Woman Names Rick Ross in Lawsuit Claiming She Was Drugged & Raped During Grammy Weekend

Rick Ross has had his fair share of legal trouble recently, and unfortunately, you can add this recent allegation to the list.

According to a TMZ report, a woman that’s–for now–being referred to as Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against Thaddeus “Black” James, an associate of Ross’, who she says took advantage of her by offering her a spiked drink, and sexually assaulting her in the back of Ross’ vehicle. It should be noted that the lawsuit does not implicate that Ross physically contributed to the alleged assault in any way, but Ms. Jane Doe feels that the “Sanctified” rapper is responsible because James was working for him at the time, and the vehicle was his.

Ross has since responded to the news of the lawsuit, which broke yesterday, and in a brief statement given to TMZ, Rozay had this to say.

It has been brought to my attention that serious allegations have been made against an independent contractor, who’s services I use often. And while I am not directly involved or implicated, as a man and a father, I take this very seriously. I don’t believe any woman’s safety should be compromised and she should never be forced to do anything outside of her will, regardless of the circumstances. While I personally have no knowledge of the specifics surrounding these allegations, it is my hope that this is rectified quickly and with sensitivity.

We’ll have more details on this developing story once they’re made available. Ross’ lawyers more than likely have their hands full, considering he’s already in the middle of dealing with a previous case, stemming from his arrest in June following an alleged assault on his groundskeeper.

Rick Ross Gets Engaged to Model Girlfriend Lira Galore

Rick Ross is having a pretty good start to his fall.

The Miami rapper had been pretty quiet for most of the year after a very busy 2014, in which he released two studio albums, but as of late, he’s picked up the pace. His surprise mixtape, Black Dollar, is certainly his best free release since 2012’s Rich Forever, and now, off-wax, he’s also got some good news for us.

Lira Galore, the young model very capable of drawing jaw-drops from observant people of both genders has announced that she is engaged to Rick Ross. The two have been rumored to be a couple for quite some time, and apparently, things are headed to the next level. Ross himself hasn’t commented on the news yet, but Galore gladly accepted well-wishes and congratulations on social media, leading us to believe that this isn’t just a fleeting thought of hers, including this post from fellow model Amber Rose.

Congrats are certainly in order, and if you aren’t familiar with Lira Galore, a quick viewing of P. Reign and Drake‘s “DNF” video will make you envious of ol’ Ricky Rozay in short order.

Rick Ross Drops Another Single, "Money Dance," f/ The Dream

Rick Ross drops his second single in as many days with his new song, “Money Dance,” off his forthcoming project–mixtape, album?–Black Dollar, which is scheduled to drop on September 3. This song follows “Foreclosure,” which was relased on Monday when Ross declared this week #RozayWeek.

It’s safe to assume that Ross has more music dropping in the coming days.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

Happy Birthday 50 Cent! Fif’s Realest Rap Beefs

The Source would like to send a big Born Day shout out to 50 by celebrating what Mr .Jackson does best

Born on this date in 1975, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most influential forces in the game today. From music to movies to successful business ventures, Fif has always stayed on top of his game ever since he made his unconventional entrance at the end of the last millennium.

What has always kept 50’s name in the people’s mouths is the fact that he always had someone else’s name in his! Not to be confused with the common studio gangster, 50 has not only survived, but remained triumphant and relevant after all of his beefs.

Here’s a short list of some of Fif’s most mentioned beefs in and out of the studio:

1. Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff


This beef between street soldier and kingpin became a story reminiscent of David and Goliath, with 50 Cent battling the most feared gangster in his Jamaica, Queens hometown. This riff was depicted in 50’s blockbuster film Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. The real ending? Fif is a successfull businessman and Supreme is currently in a federal supermax correctional facility for life.

2. Big Pun

Big Pun_1

On 50’s first widely recognized track “How To Rob” featuring The Madd Rapper, he creatively spits scenarios about him catching several of your favorite rappers and R&B singers slipping. One of them happened to be the Terror Squad top recruit Big Pun, who didn’t take it very lightly. On Pun’s Yeeeaah Baby! album, he tells Fif on one of the tracks, “I’m gona make a song called ‘How I beat your fuckin ass’…”. Nothing never happened off wax with this beef and Pun passed suddenly on February 7, 2000.

3. The Game


With the G-Unit at the top of the rap tier at the turn of the 21st Century, if you weren’t with them, you and your crew were definitely getting rolled over. The Game, who happened to be the only recruit on the Guerrilla Unit squad that wasn’t from the East Coast, made the mistake by believing that his career would remain afloat without 50. With no help against the barrage of battle records from G-Unit to the unsuccessful “Boycott G-Unit” campaign, it’s safe to say that Fif come out on top of this one.

