The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Ruled Kevin Love “Unavailable” For The Eastern Conference Semis

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Kobe Bryant Shares Video Of The Moment He Learned Of His Season-Ending Injury

For the third season in a row, Kobe Bryant will not see it through from start to finish. Last week, the Lakers announced that the star guard will be sidelined for the rest of the regular season with a torn rotator cuff, which Bryant injured in New Orleans against the Pelicans–a 16-point loss. For what it’s worth, Lakers coach Byron Scott was considering shutting Bryant down for the season anyway, considering they’ve realistically been out of playoff contention since the first week of the season, and Bryant is midway through his 20th season as a pro. Time is not on his side.

Just a few days after the news of Bryant’s rotator cuff was made public, Kobe, via The Players Tribune where he’s an editorial director, posted the above video clip, which is of Kobe learning about his disappointing diagnosis. The message accompanying the video was simple:

This is the moment I accept the most challenging times will always be behind me AND in front of me.

Watch the emotional clip above.

NYPD Officer Injured Riding Hood Of Police Cruiser

Amidst the NYPD “virtual work stoppage”, an officer found time in his day to take a ride on top of a police cruiser.

According to Breaking 911, an officer slammed his head into the pavement after falling off  the hood of a moving police cruiser.  The officer, who was injured near the Brooklyn 70th Precinct station house, was rushed to Lutheran Trauma center via a police helicopter. He is currently listed in stable condition. The NYPD has yet to release a statement on how and why the accident occurred.



-Alexandria Tribble (@Y_iOuwta)

Former Baylor star Isaiah Austin, who suffered career ending medical condition added to ”NBA 2K15”


The player once looked at as a potential first round draft pick star Isaiah Austin was forced to hang up his sneaks this summer due to a career-ending medical condition.

While Austin was unable to pursue his dreams of competing in the NBA, we now can get a glimpse of what that might have looked like thanks to a video game. On Tuesday, 2K Sports announced that Isaiah Austin is available as a playable free agent on all platforms on NBA 2K15. What a great way to honor a great young man and an unfortunate cease of events to end his career. Thanks to 2K. Check out the trailer below.


Derrick Rose Just Left The Bulls VS Raptors Game With A Left Hamstring Injury

This doesn’t help his “Mr. Glass” reputation at all

One of the biggest story lines in the NBA this year was the return of a full-fledged Derrick Rose to the Chicago Bulls starting lineup. Rose, who won the NBA MVP award 3 short years ago, has been plagued by knee injuries for the past two seasons, and even took criticism during last year’s post-season run for not giving it a go when the Bulls were on the brink of elimination. Already this year, Rose has missed a game because of a ligament ailment, but today’s scare appears to be a bit more serious.

According to TNT‘s Rachel Nichols, Derrick Rose, who appeared to go down with an ankle problem, is apparently suffering from a pain in his left hamstring. When he left the game, the Bulls were up 7 points in a tight game on the road in Toronto, but would eventually win the game 100-93. Rose finished the night with 20 points, and looked explosive at times up against the Raptors’ defense.

While Rose was on the bench, he was no examined by a trainer, and was able to leave the court on his own volition, but any time Derrick Rose can’t go is cause for alarm in Chicago. We’ll have an update as soon as one is available.

Argentina Player Suffers Torn Anus In World Cup Semi-Final Match Against Germany

This one has got to hurt

In the name of putting the team before yourself and extreme selflessness, Javier Mascherano is a hero. But in the name of pain and worrying about one’s own body, he’s hurting right now. In a heroic attempt to stop a Dutch player from having free reign to run around in the box and attempting a shot on goal in the tense semi-final match of the World Cup, Mascherano attempted a daring sliding challenge–had he come up short or over-pursued, the Dutch player would have been awarded a penalty kick–and was successful. What appeared to be a promising opportunity for The Netherlands to score and break a 0-0 tie turned into an empty possession. However, Mascherano suffered what sounds like an immensely painful injury in the process.

A torn anus.

No word on whether or not this will keep Mascherano out of the World Cup Final, which is on Sunday, but should Argentina pull through against Germany, that’ll be looked back on as one hell of a play.

I tore the anus that play, so the pain..

That was Javier during his post-match conference. Ouch.

Lakers Announce Kobe Bryant Out At Least 3 More Weeks

kobe bryantKobe Bryant recently gave Lakers fans hope that he would be back by the All-Star game but when he came to New York to play the Knicks he said he didn’t have a timetable on his return and would have to check with his doctor.  Sad news as it turns out Kobe won’t be back so soon.

The Lakers released this statement Tuesday night:

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was examined prior to tonight’s game by team physician Dr. Steve Lombardo and still has pain and swelling in his left knee. Bryant will continue with a program of non-weight bearing exercise, consisting mostly of working out on a stationary bike. He will be examined again in approximately three weeks.

Bryant suffered a fractured lateral tibial plateau (bone connecting shin and knee) on December 19 and was expected to be out for six weeks which would be a Thursday, January 30 return.

Kobe was voted as a starter in the All-Star game despite asking fans to vote for Damian Lillard.  Many speculated if he would give up his spot but now it looks like he might not have a choice.

I’m sure Lakers fans want Kobe back on the court as he much he himself wants to be playing but at 35 years old and coming off an Achilles injury it isn’t wise to rush back especially when the Lakers playoff chances are pretty miniscule.

h/t CBS Sports

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)