Omarion Brings French Montana, Kid Ink and His Girlfriend to “I’m Up” Pool Party

Omarion is still riding high off the success of “Post To Be,” his mega 2014 hybrid hit, featuring Chris Brown and a vernacular-altering verse from Jhene Aiko, and “I’m Up” serves as the perfect uptempo sister record.

Featuring two of Maybach O’s rapper friends, French Montana and Kid Ink, two radio success aficionados, “I’m Up” is just as fun as “Post To Be,” complete with an infectious chorus and French Montana’s mellifluous opening bars. Not to mention, Omarion’s girlfriend, Apryl Jones, who has become a frequent flyer #WCW on social media, makes a “relationship goal”-worthy appearance via the playful ass slap of an anonymous video model, complete with the playful side-eye she tosses towards Omarion.

It’s no groceries, but it’ll most certainly do.

Listen To JC Flores’ “Be Real” Remix

Hard at work preparing for the release of his Olympus EP, JC Flores has been keeping his fanbase happy with the release of several remixes to popular hits. The newest track to get the Flores makeover is Kid Ink‘s “Be Real” which features Detroit rapper Dej Loaf.
“I took a bit of the Dj Mustard, Nic Nac sounds and created my own version to it, by fusing West Coast, Texas Trill, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Dembow. I bring in a couple of surprise melodies that you may recognize as they are all made in the same key…”JC Flores


Kid Ink Talks Upcoming Tour, Chris Brown & More!

Pepsi’s “Pop open music” event brought Kid Ink to New York yesterday to hangout with fans, giving us a chance to catch up with him about touring with Chris Brown and upcoming projects.

As Summer Grows Near How Can You Stay Trim And Naturally Win The War On Obesity

With The Hot Months Approaching What Steps Can You Take

To Lose Weight And Stay In Shape? 


Last week we caught up with up and coming Strength & Conditioning Coach Sharieff “Doctor Workout” Fisher, who is also a student at Queens College and the Assistant Director of the Hip-Hop 4 Better Health Program.  Throughout the years he has worked with many celebrities and will now be providing “WEEKLY TIPS” to help children, youth and young adults lose weight and stay in shape.  Here is what he has to say.

“Staying in shape at a young age has become a priority in my life and I want to share my wisdom and experience with all those that are looking for answers because they are having a hard time losing weight.  Today, about one in three US children and teens is overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963.  It is sad to say but childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health concern among parents in the US, topping drug abuse and smoking.  Childhood obesity is so severe in the US that in 2009, the government declared it a national epidemic.  Let’s look at the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and others that I have researched to help you in your struggle to lose weight.”

Sharieff-Kid 1
Kid Ink and Sharieff.

From 2009-2012 there were 35.7% of Americans 20 to 74 years old who were diagnosed as obese.  That’s up from 31.1% a decade earlier and 13.3% in 1960-1962. The CDC considers adults obese when their body mass index, which takes into account weight and height, is 30 or higher.  We will show you at the end of this report how to find out about your “Body Mass”.

Obesity has hit some groups harder than others.  Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity (49.5%) compared with Mexican Americans (40.4%), all Hispanics (39.1%) and Non-Hispanic whites (34.3%).

Workout Benchpress

What’s the cause for being obese and/or overweight?

The causes of obesity include a variety of health and economic issues, but it is also important to note that family trends and environmental factors also play a role.  Minority women are responsible for the health of their children.  According to the CDC and Office of Minority Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

The fundamental cause of obesity and being overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.  Globally, there has been: an increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat; and an increase in physical inactivity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization.

Changes in dietary and physical activity patterns are often the result of environmental and societal changes associated with development and lack of supportive policies in sectors such as health, agriculture, transport, urban planning, environment, food processing, distribution, marketing and education.

How can you reduce being overweight and/or obese?

Overweight and obesity, as well as their related noncommunicable diseases, are largely preventable. Supportive environments and communities are fundamental in shaping people’s choices, making the healthier choice of foods and regular physical activity the easiest choice (accessible, available and affordable), and therefore preventing obesity.


At the individual level, people can:

  •  Limit energy intake from total fats and sugars;
  • Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as legumes, whole grains and nuts;
  • Engage in regular physical activity (60 minutes a day for children and 150 minutes per week for adults).

Individual responsibility can only have its full effect where people have access to a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, at the societal level it is important to:

  • Support individuals in following the recommendations above through sustained political commitment and the collaboration of many public and private stakeholders;
  • Make regular physical activity and healthier dietary choices available, affordable and easily accessible to all – especially the poorest individuals.

The food industry can play a significant role in promoting healthy diets by:

  • Reducing the fat, sugar and salt content of processed foods;
  • Ensuring that healthy and nutritious choices are available and affordable to all consumers;
  • Practicing responsible marketing especially those aimed at children and teenagers;
  • Ensuring the availability of healthy food choices and supporting regular physical activity practice in the workplace.

In conclusion, obese children and teenagers face a slew of potential health problems as they get older, including an increased risk of diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, strokes, asthma, high blood pressure, liver and gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, dyslipidemia, osteoarthritis, gynecological problems (abnormal menses and infertility) and depression.  As if that weren’t enough, obesity may harm young people’s long-term college and career prospects.


I hope this knowledge has helped you in your personal “War on Obesity” and for you to better understand “Your Health is Your Wealth”, so stay tuned for the next report.  If you want information on how to measure your Body Mass, OPERATION D.E.E.P (Diet, Exercise, Education & Prevention), or some hot new tips on losing weight so you can look your best for the summer months contact me at: Instagram @Coralreaf; Twitter @XReaf.

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @HHSYC).

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All Def Digital’s ‘The Vault’ Goes Inside Kid Ink’s Craziest Moment: A Wild & Bloody Ride to a Show

Kid Ink says he’s got some destructive people around him, and that he and his crew are like kids on tour–except this is a story all about how playing with knives went horribly, horribly wrong and someone ended up almost stabbing their hand off.  But hey, they still made it to the show!   Continue reading All Def Digital’s ‘The Vault’ Goes Inside Kid Ink’s Craziest Moment: A Wild & Bloody Ride to a Show

Kid Ink, Jeremih & Dej Loaf To Headline “Scream Nation: The Reintroduction Tour”

Today, Live Nation announced the 26-city “Scream Nation: The Reintroduction Tour” featuring Kid Ink, Jeremih and Dej Loaf. Continue reading Kid Ink, Jeremih & Dej Loaf To Headline “Scream Nation: The Reintroduction Tour”

Kid Ink Looks To Bring The “Cool Back” In New Video

Kid Ink delivers a new video for his single “Cool Back,” as he tries on various fits in an attempt to do just that. Tha Alumni representative is currently in the studio crafting his second major label album for its release in the new year.

With the single “Body Language” an obvious hit, and his holiday themed latest freestyle single “Copy That” serving as a nice appetizer at what’s to come from the Los Angeles rapper in the new year, we should have expected an immediate 3rd to follow it up.

Ink calls on Dan Centrone to assist in serving up the official optics. Full Speed hits stores February 3rd.

– Scott Randell (@iamscottrandell)

Watch The Trailer To Kid Ink’s New Album ‘Full Speed’

Kid Ink gives us the official trailer for his upcoming Full Speed album dropping on February 3rd, 2015. Pre-order will be available December 15th with two automatic downloads off the album including “Cool Back” (the song featured at the end of this trailer).

Watch the trailer above.

– Scott Randell (@iamscottrandell)