Lil Wayne Recreates Classic Sports Calls On ESPN’s SportsCenter

Lil Wayne‘s love of sports is no secret to fans of Hip-Hop and sports. Being one of the most vocal entertainers who is a sports fanatic, Weezy can often been seen court side at NBA games, NCAA games, even walking Floyd Mayweather to the ring during championship bouts. ESPN began capitalizing on this years ago when they’ve had the New Orleans rapper giving his commentary on their flagship show SportsCenter and arguing with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless on First Take.

Fresh off of his appearance on First Take 2 weeks ago, Lil Wayne makes another appearance on SportsCenter, this time recreating the narration of famous sports moments throughout history. “Down Goes Frazier,” “Havlicek Stole The Ball,” & “The Band Is On The Field” all get a Weezy remix. Press the Play button above to view video.