MCA Day: Remembering The Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch

It has now been three years since Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch passed away from cancer, but his spirit lives on

This year will mark the third anniversary of the passing of Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, who passed on May 4th, 2012 after a three year battle with cancer at the age of 47.  Just weeks prior to his death, the inventive style he and the crew became known for was immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now, every year to celebrate his spirit, MCA Day has an annual celebration at Littlefield Performance & Art Space in Brooklyn, New York City, his native town where he lived out his life.  As the MCA Day Facebook page proclaims, the day’s mission is to “bring all lifestyles, sizes, shapes, and forms together to honor the creative, tenacious spirit and life of Adam Yauch… through the true appreciation of community, art and music”.

Yauch was only 22 when the Beastie Boys released their premier record Licensed to Ill, and he directed many of the videos for it.  After the Beastie Boys found success in all levels of music, from Hip Hop to punk and metal fans alike, Adam took on many projects in the creative spectrum: first building state of the art recording studio in New York City, and then establishing an independent film company, thus directing several acclaimed movies.

By 2010, the band had sold 40 million records in total. Yauch leaves behind a legacy that cannot be tarnished as both an inspiring artist, and human rights activist.


-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)

Hall Of Fame Football Player Chuck Bednarik Dies At The Age Of 89

Concrete Charley was known as one of the hardest hitting tacklers the game has ever seen. Continue reading Hall Of Fame Football Player Chuck Bednarik Dies At The Age Of 89

Big Sean On Being An Innovator, Being Taken Seriously & Ariana Grande

Some say he’s angry. Others chalk it up to a new level of focus. Either way, Big Sean sounds like he’s never sounded before on his third LP Dark Sky Paradise; an album that will become the the first #1 album of the Detroit native’s career. It’s forced his detractors to stop calling for “mixtape Big Sean” because, well, frankly, this Big Sean is better, more refined, and is seeing things a lot clearer. On Finally Famous, he aimed for radio using the majority of his tracklist, and on Hall Of Fame, he tried to impact radio without really making an obvious attempt, but missed his mark. On Dark Sky Paradise, there’s a very clear attempt by Big Sean to become the bad guy that everybody likes, and he’s using a rather simple formula: rap his ass off and shame his enemies. Still, everything didn’t come as easily as it sounds, and we got a unique look into his creative process when we talked to the blessed rapper.

Did you hear the noise while you were making this album? Critics downplayed Hall Of Fame, sometimes harshly. That had to weigh on you while you made Dark Sky.

This is definitely one of the first albums where I didn’t really listen to anyone else. I wanted to change the direction, and do what I wanted to do follow my heart, that was the mindset the whole time. I built a studio in my house and recorded the whole album there. It was some of the best time I had recording. I’m thankful that I listened to myself, and that I stuck with that vision because it wasn’t easy. In doing so I was able to record at my convenience and live out the music. It made all the difference.

This was your most unique roll-out. Definitely more concise, a lot quicker. Usually we get a single, wait a few months then a video, then the artwork. I felt we kind of got everything at once. Was there any point during the process where you felt rushed or that you were doing things to soon?

Nah. If anything I would have done it even quicker. Nowadays I feel it’s easier to give people the music instantly instead of a long drawn out roll out. I actually felt my roll-out was a little too long. I feel good about it. I believe the people can see I put my heart into it. Every song means something different, had a different type of attention. You can get caught up, working on a project forever trying to make it better. I felt comfortable where, I was ready for the people to have this one and be ready for the next one.

Focusing on the music and putting your privacy out there. There were songs on Hall Of Fame that dug deep on the depths of your personal life like “Toyota Music”, like “Sierra Leone”, but on Dark Sky Paradise I feel like you take it to another level and get more specific including your relationships with your father, grandmother, past girlfriends. When artists open up the media tends to make jokes of their vulnerability (i.e. Drake, J. Cole). Do you ever worry about people making light of serious situations?

I just accepted the responsibility of keeping it real. I put my life out there to entertain and inspire. My listeners are the people who got love for me and who need it. I feel fortunate to and glad to be in that position. I’ve come a long way from what I grew up in. I appreciate this, I don’t take it for granted, I give a 110% all the time and never complain about anything.

