Yikes! Pictures of NY Giant Jason Pierre Paul’s Hand Have Been Released

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Jason Pierre-Paul Hand Injury Is Worse Than Expected; Might Miss Entire Season

As the New York Giants prepare to begin their season against division rivals the Dallas Cowboys at Jerry World, much of the focus has been on Eli Manning‘s new contract and whether or not Odell Beckham Jr will have another spectacular grab. With that said, many in the Giants camp were optimistic about the return of all-pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul who severely damaged his right hand in a fireworks accident on July 4th.

JPP had to have his right index finger amputated but showed up to East Rutherford, NJ earlier this week in peak physical condition (minus his right hand) along with a very positive attitude. Upon further inspection by team doctors, it has been revealed that with the amputated finger, Pierre-Paul also has a fractured thumb, skin grafts and a portion of one of his other fingers missing. This of course has many in the Giants camp very concerned.

The Giants have a franchise tender waiting for a signature from Pierre-Paul, but he has yet to sign it, considering he was hoping for a new contract prior to the accident. Furthermore, if he were to sign the franchise tag contract, he would most likely be placed on the non-football injury list, which would result in him not being paid for the coming season. Pierre-Paul has told the teams front office that he is prepared to play if he is provided with a protective device for his hand, but that remains to be seen.

For time being, the New York Giants are not only concerned about his availability to play but also don’t want to shell out money on a player loaded with question marks.

The true question is, how would he sign the contract with one and a half fingers missing?Rocko Rathon

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The Things We Learned in Sports July 5th-July 11th

When a prime time player has major surgery and a free agent is held hostage in his home you know it was a cray week. So many stories seem to be fueled this week as we all patiently for training camp to start. This week had some of the craziest stories that will be reported all year long. Here are the things we learned in sports this week.

7. FSU has a serious problem.

Jimbo Fisher

Just 2 seasons ago, the Florida State Seminoles were being presented with the national championship trophy. Since then they have had to suspend or dismiss multiple players for “questionable” actions. During the week FSU kicked out quarterback De’Andre Johnson and suspend running back Dalvin Cook for violence against women. This is all coming after the tornado that Jamies Winston provided during his time as the starting quarterback. This has to raise questions about head coach Jimbo Fisher ability to either keep his players in line, or recruiting players that have embarrassed his organization. Florida State administration must look an see what kind of organization they want to represent.

6. Is Deron Williams in the House.

After falling off a cliff in production, the Nets have finally bought out the rest of Deron Williams contract according to NBA.com reporter David Aldridge.  The move has an serious impact on the cap for the Brooklyn Nets. 

Now that the buyout looks to be official, ESPN reporter Marc Stein reports that Williams will likely sign a contract to become a Dallas Maverick.

Now after not being able to stay in front of point guards like Jeff Teague and Kyle Lowry, he gets to face Stephen Curry and Chris Paul. Good luck in Dallas Deron.

5. The Girls are back in town

The United State’s Women’s National Team came back to a celebration in the streets of New York. The USWNT was able to drive down Broadway in style as thousands of fans came out to celebrate the culmination of a World Cup run that ended in a championship. The women haven’t won a title since 1999, and fans were out in bunches to support the champions of the world.

4. If you got the talent you will play

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy suspension was reduced from 10 games down to  4 games. Hardy was originally suspended for a domestic violence conviction that he received a season ago. The NFL recently revamped its domestic violence policy, introducing far more stringent punishments for creeps who attack women. Hardy was suspended for 10 games after the new policy was in place. But he was being suspended for an incident that occurred before it was in place. Before his suspension, Hardy was one of the most feared pass rushers in the league, and that is really the only reason he is still in the NFL. He is an extremely talent player at a highly important position. If he played like Ray Rice did at the end of his season, he would still be sitting on his couch.

3. Donovan McNabb needs a babysitter.

Former All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb is having a hard time adjusting to life without football. McNabb was arrested for the second time for DUI less then two years apart.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports, for whom McNabb is currently an analyst, did not return an email seeking comment. He is “stepping away from his NBC sports radio show—at least temporarily—to deal with ‘personal issues,'” according to TMZ.

It’s getting embarrassing at this point for McNabb. At some point someone has to come out and help this man before it becomes to late.

