Sandra Bland’s Family Files Lawsuit Against State Trooper

The family of Sandra Bland still want answers to why the young woman was found dead in her jail cell days after being arrested for “illegally” switching lanes. During a press conference in Houston on Tuesday, lawyer for the family of Bland, Cannon Lambert announced that the family is filing a lawsuit against the state trooper Brian Encinia. The family of Bland feel that they are at their last resort suing the trooper because they can’t seem to get the right answers on the case.

During the press conference, Cannon expressed his dismay on why Encinia was placed on administrative leave rather than fired when it’s shown that he violated unspecified police procedures and the department’s courtesy policy. Lambert called for the Department of Justice to investigate the case and try to find what truly happened to the 28 year old woman because law enforcement have been inconsistent with the family.

Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed- Veal feels that her daughter should not have been in jail,

“The bottom line is she never should have been inside the jail cell. Period,” said Reed-Veal.

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How Tom Brady Will Not Win this Game

Tom Brady’s 4- game suspension was upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week. After learning that his suspension would be upheld, Brady is suing the NFL in order to have his suspension overturned. Brady has thrown for over 50,000 yards and 392 touchdowns while winning 4 Super Bowl rings. He can be considered the greatest quarterback of the modern era. But his case against the NFL will end in a loss.

Brady is appealing for his role in the team using deflated footballs during the AFC championship game in January. Brady is asking for an injunction that would allow the 2x NFL MVP to be on the field for the Patriots season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers September 4th.

The players association of the NFL (NFLPA), who is suing on Brady’s behalf, believes that his suspension should be completely over turned. According to Sports Illustrated, “The NFLPA says there is no direct evidence in the Ted Wells report linking Brady to deflated footballs and that the discipline was based on a standard to ‘justify such absurd and unprecedented punishment.”  This is well and good, but Brady will not be able to win this case.

The NFL has made the first strike in the case by having the lawsuit filed in New York as apposed to Minnesota. This is a key move because of the belief that the judge who would have over seen the case is believed to show favoritism to the players rather then the league.

Personal information that Brady did not want to show the NFL, might be used in the courts to prove that Brady did have information about the air-pressure in the footballs during that game; yet, that will not be the biggest issue that Brady will face.

Lets look at the situation of the injunction from each side. If Brady is able to win and have an injunction placed in order for him to play, he would then have to spend his free time driving back and forth from Boston to New York to deal with the issues that surround this case. That means not being able to spend every min in the playbook, or being with the family, this could affect his play on the field to the point were the Patriots are losing games because of him. On the flip side if the injunction is not place, then Brady would miss more and more games just due to the case.

It is simply a lose lose situation for Brady that has nothing to do with the PSI levels in the footballs.

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Honda Ordered To Pay Back Black, Hispanic and Asian Customers For Overcharging

Honda has a few pockets to fill after reports of discrimination has been reported about the company. According to CNN Money, Honda has been accused of discriminating against Blacks, Hispanics, and Asian customers and overcharging them. The federal government began doing an investigation on the company in 2013 for violating lending laws.

The American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) discovered that minorities had to pay $150 to $250 more than Caucasian borrowers when purchasing a car. Honda Finance is also accused of allowing dealerships to hike up the rates on minorities. Honda is not off the hook with the pay outs. Honda announced that they will be adding “dealership markups” later on this year.

Honda released a statement on the pay out and opposed the discrimination claim.

“AHFC strongly opposes any form of discrimination, and we expect our dealers to uphold this principle as well. We firmly believe that our lending practices have been fair and transparent,”

If you purchased a Honda, see if you qualify for the pay out.

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Boy Expelled From School Because of “Extreme” Haircut

A San Francisco boy was expelled from school because his haircut was too “extreme” for school.

According to San Jose Mercury News, 5-year old Jaylyn Broussard went to school with “a modern fade,” a haircut that is popular to African-American men. Broussard was only in school for half-an-hour when Boussard’s mother, Mariana Broussard, received a phone call from the school principal saying that her son’s haircut was too “extreme” and “distracting.”

Broussard says that Caucasian and Asian kids at Immaculate Heart of Mary’s School have the same haircut, yet their appearance isn’t referred to as a distraction. The principal of the school, Teri Grosey, told her that the cut would “unduly influence the student body.” Ms. Broussard has filed a complaint, alleging that the school discriminated against her son because he is African-American.

Does this kid’s haircut look too “ethnic” for school?

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Mistress Sues Lover For Not Leaving Wife

A mistress has decided to take her lover to court for not ending his marriage. This mistress is no spring chicken…

According to, 67 year old Theodora Lee Corsell is a retired media executive who decided to take her lover, 88-year old James Greenwald, to court for $2 million for the “unpaid work” she did for Greenwald after being his assistant for six years. She is also suing for the affair she and Greenwald had while he was still married to his wife.

In the lawsuit, Corsell says that Greenwald’s wife, Marilee, said, “I will see them bury you six feet under before I grant you a divorce. I’m the last Mrs. Greenwald.” Corsell continues on to say that Greenwald told her that he owes her everything and will compensate her. Greenwald was the head of Katz Communications, a major national TV and radio sales advertising company in the 70’s and 80’s.

