Macklemore Goes Sneaker Shopping

Macklemore goes sneaker shopping with Complex!


Macklemore goes shopping with Complex and gives us details on some of his dopest kicks.  The grammy award winning artist took some time off and decides to give us a session of sneaker copping with Joe La Puma of Complex as he talks Air Jordans, MJ & more. He is releasing new music and is gearing up to step back in front of the music industry.


Check out the video of Macklemore going sneaker shopping below.


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Five Pairs Of MJs Game Worn Sneakers Are Up For Auction

Check Out 5 pairs Of Michael Jordans Game Worn Sneakers that Are Up For Auction!


Michael Jordan will forever be known as the “GOAT” to many and his line of sneakers runs on within the sneaker community. His shoes are so easily at the top of most sneaker heads list that it’s not even funny. Five game worn pairs of Michael Jordan’s kicks are now available for auction and i’m sure many would try and find their way to be one of the collectors of these shoes. Their are four pairs of Air Jordan’s and one pair of a Converse model which was the least liked among Jordan’s collection. In a huge addition, each shoe is featured with an autograph from MJ himself. You can head on over to SCP Auctions, to check out each of the silhouettes and prices. Check out images of each shoe below.


a-selection-of-michael-jordans-game-worn-sneakers-are-up-for-auction-1 a-selection-of-michael-jordans-game-worn-sneakers-are-up-for-auction-3-1 a-selection-of-michael-jordans-game-worn-sneakers-are-up-for-auction-4 a-selection-of-michael-jordans-game-worn-sneakers-are-up-for-auction-5 a-selection-of-michael-jordans-game-worn-sneakers-are-up-for-auction-2

Michael Jordan Lets it Be Known He’d Rather Play Steph Curry One On One Than LeBron James

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Michael Jordan Wore a Pair Of Unreleased Air Jordan 1’s to Flight School

MJ’s Flight School lives on 


Michael Jordan continues to break out new kicks at Flight school as he wore a pair of unreleased Air Jordan 1’s to participate at camp.  The Air Jordan 1’s are featured in grey, white and black. The are similar to the “Rare air” version which has already hit stores and retailers so if you were looking forward to copping something similar to the the unreleased pair you may. Small features of the shoe include the wings logo and white swooshes. MJ seemed to be having a fantastic time at camp and also mentioned that he could beat Lebron in his prime 1-on-1. Check out more images of the GOAT having a great time at Flight School in an unreleased pair of Air Jordan 1’s. We will you keep you posted on more details emerging about the kicks.

michael-jordan-air-jordan-1-grey-black-white-unreleased-1 michael-jordan-air-jordan-1-grey-black-white-unreleased-2 michael-jordan-air-jordan-1-grey-black-white-unreleased-3


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MJ Still Got It: Watch Michael Jordan Beat Jimmy Butler In A Camp Shooting Competition

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Are the Air Jordan 1.5 Releasing Very Soon?

Air Jordan 1.5 Coming Soon?



The Air Jordan 1.5  may be coming very soon. The shoe that everyone is saying is a mixture between the Air Jordan 1 & 2 should hit shelves later on this year. Jordan Brand is currently celebrating their 30 year anniversary and they have decided to bring back some of the kicks that didn’t get a chance to see the daylight. I mean these kicks are pretty dope if you ask me and for someone who might not be feeling the Air Jordan 1 these may be the prefect alternate. Would you rock these or nah? The shoes are said to be coming in a black and gum colorway and also in a chicago bulls colorway. I know a few people who have already said they will cop if this is true, will you?

Screen-Shot-2015-05-06-at-12.59.09-PM Screen-Shot-2015-05-06-at-12.59.18-PM


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Michael Jordan Rookie Season Game-Worn Kicks Sell For $71,000 Big Bucks

MJ Game-Worn Pair of Rookie Sneaks sell for $71,000 Bucks


NBA Legend Michael Jordan wore a pair of Nikes his rookie year that ended up on a bidding site called SCP Auctions and have now been sold. Shoutout to the lucky winner who got his hands on these rare babies.  This morning, the autographed Nike high-tops MJ handed to the before LA Laker ball boy Khalid Ali in his rookie season have been purchased for $71,553 USD via SCP Auctions. The kicks are most certainly a collectible item for a Jordan head. Do you feel as if $71,000 USD was enough for these very rare kicks? Feel free to leave your comments on our Twitter and Facebook.


