James Harden Participates In Footlocker’s Hilarious “Play My Tweet” Game Show

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James Harden signs with adidas for $200 Million Dollars

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Nike and James Harden Will Reportedly Go Their Separate Ways

James Harden will not re-up with Nike

According to sources, Nike will not top the $200 million deal that Harden was offered from Adidas. TMZ reports that Nike was concerned with the prospect of giving that much money to one player, and what it would mean to other up-and-coming superstars looking to get a similar deal. ESPN’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell questions why Adidas would offer Harden such a large contract.

Harden has yet to officially sign his deal with Adidas, but the writing is on the wall–or Khloe Kardashian’s back. She was spotted sporting Adidas gear at Harden’s Drew League game this weekend. Over the past few weeks, the two have been involved in fervent relationship rumors.

Khole Kardashian

Since it appears that Nike and Harden won’t be signing on the dotted lines, Harden’s deal with Adidas is likely all but sealed.

Adidas Offers James Harden $200 Million Contract

Oh, he’ll be eating alright

James Harden is the most unlikely of the NBA’s crop of 2010’s superstars, and should he accept the Adidas offer that’s made headlines everywhere this morning, he’ll immediately be one of the highest paid.

The man that started as a prolific member of Oklahoma City’s second unit–eventually landing him 6th Man of the Year honors–has evolved into a Top 10 talent, capable of carrying his injury-laden team to the Western Conference’s 2nd playoff seed, and a first-round series victory. Now, Adidas is trying to capitalize on that.

They’ve offered Harden a 13-year, $200 million contract, which would immediately follow his recently expired Nike deal. Though the Houston Rocket was never awarded his own signature shoe, chances are he’ll get it if he signs with Three Stripes, following a trend that began earlier this summer when Harden’s popularity skyrocketed, as his jersey sales surpassed that of stars like Kevin Durant and Chris Paul during the NBA Playoffs.

No word yet on Harden’s decision, but we’ll be reporting on his confirmation it as soon as it happens.

James Harden Voted MVP at the Players Awards, Which Will Air Tonight

Harden is the people’s champ

Earlier this year, before the Golden State Warriors’ impressive NBA Championship run, Stephen Curry was awarded the 2015 regular season NBA MVP award, and deservedly so. With a first-year head coach and major injuries to two key members of their front-court, the Warriors won 67 games, good for a tie for 4th best all-time, behind the unbelievable play of Curry. The former Davidson standout beat out LeBron James (for both MVP and the title), and James Harden.

Those that didn’t feel Curry deserved the award, surely thought Harden warranted the nod. The former 6th Man of the Year played much of the year without Dwight Howard, and any significant offensive help, and managed to will the Rockets to the #2 seed in the conference, posting ridiculous per game averages of 27 points, 7 assists and 6 points.

Well, that’s surely good enough to win the award in the eyes of Harden’s peers. The Player’s Choice Awards, which airs tonight on BET, is where the players choose the winners, and the media/coaches have no say, and they’ve voted James Harden the 2014-2015 MVP.

Will the real MVP please stand-up? No, really.

Lil B Lifted the Curse on James Harden This Weekend

Lil B lifted his infamous curse on James Harden this weekend, when he visited DJ Whoo Kid’s show.  He also speaks on Waka Flocka, OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane being pioneers, TI, and disses Chedda Da Connect.   Watch the clip above.

Bow Wow Calls James Harden “Dumb,” Explains the Right Way To Sleep w/ Groupies

There’s a right way to do this, James. Let Shad explain

Wednesday morning, the internet exploded thanks to this selfie, taken by a woman who calls herself Gvng$ter Boo, of James Harden sleeping in bed next to her. The immediate conclusion drawn was that Harden had slept with this woman the night before, and got “caught slipping”–or “caught sleeping,” if you will–by not falling asleep with his back facing her (or not going home, or politely sending the young lady home, before knocking out).

Today, Bow Wow found time in his busy schedule to school James Harden on how to not get caught sleeping in a lengthy Instagram passage. Chances are, Bow Wow–or Shad Moss, as he’d like to be called–knows a thing or two on how to deal with groupies, considering he’s been a mega-popular heartthrob since he was 13 (that’s 15 years of experience!). So, let’s see if we can get down to the math and science of this thing.

Yo i see yall boys still young rich and DUMB. Now james is my boy but let me say this now. This is how i — — USE to do it its called “leaving no evidence” if you was chilling w me my security takes phones and you signing papers. The rule is when she leaves she gets her phone back. Secondly if u forgot to take phone make sure she sleep then find her phone (usually by side of bed) i would take it put it under the bed so i KNOW im good and could sleep peacefully. Yall be too comfy w/ brauds yall dont know! I give credit to the ladies because most of us are just that rich and STUPID so yall know how to get us. I been caught up too before not knowing being a rookie but next time.. Leave no evidence. Sometimes i would sleep somewhere else leave them all by themselves but id be watching them from my security cam. Fellas be smart we know the p***** is the most powerful thing but dont let it hypnotize you. Ladies when yall do stuff like this, it ruins it for you because we NEVER calling you again. Why mess it up over a proof pic that you twapping a rich dude. Was it worth it? YOOOOOO JAMES WAAAKE UP BRO! zzzzzz…. #feartheblonde ps. This game aint for everybody! I took being a ladies man serious. You got to go all out PROTECT your brand your image.

Thank you, Bow Wow, for this essential, life-changing bit of information. James, please take note. #feartheblonde.

bow wow harden

Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Stephen Curry to Grace Cover of ‘NBA 2K16’

The group cover is back

In 2013, NBA 2K sported 3 superstars on their cover: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose, and went on to place one of those stars–Kevin Durant–by himself on the cover of the game two years later, on NBA 2K15. This year, three people grace the cover once again.


MVP and MVP runner-up, Stephen Curry and James Harden, grace the cover of NBA 2K16 along with Anthony Davis, who just had a breakout year that had him in the MVP conversation for much of the regular season, before the race was pretty much whittled down to Curry and Harden. The game will also feature direction from Spike Lee, who took charge of the MyCareer mode, which is quickly beoming the 2K franchise’s most popular draw.

It’s only the second time the game has featured three cover athletes on the same cover. In 2012, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were all cover stars, but they each had their own individual covers.



James Harden Gets Caught Sleeping

And on this episode of #LilSleepyTime…

James Harden, everyone. There’s really nothing wrong here, but it’s always funny when this happens. Like that time Julian Edelman turned up on Snapchat. Today’s victim is recently ousted Houston Rocket and MVP runner-up, James Harden, who forgot to fall asleep with his back facing his bedtime buddy.

It’s okay James, it isn’t that much different than the Spurs stumbling out of some Los Angeles club after getting Chris Paul‘d. Everyone deals with defeat in their own way. Except Twitter. Twitter always deals with defeat the exact same way. See below.



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