I’ve read other writers say they struggle to “take you seriously.” Then when I hear some of the verses on this album, like  “All Your Fault”, “Paradise”, or “Deep” I feel like you channeled that criticism into your lyricism to prove them wrong. Is that a criticism you’re aware of when you record?

People are always gonna talk shit, Always. You can’t even focus on that. I know how talented I am and the potential I have as an artist and as a rapper. I wanted to make sure I got that across but I wanted to do it organically. People can talk shit and say whatever, I just stay focused on what’s at hand, what I have to do and stay hungry. I appreciate you listening to these verses.

On a lighter note, people like to compare rappers and their relationships as fuel behind the album. For example, Amber Rose was the inspiration for Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, whereas Yeezus was made when he was with Kim, so some say Amber may have been the better girlfriend. Where you’re concerned Hall of Fame Was created when you were with Naya Rivera, whereas Dark Sky Paradise was made while you were with Ariana Grande. If Dark Sky Paradise is the better album, is there anything to that?

Yup [laughs]. But you already answered that so… pretty much [laughs].

I noticed that you’re not doing a Detroit date on this J. Cole tour, is that because your going to end up headlining your own arena tour?

Yeah I’m doing a special show In Detroit. I do it every year with the city. Its something intimate. Thats why I didn’t do it for the Cole tour. I got something special planned for my city, always.

The last thing I want to ask. With everything going on in the Hip-Hop Industry, Everyone is pushing at innovation. People are looking at projects such as 808’s & Heartbreak and So Far Gone as turning points in hip hop. Where somebody went somewhere no one has gone before, and in turn, it helps to define a new generation. With these first 3 albums you’ve refined your craft and have become an elite artist, but with this next LP you have coming up do you feel the pressure to do something no one else has done, or innovate in a way no one has innovated?

For this next album I don’t have any ideas going in, I feel like innovation and ideas naturally come and aren’t planned for. Im going to do what comes natural. Stick to my guns and follow my heart. I always want to change the game, always want to push the envelope. Develop new rhyme schemes, make up words and have fun with it. Thats what its a all about. For this next album I’m going into it with that same idea, same hunger, same focus and well see what happens.

Big Sean To Release ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ Album, Featuring Travi$ Scott, Drake, Partynextdoor & More

Fresh off the biggest hit of his career, Big Sean will soon deliver his 3rd LP

Last night, in a clever social media maneuver, Big Sean discreetly announced the title of his new album, Dark Sky Paradise, along with some of the album’s marquee features and producers. After Sean tweeted, “done,” earlier in the day, he uploaded a cryptic image resembling a thunderstorm with the words “Dark Sky Paradise” emblazoned across it.


Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 12.31.42 PM

This upload was followed by similar uploads from Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travi$ Scott, E-40 and some producers, including DJ Dahi, DJ Mustard and Vinylz. Why? Presumably because they’ll all be a part of the album, of which there are very few details. On Big Sean’s Snapchat (bigseansnapped), you can see a preview of a song that sounds like it’ll feature Drake, and a rough video clip from Big Sean’s DJ surfaced over the weekend of a live preview of the same track. Considering how long “IDFWU” has been out, and how silent Sean’s been since he randomly dropped those 4 songs to Snapchat, DSP might be a lot closer than many imagine.

Lockdown CB Champ Bailey Calls It Quit

As fate would have it, Champ’s status appears….to be at an all-time high, perfect time to say goodbye

There always comes a time when an accomplished athlete feels that after making incredible plays and putting up career defining numbers, the contentment they’d get from walking away from the love of the game is at it’s peak.

Well, you can finally say this about superstar cornerback Champ Bailey. Today, Bailey announced to the media that he will be retiring from football after a incredible 15-year career run. The 36-year-old shutdown icon spent his career making ridiculous interceptions and hits for the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos. Champ was able to successfully grace the NFL with his appearance in the pro bowl 12 times, a record that still stands as the most by a defensive player. In addition, he holds the record for the most career interceptions in the Pro Bowl. Racking up a astonishing career total of 52 interceptions, many felt that Bailey has lost a couple of steps as signs of that were really revealing. Sources believed that the 2000’s NFL All Decade team member should’ve stayed to play one more year in hopes of bouncing back and making up for that poor Super Bowl XLVIII performance that led to Denver’s annihilation by way of Seattle. He struggled to maintain his tenacious defensive coverage last season for the Broncos, a noticeable attribute that made him a 7x All Pro cornerback. Poised to return back to the playing field, Bailey was signed to the New Orleans Saints practice team but was later cut once the season began.

