Jalen Rose Predicts Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo To Lakers Next Season

Are Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo — two mediocre-to-great players, depending on who you ask — set to leave their respective playoff teams after this season and bolt for the Lakers? According to Jalen Rose, who has predicted things of this nature before, yes.

I have no idea what Rose’s track record is with making predictions about NBA roster moves, but people tend to remember the successes more than the failures, and Rose did say that James Harden would end up in Houston (and later, that Dwight Howard would end up in Houston) before it actually happened. Thus, whenever he makes a prediction at any point about anything for the rest of time, Bill Simmons will chime in like Flavor Flav on a Public Enemy record and go “He knows things!”

That’s how it went down on the Grantland Basketball Hour yesterday, when Simmons, Rose and Zach Lowe were discussing the urgency level of several playoff teams. When the question of how much urgency the Cavaliers feel to win it all this year came up, Rose said very urgent, for the following reason:

“Kevin Love will be one and done with the Cavs- I think he and Rajon Rondo will be Lakers next year. I think Lakers gonna find a way to add both of those players. 

[Love’s] considered to be having a down year- he’s averaging 17 and 10. He’s still one of the top 10 players in the eastern conference you wanna win while that guys on your roster”


There were rumors that Love might make his way to the Celtics back when Rondo was still in Boston. These two are often linked together, they’re both heading into free agency at the same time, and the Lakers are desperate to put good players around Kobe for one last one at relevancy, if not true competition. If the Cavs flame out before getting to the Finals, perhaps Love really does take the money and run back to L.A. Same for Rondo if the Mavs lose in the first round to Houston.

This isn’t the most out-there prediction Jalen Rose has made. Which is why it has a decent, if not likely, chance of happening.

LA Lakers Look To Sign Rajon Rondo Or Goran Dragic During Offseason

The Lakers are looking to make a big splash during the offseason.
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Rajon Rondo Got Into A Huge Argument With Coach Rick Carlisle Tonight

Things are off to a rocky start in Dallas for Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo should be in a relatively great mood. After two of the superstars that helped him win his first NBA Championship in 2008 as a Celtic–Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett–left Boston for Brooklyn, and his coach Doc Rivers took a job with a much more promising Los Angeles Clippers team, Rondo’s Celtic future looked pretty bleak. He was surrounded with a couple decent role players, 1st and 2nd round draft picks, and a rookie head coach in Brad Stevens.

Just over a month ago, Rondo was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Good-bye 10th place in the East, hello thick of the playoff race.

Judging by Rondo’s attitude as of late however, he doesn’t seem to be as happy as most would imagine. He was already benched for a few minutes by coach Rick Carlisle back in January, and this evening, things got very, very heated between the two former NBA Champions.

Carlisle called out for Rondo to call a timeout, and Rondo, completely oblivious to Carlisle’s half-court screams, casually dribbled the ball up-court. Naturally, Carlisle didn’t take this insubordination well, and he called out to the referee to call timeout himself. As Rondo made his way to the sideline, Carlisle can be seen–understandably besides himself–screaming at Rondo, presumably for Rondo to, as the announcers described it, “sit his butt down.”

Something tells us Carlisle’s terminology wasn’t nearly as PG-13. Hopefully these guys get on the same page very soon. If Dallas plays their cards right, they could finish the season as high as 3rd in the Western Conference standings, which is fathomable, considering as of tonight, they’re only 2 games behind the Rockets for that spot.

With a Loss to The Mavericks, The Lakers Drop Back-to-Back Games Without Kobe

 With Kobe Bryant not playing due to various ailments, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 102-98 on Friday night.

The Maverick’s Dirk Nowitzki hit a long jumper on the first possession of the third quarter to surpass Elvin Hayes on the NBA’s all-time scoring list and moved into eighth.  After coming up short on consecutive shots due to being winded from fighting an illness, the Mavericks franchise player would ask to sit out of the game just four minutes after the big milestone.

 “It’s been up and down for last couple of weeks, so I had to get it checked out this morning,” said Nowitzki, who is the highest-scoring foreign-born player in league’s history, at 27,322 points, now nine ahead of Hayes.

In only his fourth game as a Maverick, Rajon Rondo, scored a season-high, 21 points, to lead the Mavericks in scoring. The former Celtic also had eight rebounds and seven assists in Dallas’ franchise-best fifth straight win against the Lakers in the regular season.

