Graffiti Artist MOBSTR Toys With City Worker Over Electrical Substation Wall

Watch as a graffiti artist writes clever messages on an electrical substation that resulted in a city worker cleaning the same wall 12 times over a one year period

Graf artist MOBSTR/ REX Shutterstock has documented his year-long encounter with a city cleaner, who removed his taunting messages from a wall 12 times. He started teasing the cleaner with his graffiti when he painted the word ‘Red’ on a section of a brick wall that was already that color and it would then be covered over in red paint by the cleaner who buffed over the section with more red paint.

MOBSTR decided to keep writing the word ‘Red’ in black paint on different areas of the wall to see what happened. Watch the video above showing the year long battle between Mobstr and the city worker…