Listen to Curren$y’s New Single, “Bottom Of The Bottle,” f/ August Alsina & Lil Wayne

Curren$y is hard at work at–who are we kidding, this guy is always hard at work.

He recently released his hotly-coveted Pilot Talk 3 album, but the New Orleans representative has reconnected with Atlantic Records to release a major label LP, Canal Street Confidential, which will be released on November 6.

For his CSC act, Spitta unites with a couple stars from his home city of New Orleans, August Alsina and Lil Wayne, for a stellar lead single, “Bottom Of The Bottle.” Over a slow-brooding instrumental, Spitta, August, and Weezy deliver an ode to their woman of choice, proving once again that despite the prolific nature of his performance on the mixtape circuit, Curren$y can still deliver the radio-friendly record.

Lil Wayne Stops By ESPN First Take And Discusses Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady, LA Lakers, N.W.A. Movie And More

Lil Wayne has remained in the headlines all throughout 2015. Whether it is his current legal dispute with Cash Money Records, on again off again beef with Young Thug, or his “Free Weezy Album,” there is not a week that goes by without a Weezy siting on the web. With that said, Wayne has not be vocal on the interview front, being very selective as to whom he gives his time to.

Today, Lil Wayne made a return visit to ESPN’s First Take, where he joined Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss today’s hot topics in the sports world, but also delved into the entertainment foray as he spoke on the N.W.A. biopic.

A few take aways from the interview are that Wayne is still a die hard Green Bay Packers fan, he is apathetic toward Tom Brady‘s “Deflate-gate” situation, and still believes Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA currently.

Tidal Will Stream the “Lil Weezyana Fest”

Lil Wayne is hosting a festival in his hometown New Orleans called the Lil Weezyana Fest. This will be Wayne’s first reunion with his 90s music group, Hot Boys, who include Juvenile, B.G., and Turk. However, due to B.G.’s incarceration, Mannie Fresh looks like he will substitute. All further details of the festival have been kept under wraps until now.

The concert will be streamed exclusively on Tidal. Birdman was unhappy that Tidal streamed the Free Weezy Album, so what does it mean for the legal battle that Tidal will also exclusively stream Wayne’s musical festival?

The festival is scheduled for August 28th and will benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Here’s the flyer that Tidal posted on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.29.58 PM


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Watch Superhead Explain In Detail Drake Ghostwriting For Lil Wayne

Listen to Karrine “Superhead” Steffans give her two cents in an interview with DJ Vlad on the Meek Mill vs. Drake rap beef and even goes into into detail about how Drake actually wrote some of his boss Lil Wayne‘s lyrics .Her analysis? “Most of these artists aren’t that talented.”

According To Superhead, Drake Ghostwrote for Lil Wayne

The notorious Karrine Steffans better known as Superhead has had relations with rapper Lil Wayne that the whole world knows about thanks to her tell-all book, and his mentions of her on a few tracks. Considering that they’ve spent intimate time together, she probably knows a thing or two about Wayne that we don’t know. Like, Drake ghostwrote for him in the past.

Superhead told VladTV:

I was in the studio with Wayne listening to something that Drake had written ’cause Wayne can’t write like that. And he’ll be honest about it. He doesn’t… He only writes a certain way

She then went on to say that Drake has a storytelling skill that everyone doesn’t have.

What was her purpose on shedding light on this information? Check out the interview in its entirety above.

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Suspect in Lil Wayne Bus Shooting Fingers Birdman as Cause

The chaos that followed the initial July reports that Birdman and Young Thug conspired with a confirmed affiliate of Thug’s, Jeffrey Winfrey, to kill Lil Wayne, has died down, but that doesn’t mean in any way that the issues have been quelled.

Investigations continue into the dramatic fallout between Birdman and Wayne, despite Baby’s allegations that he’s spoken to Lil Wayne before and after his tour bus was shot at (allegedly by Winfrey). According to court papers acquired by TMZ, Baby’s financial differences with Lil Wayne, which are well documented and publicized, is “what ultimately led to the shooting.”

Birdman continues to deny any involvement, despite the indictment, and his perceived “beef” with Weezy.

Birdman Is Suing Tidal for $50 Million

Another legal battle between the former father-son duo has surfaced.

Birdman is now suing Tidal for $50 million for exclusively streaming the Free Weezy Album. Reportedly, Cash Money Records still owns exclusive rights to Lil Wayne’s music and he doesn’t have the right to license his music to anyone else — even though he’s in the middle of another legal battle trying to fight his way out of that contract. Tidal claims that Lil Wayne gave them the okay to stream his album in exchange for part ownership of Tidal.