“I’m getting a lot more comfortable and coach told me to be more aggressive tonight, and I was able to get in the paint and do that tonight,” Rondo said. “The offense is called “Flow” where you make reads and take what the defense gives you. But, I liked the way I played tonight, and that would be the ideal way to consistently play in this system.”


Nick Young, who had 15 points on five 3-pointers, hit a pair from long range about a minute apart to help the Lakers get within five midway through the fourth quarter. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they wouldn’t get any closer and would lose again on the second night of back-to-back games after beating NBA-leading Golden State in their first game without Bryant.

“Of course having someone of Kobe’s caliber would have helped out down the stretch because he has been in so many difficult situations similar to tonight and came out with the win many times,” Young said. “So with him out we have to find out a way to pull things out ourselves, and it’s disappointing to come up short tonight.”

Dallas’ Charlie Villanueva, enjoying an expanded role since the Rondo trade sent Brandan Wright to the Celtics, hit two big 3’s to answer Young’s and spark a fourth-quarter run that put away the game.  The 10th-year player finished with 13 points and consistently broke the Lakers back heading down the stretch.

The injured Bryant, who was treated before the game and before the team departed to L.A., should return to the court Sunday against the Phoenix Suns. For those who think the Lakers are a better team without the future Hall of Famer, the Lakers head man firmly disagrees with their opinion.

“To the people who think we are a better team without Kobe – they are a bunch of “Idiots,” Scott said in a serious tone after the loss. “If our players think the same these last three games should prove to them as well that we definitely need him on the floor.”

Lakers GM Jeanie Buss Calls Out NBA Free Agents Wary Of Playing With Kobe Bryant

Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie, can’t you see/sometimes your words can hypnotize Kobe/And he just loves your flashy ways/Guess that’s why they broke, and Kobe so paid

It seems like the house Magic built can’t keep out the media spotlight. Just weeks ago, the “Black Mamba” himself Kobe Bryant was in the spotlight over his opinion about being ranked #40 in the ESPN NBA player ranking. He believes that the writers were a bunch of idiots for believing that there aren 39 NBA superstars that are better than him. Now, Lakers GM Jeanie Buss is following the footsteps of the Laker great and let her words do the talking by defending the epidemic of NBA free agents not interested of signing to play in Tinseltown because of Kobe.

Facing a lot of scrutiny over assumptions of Kobe’s game being lackluster and just overall being labeled as “finished”, the former Laker GM great Jerry Buss‘s daughter decided to defend her multi million dollar investment by boldly calling out NBA free agents for him being the reason why they weren’t attracted to putting on that purple and gold uniform. According to sources like ESPN’s Henry Abbort, many feel that Kobe’s super competitive and overcritical ego has stray many free agents away to signing and hoop alongside the future Hall Of Famer. In addition, analysts like Abbort implicated that this is the reason why “Superman” Dwight Howard departed from Hollywood and suited up for the Houston Rockets.  Jeanie had some choice words to say about any and everybody who is quick to throw Hollywood’s finest under the bus.

Check out what Phil Jackson‘s boo said about those who aren’t mentally tough enough to help the Lakers rebuild their way back to dominance.



Ouch, such harsh words coming from the boss lady. Definitely an interesting ways of attracting future free agents to come to LA. But then again, she may have a point. NBA players nowadays should look at the opportunity of signing with the Lakers as a blessing in disguise despite the organizations recent struggle. It comes with a some cool perks such as enjoying the glitz and glamour, giving the chance to carry on its championship tradition while learning more about the game with a walking icon such as Kobe. But as Kobe is transitioning his phase of “farewell sunset walk to NBA greatness”, the Lakers are in a good position of acquiring some heavy big dogs that can take the lead role as the face of the LA Lakers. As the highly anticipated 2016 free agency season is quietly approaching, don’t be surprised if the head lady of Tinseltown’s team will do whatever it takes to attract the likes of Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo or…Carmelo Anthony. Anything can happen, so never count out the OG’s of the organization that brought that west coast swagger to the NBA.

Omari feels that the potential of the Lakers will climb up the ladder as they got talented rookies to attractive superstars to sign with Ms. Buss’s organization. He feels that the Lakers needs to make some huge noise once the season begins so they can become a eye catcher for 2016 free agency process. 

