US Open Sightings: Kim Kardashian, Fabolous, Kelly Rowland, Justin Timberlake & More

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Kim Kardashian Shuts Down ‘Fake Pregnancy’ Rumors With Nude Selfie

That Kim K reign just won’t let up

Just over 2 years after the birth of her daughter and first child, North West, Kim Kardashian announced that she and husband Kanye West were pregnant with their second child, a boy. As is the case with a large majority of high-profile celebrities, fake pregnancy rumors began rolling in, reminiscent of Beyonce‘s pregnancy–there are actually Blue Ivy truthers that honestly believe Beyonce never carried her daughter, it’s quite disgusting. Beyonce, however, didn’t address any of those rumors. But that’s not the Kardashian way now, is it.

Less than an hour ago, Kim K took to Instagram to put an end to the murmurs, by way of a nude selfie. That’s right, Mrs. Kardashian West is showing off her baby bump, which is accompanied by nary a thread. Happy Tuesday, folks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.44.52 AM

kim k


Her Source | 2015 Summer Fashion Trends

Every summer, fashion forward ladies seek to be more stylish then last year and more fashionable then the next fashionista. And with this hot weather comes even hotter fashion. This summers trends are making major statements and are all about neutral colors, fringe, denim, and so much more. Its about taking effortless style and revamping it to be high fashion.

When it comes to the latest and hottest colors it’s no longer about bright bold looks. Instead, its about mild nudes and khakis. This summer is focused on how well a true stylish chic can stand out wearing colors that are suppose to making her blend in.




But in order to be a true stylish chick this summer you have to be fashion toward with more then just your clothing. Your shoe game must be on point as well and with the latest trends in shoe wear that won’t be hard. Whether you’re a true sneaker head or a girl who loves her heels, this summers varieties are none less then amazing.


image-6 image-7


And no outfit is complete without the perfect nail color to match. A fresh manicure can take any outfit to the next level and make any outfit stand out with the right amount of pop. And the latest in nail art follows the trend of nudes, neutrals and pastels.




Photo Credit(s): Dailymail, Mirror,  Kicksonfire,Pintrest, lovethispic, Vogue.   

Someone Waved a Flag Depicting Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape at Kanye West’s Glastonbury Set

“My girl a superstar all off a home movie”

On Saturday, Kanye West performed his much talked about headlining set at Day 2 of England’s world-renowned Glastonbury Festival, and it was surely a sight to see. After a strong opening, and a middle portion that Ye somewhat stumbled through–partially due to the fact that he and Mike Dean, his guitarist and DJ, were out of sync on a few occasions–Kanye closed out his set in rock star fashion, floating above the crowd on a cherry-picker as he performed some of his biggest pop hits, including “Touch The Sky,” “Goodlife,” and “All Of The Lights.”

The crowd at Glasto is always a story in and of itself, known for its tendency to fly flags and posters high in the sky all day long, and this year, someone brought a flat baring Ye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. Except, it wasn’t in the most flattering light. The flag very clearly depicted Kim Kardashian giving Ray J fellatio, which is probably not what Yeezy was looking for when he peered out into the crowd. Chances are, the person waving it was too far back for West to see it clearly, and they may want to count their lucky stars. No way Kanye sees that and doesn’t have a problem with it.

It Looks Like North West Will Have a Little Brother

The newest addition to the Yeezy family will reportedly be a boy

Just a couple weeks ago, Kim Kardashian announced that she was pregnant with her second child with Kanye West, and today, US Weekly has provided some additional information on the forthcoming West.

The child–who will not be named South, as disappointing as that may be to some–will reportedly be a boy, finally bringing back to life those cryptic lyrics from West’s 2011 “New Day” song with Jay Z, in which he rapped all the ways he hoped his son would be better than him.

new day genius

In any case, congrats to the West family, who have very publicly been struggling with getting pregnant for the better part of the past year. According to US Weekly, Kim has already been shopping for boys clothes in New York.

Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Gift for Kanye West is Pretty Incredible

It isn’t the new album, but kudos to Mrs. Kardashian-West

Today provided a whirlwind of emotions to Kanye West fans, and while a misinterpreted promise was never delivered upon, Kim Kardashian-West still gets points for making her husband’s day a meaningful one.