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McKinney Cop Has History of Racial Profiling and Harassment

The world has shown its disappointment and disapproval in the way McKinney police officer David Eric Casebolt handled 15-year old Dajerria Becton while he attempted to break up a pool party. Some are debating the way Casebolt handled the teen, and it turns out that Casebolt has been in trouble in the past for racial profiling and harassing an inmate.

According to, Federal court papers show that back in 2008, Casebolt and other officers were sued for racial profiling, harassment, failure to render aid and sexual assault. The victim, Albert E. Brown, was being held in jail for pending charges on a routine traffic stop, and according to the lawsuit, Brown says that Casebolt “reached for his private area” while pulling his pants past his ankles.

During the incident for which Brown was arrested, Casebolt told Brown that he was going to write him a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the road, but noticed two marijuana seeds in an open container. Brown says that Casebolt commented on the two Caucasian women he had in his car, and also commented on his clothes. Brown continued to allege that another police officer, Lee Keith, repeatedly slammed his head on the hood of the car during the arrest. While Keith held Brown down, Casebolt pulled his pants down, while a third, yet to be identified officer, used a flash light to examine Brown’s anus.

The civil case was dismissed because of the pending criminal case on Brown. After the pending criminal case was dismissed, Brown never refiled the civil case.

And to think this man was still employed in law enforcement.

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Dashcam Shows 4 Black Parole Officers Held At Gunpoint By White Police

CNN‘s Jason Carroll reports on a group of parole officers who allege they were racially profiled by police officers

In the CNN news clip below, four black parole officers were held at gunpoint by police. The dashcam video shows a police officer driving his vehicle in the wrong lane, then swerving sharply before stopping in the middle of the road in Upstate New York. The officer then exits the car and draws his weapon. Check out what transpires next for yourself…

Texas police recently released the dashcam footage showing several police vehicles involved in the August 9, 2014 incident. Parole officer Mario Alexandre stated the police officers participating in the Rockland County stop violated his civil rights, along with three of his fellow parole officers. Alexandre told CNN’s Jason Carroll,

I was violently pulled out of the vehicle, and I was slammed against the vehicle.”

So in this case authorities my have profiled the wrong group of Blacks and the parole officers are filing a suit against the state of New York. “Would they receive the same treatment if these parole officers were white?” is the question at hand.

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Mother of Tamir Rice Living in Homeless Shelter

The mother of the 12 year old Cleveland boy who was shot and killed by police while playing with a toy gun is reportedly living in a homeless shelter. According to Black America Web, Samaria Rice the mother of Tamir Rice is living in a homeless shelter because living near the spot where her son was killed is too painful. In court documents released Monday, the lawyers for the Rice family wants to pursue a civil suit against the city of Cleveland but the city wants the family to hold off on the lawsuit until the official investigation is included.

The Rice family says that they cannot wait too long for the investigation because they feel the city of Cleveland are protecting the two officers who shot and killed Rice. In the motion, it is described that Rice moved from her home because she can not live next door to the field where her son was killed. But to add insult to injury, Tamir has yet to be buried because it is unclear if the body of Tamir will be needed for additional medical examination.

During a press conference, the lawyer of the Rice family, Benjamin Crump spoke about the death of Tamir,

“It is so sad that the face of police brutality in America is going to be the 12-year-old face of Tamir Rice,” said Crump during the press conference. “We come here to Cleveland, Ohio, brothers and sisters, where we had video capture the whole entire episode of what happened to claim this baby’s life. And yet, after five months and counting, no one has been charged, no one has been held accountable for the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.”

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A Deputy U.S. Marshal Is Caught On Video Smashing A Woman’s Cell Phone

A cell phone captures a U.S. marshal in California smashing a woman’s phone as she records police activity

A California woman, named Beatriz Paez, was recording police activity and claims she was terrified when a deputy U.S. marshal walked towards her and grabbed her cell phone out of her hands before smashing it with his foot. The entire incident was recorded by another woman with a smartphone from across the street.

The deputies had as many as 10 people lying face down on the grass when Paez initially arrived to the scene. She told the Los Angeles Times that they began releasing the suspects shortly after she turned on her phone’s video camera.

It’s our responsibility to take care of each other. It’s our constitutional right to film.”

Paez filed a complaint with police in South Gate, just south of Los Angeles. However, the police don’t have authority over marshals so Paez is also considering filing a lawsuit. Janice Hahn, the U.S. representative for Paez’s district, told CNN that she has written a letter to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and wants a federal investigation into the actions of the marshal. She called the marshal’s actions illegal because Paez wasn’t hindering an investigation or arrest.

The U.S. Marshal Service statement to the media acknowledging that the video shows their deputies states,

The U.S. Marshals Service is aware of video footage of an incident that took place Sunday in Los Angeles County involving a Deputy U.S. Marshal,” the statement said. “The agency is currently reviewing the incident.”

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