Champ decided to walk away from the gridiron because he wants to pursue other career opportunities, but it is safe to say Bailey should be a first ballot inductee to the Football Hall Of Fame. He put the ultimate fear in quarterbacks willing to throw his direction thanks to outstanding defensive awareness and hand eye coordination. Whatever Bailey’s future leads them towards, he will always have the respect from the elites of the game to the ultimate football fanatics who studied and analyzed the game. So, as Champ takes his last bow away from the pigskin, it is only right that fans in the NFL should idolize the living legend in the ways of Young Hova’s words….”Young did it to death, you gotta love it.”

Omari feels that hands down, Bailey is top 10 cornerbacks ever in the NFL. Definitely hall of fame bound.

-Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)

Big Sean Becomes First Rapper To Ever Rap At The White House

sean grande

Hall Of Fame meets Capitol Hill

Sure, Common recited some poetry at the White House back in 2011, but Big Sean became the first rapper to ever perform a rap at the White House on Monday, after he joined Ariana Grande during the Obama’s 2014 Easter Egg Roll event. The potent duo performed their popular single, “Right There”, during Grande’s set, as Sean, donning a black hat and an ear-to-ear smile, took the stage and gave a live rendition of his verse.

Watch a video of the performance below.  Sean takes the stage at the 12:47 mark.

Oh God – Big Sean’s 5 Tracks To Get Him Through This Tough Time

Big Sean and Naya Rivera are all done. So what now for the Hall of Fame rapper? 

Big Sean, Naya Rivera, Break Up, Engagement, Hall Of FameBig Sean and his former dime piece Naya Rivera have called it quits. The two called off their engagement and with this break up, we are looking forward to some fire tracks for the remainder of 2014 and more than likely into 2015 from the G.O.O.D. music rapper. Most artists make their best music with the emotions running high (Drake and Usher to name a few), so Sean should be feeling optimistic and motivated to tear the booth in two.

But what if Sean is feeling low about the split with his ex fiancé? If so, we can’t blame him and there’s a strong possibility that the lovely Miss Rivera could be running laps in Sean’s mind without a finish line. If she’s stuck in his head, what’s the remedy to get it all out?

Sean should look no further than his own incredible music catalog to get Rivera off of his mind. He’s got some hits from his debut album Finally Famous, his mixtape Detroit and his latest album Hall of Fame that he might need to put on repeat for a while if he needs some help getting through this tough time.

Here are Big Sean’s top 5 tracks that he should have on repeat to get past this bump in the road.

-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)

Big Sean & Naya Rivera Call Off Their Engagement

sean naya

My ex-girl’s on Glee & sh*t

Big Sean had himself one hell of a 2013, releasing his 4-mic album Hall Of Fame, taking part in some big releases, including Drake‘s “All Me” and Pusha T‘s “Who I Am”, and finding his eventual fiance, Naya Rivera, whom he met on Twitter.

2014 hasn’t brought all of the same blessings. So far, Sean’s done well musically, promising great music for the rest of the year and putting forth stellar verses on his solo version of Rick Ross‘ “Sanctified” and the Key Wane-produced “1st Quarter”, but his personal life has taken a bit of a hit. In a statement released exclusively to E!, Sean and Naya Rivera officially call off their engagement, hoping to “work their issues through privately”. The full statement goes as follows:

After careful thought and much consideration, Sean has made the difficult decision to call the wedding off,. The recent rumors and accusations reported by so-called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter.

Last night, while Sean was at a Dodgers game, Rivera was at a Marie Claire red carpet event, and was photographed (apparently) without her engagement ring.

rivera marie claire

Have A Look At Hall of Fame Spring 2014 Lookbook

hall-of-fame-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-3 Los Angeles-based brand Hall of Fame has released their lookbook for Spring 2014 collection. The lookbook was shot in columbia by Akira Ruiz. The shoot was located in Santiago de Cali at a soccer match in El Popular and Las Trés Cruces, it all reflects the athletic aesthetic of Hall of Fame. The collection includes several jersey styles, a branded zip-up, a pullover hoodie, 5-panel caps, and more. The entire collection will be available from the Hall of Fame Fairfax flagship store, online and select retailers worldwide from February 28.