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These Were The Sneakers MJ Wore In His Last Game In The NBA

Do You Remember? 

Michael Jordan retired and left the NBA on April 16th, 2003. He left the NBA at a time where other great talent was emerging and he didn’t see himself being as successful on the court as he had been. He retired a Washington Wizard but everyone knows he is a Chicago Bull at heart.  Do you remember the kicks he wore that night as he played his last game? I don’t remember I know there are a lot of people who don’t remember also. The Air Jordan FBI was a team shoe from 2003. MJ only wore these on court during his final season and most important his last NBA game. Have you seen the shoes? They are not as spectacular as other Jordans but they are still autographed by the GOAT himself.  You can check out the rare autographed Jordans on eBay right now. Check out more images of the Air Jordan FBI below.

air-jordan-fbi-game-worn-ebay-2 air-jordan-fbi-game-worn-ebay-3 air-jordan-fbi-game-worn-ebay-4 air-jordan-fbi-game-worn-ebay-5-620x564

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Meet The Guy Who Asked MJ For His Game-Worn Kicks In 1984



An NBA ballboy at the age of 16 got the pleasure of meeting Michael Jordan up close and personal. This very brave kid did something that many of us couldn’t even transcribe and that was asking MJ for his game sneakers. Khalid Ali is his name and in 1984 he got his big opportunity.  Ali has admitted that at the time he wasn’t a very big MJ fan but knew that he would become bigger than ever one day. And he was absolutely right on the money. He was fascinated with the Air Jordan 1 shoe and says “I had never seen anything like that before, and neither have any of the other ball boys,” Ali said. He wanted the sneakers badly and knew no other way of copping a pair other than asking MJ himself for his game-worn pair.

As a Rookie MJ recieved so much attention when he came into LA to play the Lakers Ali risked it all  “My parents always told me, ‘Let them tell you no,” Ali recalled. “So I went up to Michael Jordan and I was going to let him tell me yes or no.” What was so amazing was that everything worked out for the best and MJ told Ali to meet him in the locker room after the game was over. No, he didn’t lose his job as a ballboy either. Unfortunately, MJ didn’t wear the Air Jordan 1 that game but instead wore the Nike Air Ship which he signed and dated for Ali. The kicks are now up for bids on SCP auctions and you all see what happens when you throw out some bravery. Check out the full story in the video below as Ali explains.








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Phil Knights Advisor Explains How Nike Signed Michael Jordan

Sonny Vaccaro explains convincing MJ to sign with Nike on ESPN’s 30 for 30


Sonny Vaccaro is one of the most known leaders in the sneaker industry. He’s that guy who started the big trend of sneaker endorsements for college teams. He has worked with mutilple brands from Adidas to Nike and known as the guy who convinced Michael Jordan to sign with Nike. He sat down with ESPN’s 30 for 30 and explained his involvement in MJ picking the sneaker corporation.

Vaccaro explains that originally MJ wasn’t the huge target for the corporation. Nike wanted to sign Charles Barkley, John Stockton & Hakeem Olajuwon at the time as a combo. Vaccaro stepped in and decided to convince Nike that it would benefit better if they just signed MJ and gave him the full endorsement deal instead of splitting up the money like they would have if signed Barkley, Stockton & Olajuwon. Jordan was leaning toward Adidas but eventually went with the winning team and that was Nike. Air Jordan sales equaled up to $100 million compared to Nike’s overall at $150 million. Jordan was very pleased with his decision to sign with Nike and it obviously benefited for a lifetime, but at first could you believe MJ wasn’t a fan of the red/black color scheme he reffered to the colorway as “the devil’s colors”.  Vaccaro also talked Jordan out of not dissing his team colors. That guy Sonny made MJ a billionaire. ha!

Check out the video from ESPN’s 30 for 30 below.

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