Watch Rell Jerv’s New Video For Charged Up/Back To Back

Rell Jerv went upside fans heads with nothing but bars on these Drake instrumentals. Continue reading Watch Rell Jerv’s New Video For Charged Up/Back To Back

The Source Sports Attends The 1st Annual “Battle Of The DJs” Basketball Game

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Miguel on Frank Ocean: “I Genuinely Believe That I Make Better Music”

The rivalry between two R&B giants heats up.

In a interview with British newspaper Sunday Times, the Miguel says he’s just better then his peer, Frank Ocean. “I wouldn’t say we were friends. To be completely honest — and no disrespect to anyone — I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around.” Though the beginnings of their “rivalry” are murky, one could point to the the 2013 Grammy Awards, in which Ocean beat out Miguel and Chris Brown for Best Urban Contemporary R&B Album, as its va

Miguel was also asked about the comparison between his music and that of The Weeknd, who has gained significant mainstream traction this year, with his last 3 singles landing in the Billboard 100 Top 15. Still, Miguel suggests he will last longer in the industry. “It’s interesting,” he starts, “but we’ll see who’s in it for the long haul. It’s like a marathon, you know?”

If the early rumors were true, Frank Ocean is gearing up to release his sophomore album this summer, and The Weeknd is gearing up to drop his sophomore, yet-to-be-titled LP, which reportedly features Kanye West. Perfect timing.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

Listen To Sincere Show’s “What Happens In Vegas” Single

After finding success as a mainstay on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop, while also remaining a staple on the Hollywood nightclub scene, Chicago bred and Los Angeles based entertainer Sincere Show is back it again with more music.

Having released several high quality videos over the past few months, Sincere Show has maintained a consistent schedule of content releases via his Instagram and the Black Diamonds YouTube Channel. He’s put in the work, he’s built a following now its time to be entertained. Listen to “What Happens In Vegas” below as Sincere Show says, “Welcome to the Show”.

Listen To Oakland’s Own Da Boy Dame’s New Single Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Adrian Marcel And Eric Bellinger

New artist Da Boy Dame makes his first move into the industry in a major way Continue reading Listen To Oakland’s Own Da Boy Dame’s New Single Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Adrian Marcel And Eric Bellinger

The Source Exclusive With Producer/Rapper Dame Grease

The legendary Harlem producer Dame Grease has a album out now ready to have the streets talking

In a year which hip hop has been overwhelming fans with excellent content, more good music is on the way as more new heat came out today with Dame Grease‘s latest project entitled Martial Law. The Source had the opportunity to catch up with the seasoned vet who produced classic mixtape and album bangers for French Montana, Max B., Curren$y, Cam’Ron, DMX and The Lox. Check out the exclusive interview below…

The Source: I see your album came out today on Cinco de Mayo. What will you be naming the album and who will be featured on it?

DG: The name of the project is Martial Law. I been working on that joint for about five years and it’s just unfortunately and coincidentally that you got all these riots happening. I made it not to monopolize the chaos but I been working on it for five years and I couldn’t make this s*** up. The album content is not political as it sounds. It’s more like street OG guidance to the young guys. I actually have no features, I did everything myself.  I haven’t really did no mainstream features, I didn’t want to get nobody on the album. I feel that the concept in what I’m talking about is not in the lane in what other people talks about right this second.

The Source: I see you contributed to the production of some of Riff Raff’s projects. How was the experience of working with him in the studio?

DG: I did Riff Raff’s Hologram Panda album/mixtape, one of the best projects to date. He’s cool, he’s talented. He did seven songs in one day. I actually hooked up with him after I did a track with the 3 Locos, which consists of Riff Raff, Simon Rex and Andy Milonakis. I did a song with them called “Off With Your Head”, so we was in the studio and Riff was like “Yo Grease you got some more beats, let’s do something”. I’m like “well s****, that’s all I have are beats”. So we hooked up while I was mastering DMX’s “Undisputed” album, play 20 beats for him. He chose 7 of them, put his headphones on, wrote them and we went to the next studio to knock them out.

The Source: How are you able to stay so relevant in the mainstream working with one of today’s best like Curren$y after making classic 90’s hits like “We Will Always Love You, Big Poppa” off The LOX’s debut album?

DG: To tell the truth, I never inducted myself all the way into the industry. I stay half in and half out, mainly closer to the streets and with my family . You know how I could be 70 years old and can stay connected to what’s going on because it’s like I’m looking at it like that. I come from the hard life and no parents and you have to take care of yourself when I was 13 years old. So a lot of things people couldn’t tell you that you can’t do, I couldn’t believe in none of that.

The Source: Is there anybody in the game haven’t worked with right now in which you feel that it would be a dream collabo for you?

DG: I’m going to make it obvious for you. It’s the people who have their own original style. So I would had to go with Snoop. I never worked with Snoop directly yet. I like Snoop’s s*** because it sounds like him. I like Migos because they are different and brought a unique concept to the game.

Be on the look out for upcoming artists Dame has been working with named Chris Jenkins. Dame feels that CJ is the next one who is ready to become a star in the game. The upcoming prodigy from out of South Carolina will be in the studio very soon. He is looking forward to leave a huge print on the game as Dame and CJ would love to work with talented young artists like Rae Sremmurd and K-Camp.


-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)

For more info regarding towards Dame Grease, go check out Tara Thomas Agency.

Instagram Officially Launches Music (@music) Venture

On Wednesday (April 29) Instagram announced a new music focused account, aptly titled @music, and it’s about time.

With this new account Instagram seeks to explore different music genres from across the world, celebrate the artists who produce it, and the culture that perpetuates it. The ‘gram plans to assist the people by offering a deeper look into the musical experience through popular artists, up-and-coming acts, instrument makers, album illustrators, and music photographers, among other creatives.

With more and more artists utilizing Instagram to document their careers, it has become a portable portals into their process, and this new venture couldn’t be better timed. Check out @music’s inaugural and introductory post here.

– Def Soul (@DefSoulNJ)