Staten Island’s Sha Keeps Things Strictly New York In His Visual For “Patrick Ewing”

In terms of Hip-Hop, the New York City borough of Staten Island has not had many new faces emerge into the spotlight. With that said, Shoalin native Sha has been changing the narrative. Having collaborated with several notable talents and making his rounds in the club circuit with major DJs spinning his tunes in the nightclubs, The Park Hill area native reveals the visual for his breakthrough single “Patrick Ewing.” Named after the New York Knicks basketball legend, Sha likens his prowess in music and on the street to that of the NBA Hall of Famer. Be sure to pick up the single on iTunes and follow Sha on Instagram & Twitter @Sha225si.

Graffiti At The Flux: A Look Back

With today being the 27th Anniversay of the iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, we’ve decided to highlight one of the most integral parts of Hip-Hop culture, Graffiti. 
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Legionnaires Outbreak Leaves 8 Dead In New York City

New York City has been under the microscope since the mysterious outbreak of Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires is a disease that is exposure to the bacteria Legionella, in which some people are exposed by inhaling aerosols from cooling towers, hot tubs, showers and faucets of drinking water. So far, the Bronx is the only borough that has been detected to have the disease.

Since the announcement of Legionnaires on July 10th, there has been 97 residents reported sick and 8 fatalities from the disease. The NYC Department of Health says that those who died from Legionnaires are older adults who had other medical problems. Areas in the Bronx that are reported to have Legionnaires are Morisanna, High Bridge, Hunts Point and Mott Haven. Twenty buildings have been visited and seventeen of those buildings tested positive for Legionnaires including Lincoln Hospital.

Health Commissioner Mary Bassett says that this is the largest outbreak of Legionnaires in New York City, but expects the number to decline in the upcoming months because the earlier the disease is detected and treated, the safer people will be.

Should everyone in New York City be alarmed from the Legionnaires threat?

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

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Akai Gurley Died As Cops Argued Four Minutes Before Getting Help

Released court report states Akai Gurley died as cops argued four minutes before dispatching for help

Newly released court documents state that as 28-year-old Akai Gurley bled to death in a East New York housing project stairwell, rookie cop Peter Liang and officer Shaun Landau argued for 4 minutes before getting help. The innocent man with a bullet wound in his chest by the hands of Liang, later died at Brookdale University Hospital due to the two NYPD officers’ neglect.

“What the f— happened?” Landau asked his partner after the shot ricocheted off the wall and hit Gurley in the chest. “It went off by accident,” replied Liang as he repeated concerns over losing his job. Four whole minutes the officers argued back and forth before making a call to an ambulance that might have saved Gurley’s life, according to the released court documents that were filed by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.

“You call,” Liang said. “No, you call,” Landau replied. At the same time Melissa Butler, Gurley’s girlfriend, knocked on neighbors’ doors to find anyone who could help and managed to gather towels to stop the bleeding.

“Ms. Butler was crying and her hands were bloody,” according to the documents. She then screamed, “He’s not breathing.”

After a conversation with an EMS operator, she attempted to give Gurley CPR. Even with the officers being CPR certified and trained, they just walked around Gurley and went to the fourth floor.

Former City Councilman and current Assemblyman Charles Barron said that the shot fired at Gurley was “no accident,” as Liang is required to have the gun holstered.

They should put his behind under the jail for that. He did not have enough sensitivity to help save a life. They were arguing for four minutes while this man was lying there dying. There were no crimes being committed. His gun should have been holstered, his hand should have been off the trigger…he recklessly caused the death of an innocent young man.”

Officer Liang has pleaded not guilty earlier this year to second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, assault and official misconduct. Liang will be arraigned in court September 29, 2015.

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)

Man Pretends He Was Selected In 2015 NBA Draft; Mobbed By Fans And Parties In NYC

Only if everyday can be like this, then he would be set.
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Hold Them Back And They Come Stronger: The Truth Of The Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Puerto Rican day parade is an act of patriotism, honor and symbol for Puerto Rican pride, but it wasn’t always an act of diplomacy and neither was it always legal.

In the book entitled War Against Puerto Ricans Revolution and Terror in Americas Colony, author Nelson Denis tells the inception of America’s largest public event, The Puerto Rican Day Parade and explains how the Puerto Rican flag was once an entry way to jail.

In order to suppress Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalist movement in Puerto Rico, a law was passed in Puerto Rico. It was called Public Law 53, also known as the Gag Law and La Ley de la Mordaza. This law made it a felony to utter a word, sing a song, whistle a tune, or say anything against the US government, or in favor of Puerto Rican independence. This included singing La Borinqueña, or owning a Puerto Rican flag.”

Anyone who dared to disobey the law was sentenced to ten years in jail. Public Law 53 was passed in 1948. Even though it violated the US constitution, it took nine years to repeal it in 1957. The next year, the first Puerto Rican Day Parade was held in New York City, according to Denis. holding back the Puerto rican pride was actually the reason for its cultural symbolism and honor which all Puerto Ricans unknowingly hold for the poled ideal. It was a symbol of freedom and the closest thing to rebellion without finding oneself in jail.

To most Americans today this unspoken piece of history goes against the parades 90,000 marchers, 2 million spectators and a horde of corporate sponsors. Today however, the very success of the parade as Nelson shows is because of a time when it was illegal to be proud.

Denis notes, “The flags and celebration were everywhere. The passion was astonishing. New York had never seen anything like it.”

And as proven in this year’s annual Puerto Rican Day parade…this still stands true today.

– Hurtjohn

Landmark Status Granted To Stonewall Inn; Site That Sparked LGBT Rights Movement

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Kanye West Plays Music At Def Jam Offices

The G.O.O.D. Music general stops at Hip Hop’s premier label office to play some new music last night

Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian were caught leaving Def Jam last night by photogs as it was reported that Yeezy was there to let the label’s crew listen to his new joints. announced the impromptu listening, but it was confirmed by a Def Jam employee via Twitter last night. Social media went crazy with that little tidbit of information, but it still doesn’t negate the facf that besides “Only One” featuring the legendary Beatle Paul McCartney, the rest of us have to wait to find out what the rest of Ye’s next album sounds like.


-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)