Phil Jackson Says J.R. Smith Almost Cried When He Was Chastised For His Delinquent Behavior Last Season

It gets real sometimes.
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The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 7

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Greg Monroe Agrees To Sign A Max Deal Worth $50 Million Dollars With The Milwaukee Bucks

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Carmelo Anthony Denies Being Upset With NY Knicks Draft Choice

Fans of the New York Knicks were up in arms this past week when the team selected Kristaps Porzingis with the 4th overall pick. For a team that is indeed in the rebuilding phase but is looking to win now, choosing a project player who may not make an immediate impact for the next 2-3 years seemed like a stretch. Later that night, the Knicks also traded away guard Tim Hardaway Jr to the Atlanta Hawks. All of these moves left many scratching their heads, looking for answers from Knicks President Phil Jackson.

A story then hit the web at the tail end of the draft citing that Knicks star Carmelo Anthony made a phone call to now ex-teammate Hardaway Jr, not only expressing his regret at the youngsters departure but also claiming that he was downright furious with the selection of Porzingis. Now that the dust has settled, Melo posted a image on Instagram lamenting on the mentor/protege relationship he had with Hardaway, but also dispelling the rumors that he was upset with the draft, stating that he feels Porzingis is a “steal.”

Could Melo truly be upset and only deflecting to keep up appearances for the public? Or does he truly believe Porzingis was the right choice? Only time will tell.


Things will definitely be interesting for NY this offseason@Rocko_CNK

Report: Carmelo Anthony is Unhappy With New York Knicks Draft Choice

It seems like Carmelo Anthony reacted to the Knicks selecting Kristaps Porzingis with the number 4 pick like the rest of Knicks fans.

Yeah, not a great reaction. Reports are that Anthony wasn’t pleased with how team president Phil Jackson handled the night either. Frank Isola of  the New York Daily News,  reports Anthony called Tim Hardaway Jr, whom was traded to the Atlanta Hawks for 19th pick Jerain Grant, to explain his unhappiness. The veteran isn’t pleased with the pace of the team’s rebuild, which likely won’t be accelerated by Porzingis:

After resigning with the Knicks for 5 years/124 million dollars last summer; Anthony was limited to only 40 games due to a knee injury and his days as an elite player are limited. Anthony’s frustration seem to be rooted in playing alongside a “project player” when he should be competing for a championship.

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Say It Ain’t So: Some Of The Interesting Transactions That Occurred During The 2015 NBA Draft

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Phoenix Suns Offering Eric Bledsoe for New York Knicks No.4 Pick

The 2015 NBA Draft will take place this Thursday (June 25) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and there will be a share of drama. Reports are that Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe is being offered to the New York Knicks for the number 4 pick in the upcoming draft. According to ESPN insider Chad Ford it seems to be a real possibility for this trade to happen.

“I definitely think that could be an option. That’s the sort of deal the Knicks would look at. But for cap reasons, would have to happen after the draft.”

This seems like an odd thing for the Suns to be considering. Midway though the season, the Suns traded away both Isiah Thomas and Gordon Dragic because of issues with a three point guard system. Making this a bit more confusing is that just last year Bledsoe signed a 5 year 70 million deal to stay in the desert.

For the Knicks this could be an all time steal. Getting a point guard, who they desperately need, to play alone side Carmelo Anthony, with great upside can be amazing. Bledsoe averaged 17.0 points, 6.1 assists and 5.2 rebounds per game, after signing his new deal. Bledsoe could also be used to get other free-agents to want to come to the Garden and play.

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The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 4

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What We Learned From Sports: May 15 – May 22

This week we see that even the “smartest” people in sports still find ways to do the dumbest things time and time again. When it seems apparent to do one thing, some organizations believe in the opposite. This alone with the basic high, lows, and jaw dropping moments gave an interesting week in sports. Here are the things we learn from sports this week.

7. Breaking up the band

It seems like if you win a whole bunch of games, bring in young talent, and develop into a contender, then management will look to fire you in a couple of season. Tom Thibodeau has fallen into the section of “uncooperative with management” and will likely lose his job after losing to the Cleveland Cavilers in 6 games. Thibodeau not only  had to deal with superstar Derrick Rose injuries for the past 3 seasons, but the growing divide between himself and his bosses. Former Bulls player and current TV analysis Stacey King has had a clear view of coach Thibodeau for the past few seasons. He was on Sirius XM NBA Radio show on Monday explaining the beef.

“The management is concerned about players. They pay a lot of money for these players. They got guys coming off injuries that they wanted to see brought back slower. They didn’t want to see Derrick Rose, who has missed three postseasons and recovering from meniscus surgery, playing 45 minutes right out of the box. They put him on a minute restriction.”

Seems like divorce is just around the corner, but just like Mark Jackson, Lionel Hollins, and Monty Williams, some coach will be able to profit from the talent that Thibodeau help create.