyone, meet Chise. Over a laid-back-turned-boom-bap set of instrumentals, the 22-year old NY rep is here to remind you that he wants it all, and he’s got the raw talent to take it. Here’s some words from the up-and-comer.

“”I Want It All” describes my naive inspirations to “make it” and my intentions to get there by any means necessary – influenced by the lifestyle rappers promote with today’s popular hip-hop music. “The Truth” contradicts the first half of the song’s statement, questioning if the riches, women, and celebrity stardom really represent happiness as an end result. All in all, the track stays true to #ATVVV’s theme and concept as a whole – an ambitious artist growing up and having trouble coping with his new found fame that he would have killed for in the past. Almost there.”

Listen to his double track, “I Want It All x The Truth”, produced by Colebron James below.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]