2. DeAndre was a Clipper, than a Mav, now a Clipper.

So the craziest 24 hours happened on Wednesday. There was an original report that De’Andre Jordan was “reconsidering” going back to the Clippers by ESPN’s Marc Stein.  Then it transitioned to Clippers star Blake Griffin basically locking the door from anyone getting in.

Then Old man Kobe Byrant had to take the fun out of the conversation with some random emoji’s. In the end. Jordan did the right thing in staying with the Clippers. He was able to get more money, play for a better team, and potentially win a championship in Los Angeles. Whats wrong with that?

1. Don’t play with fireworks

New York Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had a really bad week. He went from potentially signing a deal with the Giants for 60 Million dollars, to not even being able to count to 10. ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter was able to obtain the medical reports of the surgery that was done to remove one of Pierre-Paul’s fingers.

As of today the Giants’ have yet to sign JPP to any type of contract at all. The Giants’ place the franchise tag on the talented defensive end, and have till July 15th to be able to come to a long term agreement. Hopefully both sides make the best decision for themselves.

King Jut (@KingJut92)


NY Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Had Right Index Finger Amputated Following Fireworks Accident

By now, everyone is already privy to the story of New York Giants Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul his fireworks accident this past weekend in Florida. Initial reports claimed that his hand was so badly damaged that it may cost him his playing career. Further throwing salt in the wound, Pierre-Paul was offered a $60 Million contract by the Giants and the team has now retracted that offer in light of the recent developments.

Today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared medical documents showing that JPP had his right index finger amputated today (July 8). As bad as that sounds, the decision to remove the finger was done in order for the Pro Bowl player be able to return to the field as soon as possible. Currently in the recovery phase, JPP has a timetable of 2 months to be able to get back onto the field. Coming off a season where he raked in 12.5 sacks, the world will see how effective he can be moving forward.

Another interesting point of contention to the story is Pierre-Paul rejecting the Giants hospital visit, as well as refusing any of their medical assistance. The animosity could be related to the retraction of the large $60M contract, as well as the team placing the franchise tag on him. A contract he has yet to sign. It will be interesting to see how things play out given the circumstances.


Hopefully JPP can have speedy recovery and get back to Pro Bowl form.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

NY Giants Pull $60 Million Offer Away From Jason Pierre-Paul After Fireworks Accident

The New York Giants are withdrawing their offer from Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul after his firework accident over the holiday weekend, per NFL network’s Ian Rapoport. Pierre-Paul was set to receive a $60 million dollar extension from the Giants after placing the franchise tag on him. Pierre-Paul injured his hand while trying to light up  fireworks late Sunday night.  Rapoport reported JPP‘s hand will be intact, and as of Sunday night, doctors were still examining for nerve damage and other issues related to the incident.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for the 26-year-old pass rusher. Pierre-Paul wasn’t given the long-term contract due to his inability to stay on the field and inconstant production. JPP was given the franchise-tag at 14.8 million dollars for this season. This latest action seems to validate the Giants’ in not giving Pierre-Paul the contract he desired.

Paul is coming off a season where he lead the team in sacks at 12.5, and played all 16 games for the first time in his career. But with the market for premium pass-rushers at an all time high, all signs point to Pierre-Paul leaving the Giants next off-season.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Severely Injures Hand In Holiday Incident

Pro-tip: leave the exploding attractions to the professionals

The New York Giants are coming off of a disappointing season, but their failures were not due to a lack of effort from star defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul. The 5th-year player is coming off of one of his best season, in which he recorded 77 tackles and 12.5 sacks, helping to anchor a Giants defensive core that needed all the help it could get. Unfortunately, his bright future could be in jeopardy.

According to Bleacher Report‘s Jason Cole, Pierre-Paul injured his hand after hosting what appeared to be a July 4th fireworks party, involving a U-Haul truck packed with the explosives. Several of JPP’s neighbors tweeted either excitement or dissent regarding the firework-packed truck, and judging by today’s news, the result of the festivities wasn’t a favorable one.


Several varying reports of the extent of Paul’s injuries have begun emanating from the Twitter accounts of NFL writers, including Adam Schefter, who says Paul’s injuries don’t appear to be career-threatening, and iHeartRadio reporter Andy Slater, who has gone so far as in to reveal that his sources have indicated that JPP is in danger of losing his hand.


In any case, we’re all pulling for a full recovery for Paul, who has hopefully learned his lesson and will enjoy America’s Independence Day pastime from afar next year.

We’ll have updates on Paul’s condition as soon as confirmations come through.