Universal is Potentially Eyeing A Def Jam Records Biopic Featuring Michael B. Jordan And Jonah Hill

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N.W.A’s Former Bodyguard Joe “KJ” Fierro Dies at Age 61

N.W.A’s former body guard Joe Fierro also known as “KJ Mustafa” died Sunday in Pleasanton, California at the age of 61.

Fierro was in the heart of the Compton-based Gangsta Rap’s era as the head of security at N.W.A’s label “Ruthless Records”. LA Weekly reports that Fierro was in charge of protecting the group at the time when the group was constantly in danger. For the group’s first national tour in 1989 after the release of Straight Outta Compton, Fierro gave the group firearm training in case of emergencies. He was also in charge of “smoothing things over with local law enforcement,” who were furious over N.W.A’s “F*** Tha Police.”

According to Fierro, he was shot in the hand during the Seattle show in 1991, when a fan followed the group back to their hotel and started firing at them. Fierro also spoke to the publication about how close him and the late Eazy-E were.

“You didn’t have to want for anything when you worked with Eazy,” Fierro said during an interview with LA Weekly. Taking care of everything from his meals to the birth of his children, Fierro said: “Eazy took care of you, mind, body and soul.”

During the recent years, Fierro has been going through dialysis for his diabetes. He also became homeless within the last year, living in cars and parks. His common-law wife Marvyne Dixon said his death was related to heart problems. Dixon has set up a GoFundMe campagin for supporters who wish to contribute to Fierro’s funeral costs. In addition to his common-law wife, he leaves behind four children.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

Remembering Dr. Khalid Muhammad: 5 Musical References You Probably Didn’t Know

In celebration of Dr. Khalid’s born day, don’t forget the influence he left in the creative arts as well as the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality

Most of America remembers Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the former Nation Of Islam spokesperson under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan, as the passionate, emotion-evoking Black leader that was the last of his kind to stand up in the face of oppression in America and the first U.S. citizen to ever be censured by Congress. The Hip Hop community reveres Dr. Khalid as the articulate voice of the urban masses, appearing on some of the game’s most memorable albums, but it didn’t stop there. Even some rock bands recognized the power in the truth that he spoke and immortalized him in their music.

Here’s a list of the top five appearances from Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad that some may remember, but most won’t.

1. Public Enemy‘s “Night Of The Living Baseheads” from the It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back album

The intro to this 1988 Public Enemy classic became one of the most recognizable audio clips of the founder of the New Black Panther Party.

2. Ice Cube‘s Death Certificate album

The former NWA frontman let Dr. Khalid dropped his jewels all throughout Ice Cube’s first solo and ironically, most successful album.

3. MC Ren‘s “Muhammad Speaks” from his Villain In Black LP

Another ex “N***a Wit Attitude” sees things Dr. Khalid’s way and lets him spit some science from a well known document called the “William Lynch Letter” on a track titled with the same name as the Nation of Islam newspaper founded by Minister Malcolm X.

4. Rage Against The Machine‘s “Freedom” from their 1994 self titled album

Lead singer Zach de la Rocha quotes the strong bald headed trailblazer in the first verse with;

Brotha, did ya forget ya name?

5. “1000 Deaths” from D’Angelo‘s Black Messiah album

The neo-soul prince resurrects Mr. Muhammad on this abstract track from his latest release, as he speaks candidly about the actual physical appearance and the apparent fallacies of religious doctrine.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Filming Of The New N.W.A. Movie Was Interrupted By A Drive-By Shooting

It’s just a movie, guys

The upcoming N.W.A. film, which will depict the legendary group’s rise to prominence in the late 80’s and early 90’s, is currently being shot in Los Angeles, and yesterday, a drive-by shooting took place adjacent to the set.  It wasn’t a part of the movie.

TMZ is reporting that the shooting took place because residents of the L.A. neighborhood in which the movie was being shot were flashing gang-signs at the people riding in the car the shooting emanated from.

While LAPD officials have not yet been able to determine whether the shooting was gang-related–which is cited as the reason for the mayhem in TMZ’s report–filming for the movie will continue in the area this week.

Listen To Ice Cube’s Son, OMG’s Song, ‘OMG’


Ice Cube’s son, OMG appeared out of nowhere and dropped a new track today. Over the Foreign Allegiance -produced track, OMG flows in and out of the up-tempo track. And, although he drops the usual bravado about girls, mic skills and money, OMG shows that he has the potential to be a relevant MC.

Recently, it was revealed that OMG will play his father in the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, which has a release date of August 17, 2015.

Check out OMG’s  “OMG” and let us know what you think.

Darryl Robertson (@darryl_robertson)

N.W.A. Biopic Struggling To Find Lead Actors

nwaFilming for N.W.A.’s biopic remains at a standstill. 

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, who are producing the film, have not made a final presentation to the studio’s green-light committee.

It is unclear whether a go-ahead will be permitted at a meeting in May. There has been trouble in finding the leading actors.

After a series of open casting calls all over Southern California, those with casting approval have not come across anyone suitable to play young Dre, Cube and the late Eazy-E.

Among those with casting approval is Eazy’s widow, Tomica Wright.

It has been reported that Dr. Dre wanted his role to be casting by Michael B. Jordan but due to his role of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in Fox’s The Fantastic Four, he isn’t available.

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)

Today In Hip Hop History: Rapper Eazy-E Dies Of Complications From AIDS


“I’m not a role model or a Dr. Seuss. Yo I’m a gangsta.” Eazy-E personified the tone of Gangsta Rap. Coming from Compton, California, the face of Ruthless Records along with his team N.W.A, Eric Wright let off a loud shot that is still –and will always be– heard.

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N.W.A’s DJ Yella Provides Another Perspective On One Of Rap’s Most Controversial Groups


From the group that propelled gangsta rap to the top of the charts, N.W.A‘s very own DJ Yella, sat down with Montreality for an interview in which he covers topics from the group’s breakup to his current relationship with each of the former members.

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