Sevyn Streeter Remixes Tory Lanez’s “Say It”

Keeping it real will set you free.

Sevyn Streeter, who is currently under fellow singer Chris Brown’s CBE imprint, takes to Toronto’s own Tory Lanez’s “Say It” to put her spin on things. Not being low (or discrete) in the least bit about the situation, the “It Won’t Stop” singer challenges her male counterpart(s) to keep it “one hundred” about having multiple (namely four) women around. As you’ll hear in the song, Streeter is lied to about the amount of lovers he has.

Subsequently, Streeter requests more of his time to prove himself worthy of hers. Something that could be virtually impossible, if he’s pimping. Listen to Sevyn Streeter’s honest rendition of the record below:

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Hersource | 7 Reasons We Love Sevyn Streeter


Singer/songwriter, Sevyn Streeter, took off to the top of the charts and to the top of the “fans favorites list” at light speed it seems!

The truth is, Sevyn has been working hard at a music career since the age of 9, and was apart of an all girl group where she wasn’t acknowledged for her unique talent, but her turning point in her career stemmed from song writing. Streeter is a true visionary when it comes to formatting music and painting a picture with her words, amongst all of that, her voice is sensational. Her recent releases “Don’t Kill The Fun” and “4th Street” display different sides of the singer and show her raw talent as an artist. Here are 7 reasons we just can’t resist Sevyn Streeter:

The Brains Behind Your Favorite Records

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 6.40.32 PM

The people behind the pen rarely ever get recognized, publicly, for their contributions to some of the most successful records on the radio!

Along with producers, songwriters play a major role in the music business, and are essential in the album making process for any artist.

Mega stars like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Usher, and Chris Brown have all relied on a songwriter for assistance at some point in their career.  Contrary to popular belief, songwriters don’t take away from the artist’s creative nature; they actually enhance it, since the songwriter depends on the artist’s creativity to bring the record to life, and vice versa.

Take a look at some of the masterminds behind your favorite songs.

Check out Sevyn Streeter’s “nEXt” Remix ft. YG

You tried to get over me but he wasn’t it, huh? Sevyn-Streeter-YG-Next-Remix

Sevyn Streeter teams up with Compton’s YG for another remix of “nEXt,” her single off her EP Call Me Crazy. We love YG on a track by himself but on this mid-tempo track YG is perfect spitting lyrics about his ex girl being stuck on him while he contemplates going back to her. From YG’s clever punch lines to Sevyn’s smooth and sexy vocals, this remix is a win-win. Check out the song belong.


Mack Wilds Performs On Good Morning America, Gets An Epic Lap Dance From Sevyn Streeter

mackgmaRising R&B Star Also Hints At Upcoming Chill Moody Collaboration




It may not be too much of a stretch to say that Staten Island-bred, R&B sensation Mack Wilds is having the best week ever. His independent debut, New York City: A Love Story, continues to gain critical and commercial acclaim, he’s taken over Times Square courtesy of Good Morning America to perform his hit single “Own It”, and now rumors of a steamy romance with fellow crooner Sevyn Streeter continue to be fueled thanks to a provocative performance between the two at S.O.B.’s New York location.

Mack’s debut album has been bolstered by the success of its lead single “Own It”, and to further impress the song upon the psyche of consumers he joined the cast of ABC’s early morning news and talk staple to perform the jam in front of a packed studio audience on Manhattan’s most famed block.

He kept his winning streak alive by joining Sevyn Streeter on stage during her show at S.O.B.’s earlier this week and she was sure to make it worth his while. The two budding artists have been romantically linked as of late and Sevyn added to the rumor mill by making Mack her muse for a performance of her single, “Sex On The Ceiling”. Page 31 caught all the action live, as Sevyn put on a display that has had people talking ever since.

Mack Wilds looks to keep his spring momentum going into the summer as he hinted on Twitter at an upcoming collaboration with Philly stalwart Chill Moody. Chill put his own spin on “Own It” making it a “#nicethings mix“, and an official collab from the two could make a big splash at The Roots Picnic, which Chill is scheduled to perform at this May.


Watch Mack put on a show for Times Square, Sevyn put on a show for Mack, and Mack & Chill discuss their upcoming collab below.



**Bonus: Sevyn calls Mack “attractive” in sitdown with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez




Her Source | Sevyn Streeter Performs At SOBs

The Source

Last night, Sevyn Streeter had SOBs  packed and it was turnt up!  The beautiful 27 year old singer had the stage smoking as she sang her top R&B/Hip Hop Radio track, “It won’t Stop.” Miss Streeter really had her ‘Street Team’ going in when she brought actor/rapper Tristan Wilds on  stage as her play toy giving him a lap dance to “Sex on the Ceiling.”

Her voice live is nothing compared to her album. Although her EP Call Me Crazy But was a success, hearing her live, seeing her move and engaging with her audience confirmed her passion, “I thank God for the ability to sing” she said backstage after the show.

Sevyn’s sex appeal brought out more than just regular female supporters, last night there were plenty of men singing to her lyrics, full of energy as she went in on “BANS.” There wasn’t one person who couldn’t relate to “NEXT”  or “Shattered” giving us the emotional roll coaster relationships often put us through.

Sevyn Streeter also paid homage to the Queen B, Beyonce, as she did her version of “Partition.” Sevyn showed she’s more than a southern belle, she has enough edge to go wherever she wants. Looking Forward to the video release of “Next” with rapper Kid Ink!

Photos from the concert last night are below courtesy of SOB’s.

Sevyn (1)
Sevyn (2)
Sevyn (3)
Sevyn (4)
Sevyn (5)
Sevyn (6)
Sevyn (7)

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