This lawsuit follows an indictment from Atlanta that was just released hinting that Birdman along with Young Thug are linked to Wayne’s tour bus shooting. And just before that, Baby was caught on camera throwing a drink at Wayne during his performance in Miami.

Why can’t we all be friends?

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New Details of Birdman, Young Thug and Jeffrey Winfrey Indictment are Released

More details from Thug and Baby’s alleged plot to eliminate Lil Wayne

The indictment that alleges Birdman and Young Thug conspired with Thug’s associate, Jeffrey Winfrey, to kill Lil Wayne, contains quite a few interesting tidbits.

There are some obvious connections that make this a troubling situation. Since the end of last year, it’s appeared that Birdman has been allowing and assisting Young Thug’s attempt to replace Lil Wayne in the Cash Money empire, even appearing on the opening track of Thug’s Barter 6 mixtape, which was an obvious derivative of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter series. In fact, if it weren’t for a lawsuit–presumably filed by Lil Wayne’s team–Thug would’ve named the album Carter 6, despite the fact that Birdman himself has allegedly held up the release of Wayne’s Tha Carter V.

Lil Wayne’s more direct troubles with Birdman have also been well-documented. Towards the end of 2014, Wayne went on a rare Twitter rant, admitting that he wants nothing to do with Birdman or Cash Money, and is doing everything he can to get his new album out of their grasp. Just two weeks ago, he released the Free Weezy Album on TIDAL, after “signing a deal with Jay Z” to get some of his new music out.

However, this indictment has uncovered much more troubling details of the actual incidents in question. According to the legal documents, Jimmy Winfrey followed Lil Wayne’s tour bus out of an Atlanta venue’s parking lot, and opened fire on the bus. There were reportedly 12 people inside, including Lil Wayne, and other Young Money rappers and executives.

Shortly after the shooting incident, which took place in April, authorities allege that Winfrey fled on a nearby freeway while placing a call to Birdman. The indictment also denotes that prior to the shooting, Winfrey placed a call to Young Thug, and a nearby police officer observed that there was an assault rifle in the white Camaro Winfrey was piloting.

In addition to Thug’s recently released “With That” music videos, authorities are also looking at Thug’s Instagram to gather evidence, and have specifically pointed to a video uploaded shortly before the release of B6, in which Thug used profanity to refer to Lil Wayne, and eventually panned to others standing in the room, including Winfrey, who was holding a rifle.

New Indictment Alleges Birdman and Young Thug Conspired to Kill Lil Wayne

The social media jabs have escalated to much more troubling news

Young Thug and Birdman (or “Baby“) have been named alongside Young Thug affiliate Jeffrey Winfrey (or Peewee Roscoe), claiming the three conspired in a plot to kill Lil Wayne. According to the reports, which are coming in via WSBTV’s Mike Petchenik’s Twitter, the indictment refers to a plot that was to be carried out in April, the month in which Weezy’s tour bus was shot at as he left the parking lot of an Atlanta venue after a show. Two months ago, Winfrey was arrested for the crime.

Some of the details that Petchenik revealed include the fact that the indictment is against Winfrey specifically, but names both Young Thug and Birdman as connected to Winfrey, and more specifically, that Winfrey was carrying out a plot devised by Young Thug. Furthermore, Thug’s most recent music video, “With That,” in which Winfrey is prominently displayed, is being used as evidence. The prosecution plans to draw a connection between the April incident, and Winfrey holding a firearm in the video of a song that mentions Lil Wayne.

Earlier today, in a separate incident, reports broke out of Atlanta that Young Thug had been arrested at his home on charges of making terroristic threats. We later learned that those threats stemmed from an April incident, in which Thug threatened to shoot a director of security at a mall in the face.

Lil Wayne’s differences with both Birdman and Young Thug have been well-documented. They center mainly around Thug naming his album Barter 6, and Birdman’s somewhat sudden allegiance to Thug, which became apparent around the same time Wayne accused him of not paying him, and holding up his album.

Watch As Birdman Throws A Drink At Lil’ Wayne While On Stage

The beef between Birdman and Lil Wayne is still sizzling and has no plans on cooling off no time soon

Last night at Club LIV in Miami, Lil Wayne‘s set was stopped short because someone threw a drink, reportedly water, at Wayne from Baby’s section while he was performing.

Wayne is currently suing Baby for his release from Cash Money Records, in which the disposition should be finalized before the end of 2015.

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