4. Rick Ross


The Bawse seemed to be the only artist that has even been able to maintain his relevance after beef with Mr. Jackson. Ironically, this beef started over an alleged wrong look at the BET Awards towards Ross. These two traded bars until Fif came out with the “Officer Ricky” track, in which 50 promised told Rozay “Ima fuck your life up for fun’. At the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards in ATL, Gunplay from Ross’ Maybach Music Group allegedly had his chain snatched and Fif was seen wearing the chain days later.

5. Ja Rule


His battle with 50 Cent should’ve been a warning to the rest of the artist who came after him with a problem with the Queens MC. These two were from the same hood, which made the beef that much more personal. While 50 claims that Rule hid behind the protection of “Supreme” McGriff, who was suspected of facilitating the unsuccessful hit on Jackson, Rule maintained a successful career until the continuous physical confrontations and vicious shots proved to be too much for certified platinum Murder Inc. artist. This year, these two bumped heads on a flight, but time must have healed old wounds because the two just greeted each other with a “what’s up” as they flew together.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Rick Ross is Asking a Judge for Bail in Court Today

After a week in jail, Ross is looking for an out

Last week, news broke that Rick Ross had been arrested on felony charges of kidnapping and assault after he allegedly pistol-whipped his groundskeeper, and held him against his will. Shortly after that, an updated report revealed that he’d been denied bail by a judge, and sure enough, he’s been sitting in a Georgia jail for the past seven days.

Today, Ross appeared in front of a judge with his lawyer, reportedly to make another attempt at being granted bail. The ruling hasn’t come down yet, but it may be an uphill climb for Ross. In addition to the charges pending against him, his victim, the groundskeeper, reportedly suffered injuries so severe he has to be fed through a straw.

We’ll have an update as soon as one is available.

UPDATE: Rick Ross has been granted bail by a Georgia judge after appearing in court today.

The Miami rapper, sitting solemnly behind his attorney, watched as a judge agreed to accept Ross’ infamous Holyfield estate and $1 million in cash in exchange for his temporary freedom. Here’s a video round-up, courtesy of independent TV journalist Joe Floccari.


Listen to French Montana’s New Single “Lose It” Featuring Lil Wayne And Rick Ross

French finally unleashes his posse cut of a single

French Montana has been teasing his sophomore album, Mac & Cheese: The Album, for the better part of the past year, but it appears he’s finally making moves towards releasing it. With “Off The Rip” slowly becoming one of summer’s go-to records, French lets go of “Lose It,” the long-awaited, Kanye West-produced single featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

The song, which many originally thought was titled “Gucci Mane,” features Rick Ross on the hook, and a guest verse from Lil Wayne over a slow-burning beat, reminiscent of French bangers like “Marble Floors.”

Listen to the song below.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/211806230″ params=”color=ff5500″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Listen To French Montana, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross ‘Lose It’ On Their New Record

After several album delays, it seems as though French Montana‘s sophomore album Mac & Cheese 4 may be nearing release

As of now, the Coke Boys head honcho has released successful singles Don’t Panic and Bad B*tch featuring Jeremih. Today, he lets go of another single in the form of Lose It (Gucci Mane). Produced by Kanye West and The Mekaniks, the track features guest appearances by Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, all of whom make references to the songs namesake Gucci Mane and his visits to the psych ward. Another point of contention is as to when the song was actually recorded, seeing as how Wayne drops the line “Cash Money till I die”. Needless to say, check out the new tune below…

Rocko Rathon@Rocko_CNK

Rick Ross Arrested For Assault, Battery, Kidnapping In Atlanta

The Florida based artist was taken into custody last night in Georgia for outstanding warrants

Rick Ross, whose real name is WIlliam Roberts, was arrested last night by the Atlanta Fugitive Task Force on warrants for aggravated assault against someone working on his Georgia property.

Roberts is accused of pistol whipping a man that was employed at his Fayette County home. He and his bodyguard were both charged with assault, kidnapping and aggravated battery.

The Maybach Music boss Ross was just arrested two weeks ago in Fayette County on weed charges.

TheSource.com will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Rick Ross Busted for Weed Possession in Georgia

Rick Ross busted for not keeping off the grass…again

While driving his Bentley down a Georgia freeway, cops smelled a strong marijuana smell emanating from Rick Ross‘ Bentley, prompting them to pull him over, at which point they uncovered 5 “marijuana cigarettes,” which was apparently enough to arrest the “Elvis Presley Blvd.” rapper on drug charges.

ross bentle

Ross was previously booked on marijuana charges back in 2013 in North Carolina.

Ariana Grande Does A Hilarious Impression Of Rick Ross

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery….Safe to say the Bawse gained another fan in Ms. Grande. Continue reading Ariana Grande Does A Hilarious Impression Of Rick Ross