The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 4

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Source Sports Top Plays Of The Week (May 18th-May 22nd)

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The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 3

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The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 2

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LeBron James Explodes For 38 Points In Game Five Versus The Chicago Bulls

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Kyrie Irving’s 0 Assists Leads to Awkward Post-Game Presser


Whew. It’s getting hot in Chicago

Last night was a tough one for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but let’s keep some perspective on this thing. It’s going to be a long series. They’re only down 2-1, J.R. Smith has returned to the lineup, and they have home-court advantage. The odds are still stacked against the Bulls, which is what made last night’s redemption song such an amazing one.

Still, the Cavs have some glaring problems, aside from the fact that Kevin Love is lost for the rest of the playoffs. Their starting point guard, Kyrie Irving, has taken heat in the past for ineffectively running the offense, and last night was an example of that. Irving started Game 3, played 38 minutes, but had 0 assists. It didn’t help that he had a horrible shooting night (3-13, 11 points) either.

Mark Schwartz of ESPN highlighted this fact during the Cavs’ post-game interview, and reminded LeBron that during a regular season game against the Utah Jazz, Irving had 0 assists, and LeBron made it clear that it wasn’t okay. He went on to ask if, given the circumstances, maybe Irving would get a pass this time around, and LeBron began to mumble some sort of vaguely politically correct response, but by then nobody was listening to LeBron. An expert camera pan caught Kyrie Irving’s reaction to the question, and it was priceless.

Paul Pierce Throws Knockout Blow To The Toronto Raptors On Social Media

Pierce flexes on his opponents on social media by creating one of the most epic trolls on the Toronto Raptors.
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Derrick Rose Isn’t Playing Games, Evidenced by his Post-Game Interview

Derrick Rose is with the sh*ts, ladies and gentlemen

Though he suffered an injury towards the end of the regular season that sidelined him for about a month, Derrick Rose is back on the court in the NBA Playoffs, and he’s anchored his Chicago Bulls’ resilient play en route to a 3-1 lead in their opening round series with the upstart Milwaukee Bucks. In fact, if it weren’t for a game-winning lay-up by Jerryd Bayless as time expired in regulation yesterday afternoon, the Bulls might already have been awaiting their second round opponent Cavs.

Despite the loss, Rose reminded reporters how grateful he felt to still be a part of the Bulls, and still have an opportunity to go out and play with the guys that he loves. Why has he been able to conquer two season-ending injuries and countless setbacks to return to the best Derrick Rose form we’ve seen since his MVP season in 2011? Simple.

“I’m built for this shit.”

Blake Griffin Dunked on the Same San Antonio Spur 3 Times

Playoff Blake at his finest

Last night, the Clippers hosted the Spurs in the first game of their opening round, best-of-7 series, and it wasn’t pretty. For the Spurs. Specifically, Aron Baynes.

Baynes, who has played quality minutes backing up the Spurs’ starting center Tiago Splitter, probably wanted 3 of the 20 minutes he played back last night, because Blake Griffin made them a living hell.

On three separate Clippers possessions, Blake Griffin drove in from the sideline, caught a laser pass from Chris Paul, and executed a gorgeous spin move on the left wing, then proceeded to make mincemeat of the defense Aron Baynes attempted to play. In fact, each dunk appeared to get more severe as the game progressed. It’s a wonder Baynes managed to stay on his feet for all three assaults on the rim.

One thing’s for sure, Splitter is pretty darn happy he was on the bench for those plays.