The Lakers Are Considering Playing Kobe Bryant at Power Forward

With the Lakers having another disappointing off-season, in which every marquee free agent gave them the Heisman stiff arm, the team is looking to maximize the talent they have on the roster. Even if it means just making things up on the fly. Byron Scott recently interviewed with, where he said Kobe Bryant was in the mix to get some time at the power forward position.

“If we don’t get another guard, then Kobe’s in that mix,” Scott said of a potential switch. “I’m kind of going through those scenarios. But not necessarily as far as who’s starting and who doesn’t. … I think [Bryant] will play more 3 than 2. If we can get him at the elbows and at the mid-post, the more effective he’ll be.┬áIf we can get him where he operates best, which to me is elbows on each area, top of the key, at the pinch post, at the mid-post, then I think he can be real effective for us.”

Now as terrible of an idea as this sounds the thinking could simply be how the NBA has change over the past few seasons. Positions are now used to introduce players on to the court. The Lakers can just look no further then up the coast at the Golden State Warriors where the starting PF is Draymond Green, who is “listed” at 6’7″. But this is still, more than likely, a terrible idea.

Kobe is coming off injuries to his Achilles, knee, and shoulder that have cost him the remainder of his season each of the last three years. Even against backup players, Bryant, who is listed at 6’6,” wouldn’t be able to take the type of pounding he would need to take to succeed against much bigger players in the post.

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