-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)

DeMarcus Cousins Says He “Dislikes” Chris Paul A Lot & Rajon Rondo Is the Best Point Guard in the League


It’s no secret that DeMarcus Cousins isn’t fond of Chris Paul.  He made it clear when he wouldn’t let his teammate Isaiah Thomas shake Chris Paul’s hand and he publicly said he doesn’t respect him and called him a cheater.

Well if you think he’s changed his position, you would be mistaken.

Cousins, speaking with Bill Simmons of Grantland, was talking about Blake Griffin when the Kings center turned the discussion to Paul as transcribed by ProBasketballTalk:

  • Simmons: “I thought you guys had a little beef, right?”
  • Cousins: “Nah.”
  • Simmons: “Nothing?”
  • Cousins: “Just a little rivalry, but I don’t have a problem with Blake.”
  • Simmons: “Didn’t you guys almost get in a fight once?”
  • Cousins: “No.”
  • Simmons: “Altercation? Argument?”
  • Cousins: “No.”
  • Simmons: “Nothing?”
  • Cousins: “No.”
  • Simmons: “You sure? I feel like I was at a game where that might have happened.”
  • Cousins: “No.”
  • Simmons: “There was some talking?”
  • Cousins: “Probably me and CP, but not me and Blake. I don’t have a problem with Blake.”
  • Simmons: “Oh, you’re one of the guys who doesn’t like – there’s a lot of guys who CP kind of bugs.”
  • Cousins: “Yeah, I dislike CP a lot.”
  • Simmons: “CP does a lot of talking.”
  • Cousins: “I know.”
  • Simmons: What if you saw him off the court? You’d be OK with him, right?”
  • Cousins: “I don’t have a problem.”
  • Simmons: “The good news is you’re like 12 inches taller than him if you ever have – he’s like 5-10.”
  • Cousins: “I know. That’s usually how it goes. It’s the small ones.””
  • Simmons: “Could you play with somebody like that, who’s just like a Chihuahua, just barking at everybody for three hours?”
  • Cousins: “Yeah, because I’m the same way.”

Later, the conversation turns to another polarizing player, Rajon Rondo.

  • Simmons: So you think Rondo is the best point guard in the league?
  • Cousins: Absolutely.
  • Simmons: How much of that has to do with the fact that you and Chris Paul don’t like each other that much.
  • Cousins: Nothing at all.

Cousins is more like one of the old school players who isn’t buddy buddy with everyone.  He’s also known for being volatile and having attitude and behavioral issues. He’s calmed down a bit and his production as a player has definitely improved.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

Drafted By the Boston Celtics, Marcus Smart Discusses Playing With Rajon Rondo Not Replacing Him

With the sixth overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics selected Oklahoma State point guard, Marcus Smart.  The pick raised quite a few eyebrows with Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo being at the center of numerous trade talks.

Celtics owner, Wyc Grousbeck was asked whether the pick meant anything to point guard Rajon Rondo’s future with the Celtics.

“It’s interesting. That wasn’t in the topic of conversation,” Grousbeck said. “We have confidence in Brad that he can manage a roster, but we also have confidence that, of the top-six pick, that we were going to pick the best available as opposed to try to [pick based on need]. That’s a strategy that, when you’re rebuilding a team, you take the best available athlete and then you let it all work out. We’ve got an All-Star point guard, so that’s not in question here.

“I don’t think this has any impact on Rajon at all.”

Celtics coach, Brad Stevens said he envisions Smart meshing well with Rondo in the backcourt.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt, I think they can play together,” Stevens said. “I think it will be great for Marcus to have a guy like Rondo to look up to, to learn from. Not many guys get that opportunity, especially early on in the draft like this. Marcus is another guy that I was thrilled that he was there at 6, because physically he’s ready to play and he competes every single minute of every single day. That will do nothing but help your team, regardless of what position he’s playing. I expect him to play some off the ball, I expect him to play some with the ball. But he’s a young guy. He’s going to be playing with a guy there that’s been in the league for a long time, that can really help him learn about it. I think it’s great. I think it’ll be great for both of them.”

Marcus Smart was also asked working with Rondo to which he replied Rajon reminded him of himself.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)