Diddy Will Not Be Charged With Any Felonies In UCLA Assault Case

A little over a week ago, the news broke that Diddy had been arrested on the UCLA campus after an incident with Ā strength & conditioning coach Sal Alosi. The altercation ensued after Alosi was berating Combs’ son and defensive back on the squad, Justin Combs. Of course, there were conflicting stories as to what actually took place, with Diddy’s reps stating that he was merely defending himself, while the University’s reps claim Puff threw a kettlebell at Alosi. Combs was arrested faced charges on assault on terroristic threats.

In the days that followed, Diddy was the subject of many memes and online conjecture but it appears as though this situation may be swept under the rug, adding it to a list of unsavory incidents that Puff has been resilient to. According to District attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago, his office has decided to hand the case over to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, meaning that Combs will skate on any serious felony charges. Normally the DA’s office handles serious felony offense, while the city court sees the misdemeanor infractions.

As always, Puff remains teflon.

Being worth $750M is enough to keep anyone out of any serious jail time.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Diddy Arrested After Altercation With UCLA Football Coach

For those that know, Diddy is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind, or throwing hands when necessary. (see. Drake, Steve Stoute). But today, it seems that a coach on the UCLA staff also found out. Diddy was apparently visiting the campus during an offseason training session for the football team, in which his son Justin Combs plays defensive back. According to TMZ, one of the coaches present was screaming at Justin intensely throughout the session as Puff watched from afar. After the conclusion, Diddy allegedly went to said coaches office and gave him a piece of his mind, grabbing his shirt in the process.

Diddy was later arrested for assault by UCLA police and is currently in custody at the campus jail. A source close to the mogul told TMZ that Diddy initially wanted to call the police himself but his phone was taken away from him.

Justin Combs, who is a redshirt junior for the team, has played defensive back for the past two seasons coming off the bench sparingly in reserve situations as well as playing on special teams. He has a total of 4 career sacks. We will surely keep you posted on this story as more develops.

Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)