Yeezy turned 38 years old today, and with this cryptic tweet, Kim Kardashian hinted at the possibility of new music from Kanye, whose new album, Swish, has been included in Apple Music exclusive release rumors for the better part of the last month.


That potential hint took on a life of its own when Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference began around 1 p.m. today, and both Drake and Pharrell, who were also rumored–then later confirmed–to be a part of the launch of Apple Music, took part via live speech (Drake) or an exclusive song preview (Pharrell).

However, the Swish Kim referred to in her tweet had nothing to do with music. The soon-to-be mother of 2 rented out the Staples Center, and invited several of Kanye’s friends, including John Wall and Tyga, to play pickup games on the Los Angeles Lakers’ legendary home floor.

kanye pick up game ye pick up


Kim Kardashian Wasn’t the First to Break the Internet, Iris Chacon Was

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There’s No Deal in Place Between Apple Music and Kanye West…Yet

This whole Kanye and Apple thing could be a thing, but it’s not a thing yet

There’s something brewing at Apple Music, and when lands in iPhones all over the world on June 30th, the streaming war will become exponentially more contentious. Can Jay Z follow through on his promises at Tidal? Will Spotify’s severely low royalties become a problem? Will Apple Music collapse them both? Find out on the next episode of…

The answer to that latter question is still up in the air, but if it ends up being no, it wouldn’t be for a lack of effort. Earlier today, Apple unveiled its new music services–Apple Music and Beats Radio 1–with the help of three pretty big names: Drake, Pharrell and The Weeknd. They could be adding a fourth name to that list, but nothing’s been written in ink as of yet.

Even considering that Kanye has continually been releasing and teasing music for the majority of 2015, and Kim Kardashian‘s cryptic birthday tweet from earlier this afternoon–it doesn’t appear that Kanye West‘s new album, which is currently titled Swish, is on the immediate horizon by way of an exclusive Apple Music release. A Buzzfeed report‘s sources have confirmed that negotiations between Jimmy Iovine and Kanye West are taking place, but no deal is in place yet.

Footage of the Kardashians’ Car Crash Has Surfaced

Don’t laugh. It’s not funny

A few months back, reports surfaced that while traveling along an ice-coated road in Bozeman, Montana, Khloe Kardashian, driving a car that carried two of her sisters (Khloe and Kim), and her niece North West, hit an icy patch that landed the foursome in a ditch, lucky to be unscathed.

Now, as with just about every real-life incident in their lives, the moment Khloe lost track of the car has been immortalized on forthcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the trailer for which you can watch above. Towards the end of it, in some sort of awkwardly-timed cliffhanger, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney can all be seen with panic faces as they involuntarily surrender their fate to the ABS on whatever vehicle they’d piled into.

In addition to the icy adventure, Kim (and Kanye’s) struggles with pregnancy number two continue. You can watch the new episode Sunday on E!.

The Man that Spent $150,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian Tells his Story

Remember this guy?

Last year, a story about 23-year old Jordan James–the man who dropped over $150,000 in plastic surgeries to look like his idol, Kim Kardashian–went viral, helping to bring attention to an already buzzing topic: the increasingly excessive cosmetic methods people were investing in to either look like their favorite celebrity, get some more junk in their trunk, or lose some of the junk in their stomach.

E! has, of course, also kept track of the now international trend, and how it’s become less and less taboo. In fact, their most successful franchise, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is centered around the lives of a family whose biggest stars have allegedly used similar methods. Last June, E! debuted a new series, Botched, which would not only highlight the culture of excessive and outrageous plastic surgery, but attempt to remedy some of its shortcomings.

On a recent episode of the show, James made an appearance and got very specific about the current state of things, which are mostly positive. He says he loves the attention he gets, and often being the most talked or gossiped about person in the room brings him immense joy. Interestingly enough, it isn’t the colossal nature, and the desire to reduce the size of his upper lip that brings him to Botched, but rather the fact that at times, some of the filler leaks out of the sides of his mouth, and he’d very much like to keep his lips as inflated as they currently are. You can watch a clip of his testimonial above.