Stephen Curry’s Daughter Sang Big Sean at the Podium Last Night


Forget that her dad’s probably the greatest shooter of all-time. Riley Curry is the one who can’t miss.

Last night was a historic one for the Golden State Warriors, and a career-defining moment for Stephen Curry. The 2015 NBA MVP led his team to victory in Game 5 of the WCF last night, placing him and his squad of shooters and voracious defenders in what will surely be an NBA Finals for the ages. It was a celebratory moment for all wearing blue and yellow, and though Riley Curry didn’t have on a jersey, she took to the podium to celebrate as well.

How about some Big Sean and Drake? Encore, encore!

Op-Ed: Why The 2014-2015 NBA Regular Season And Playoffs Is The Best Season We’ve Had In Decades

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Lil B to Attend Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, Things Just Got Real

And by “things” we mean “the Based God curse”

It began with Kevin Durant. Lil B and the former NBA MVP got into a war of words on Twitter, and Lil B hexed the Univ. of Texas alum, claiming he will never win an NBA Championship until he apologizes. Since then (2011), Kevin Durant has lost in the NBA Finals, been eliminated by the Grizzlies and Spurs in consecutive years, and this year missed the playoffs entirely, largely due to the fact that he missed most of the season with a foot injury. Sure, that can all be accredited to tangible issues within the Thunder organization.

Or, the Lil B curse is very much alive.

This year, James Harden, the NBA MVP runner-up, and ridiculously talented franchise player of the Houston Rockets, has adopted a new celebration, where he rotates his left hand–as if he’s beating eggs–over his right palm, a dance known widely as the “cooking dance” Lil B created years ago during his meteoric rise on the internet. Unfortunately, Lil B didn’t take too kindly to not being credited by the former 6th Man of the Year. He’s tweeted about Harden consistently over the past week, warning him that if he doesn’t apologize for “stealing” his dance, the curse will be placed.

Needless to say, Harden has yet to apologize. His 45-point Game 4 performance indicates that he may have steered clear of the curse, so Lil B is going to do Harden one better: show up to Game 5.


Outside of the obvious storyline–every game from here on out is win or go home for the Rockets–Lil B will personally be in the building, enforcing his curse on Harden. Just imagine the camera panning to Lil B every time Harden misses a shot. This’ll be a blast.

Stephen Curry’s Daughter, Riley, Steals the Show at Post-Game Presser

Riley Curry has more than her share of fun after dad squeaks out a Game 1 victory

Last night was supposed to be about the regular season MVP and MVP runner-up, Stephen Curry and James Harden, battling for home-court advantage in what’s expected to be an entertaining, if not contentious, Western Conference Finals. For most of the evening, it was just that. After falling behind by 16 points in the first half, Curry (34 pts, 6 rbs, 5 asts) helped his team battle back, and eventually hold off the resilient Rockets, and a 4th quarter comeback attempt led by Harden, who fell just an assist short of a triple-double (28 pts, 11 rbs, 9 asts).

However, following the sound of the 4th quarter buzzer, the story line quickly changed, and Stephen wasn’t the Curry taking over. His daughter, Riley Curry, who insisted that she be included in her dad’s post-game presser, quickly stole the show. As her father glanced at the night’s stat sheet and did his best to answer reporters’ questions despite his daughter’s antics, he quickly became the 2nd most interesting person in his family. Even ESPN’s cameraman panned towards the far left of the table at which Stephen Curry was seated to catch some of Riley’s antics. You can see some of the adorable footage above.

Stephen Curry to be Named the 2014-2015 NBA MVP Tomorrow

It’s all over folks

Stephen Curry, aka Chef Curry, aka DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?, will be named the NBA’s 2014-2015 Most Valuable Player tomorrow, according to Bay Area CSN and reputable sources at Yahoo! Sports.

Curry, the Davidson University sharpshooter drafted by the Golden State Warriors with the 7th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, has had a sensational season that’s as impressive by the numbers as it is by the ridiculous YouTube and Vine highlights. Curry averaged 24 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds a game while shooting 44% from behind the arc and stealing the ball a career-best 2 times per contest. If the numbers on paper aren’t enough, consider the fact that he led his Warriors to a league-best record of 67-15, just 5 games shy of Michael Jordan‘s ’95/’96, 72-10 Chicago Bulls, who finished the season in 1996 with the best regular season record in NBA history.

Under Curry’s watchful and dominant eye, the Warriors–along with new head coach Steve Kerr–went from a flashy team with a high ceiling to arguably the best 2-way team in basketball. Curry made his teammates better, helping along the offensive games of Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson, who experienced such success at the shooting guard position he was named an All-Star for the first time in his career.

That being said, this was undoubtedly one of the tougher MVP races to judge in recent years. James Harden has enjoyed one of the best seasons in NBA history by a 2-guard, and he launched his Rockets to the #2 seed in the West despite significant starters missing extended time due to injury. On the back end of the ballot sat a constantly record-breaking Russell Westbrook (whose case was not helped by the Thunder missing the playoffs), another stellar year from LeBron James and the first of many oh-my-gosh years from Anthony Davis.

James Harden Thinks He Should Win The MVP, Not Steph Curry

Harden is humble, but sure that the top spot is his

2014-2015 will be remembered as the year when everything was up for grabs. Outside of the top spot in each conference (kudos to the Hawks and Warriors) nothing else was certain. There are no sure-fire bets for the Finals, the scoring championship is currently separated by such a small margin you have to expand your truncation by several decimal points just to prove it’s not really a tie between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, and the MVP race is as wide open as it has ever been. Legitimate cases could be made for no less than five players, but in reality, there are two front-runners, and it really is a toss-up.

James Harden the fearless anchor of the 53-25, 3rd place Houston Rockets has kept his team not only afloat, but dominant, despite the prolonged absence of their starting center, Dwight Howard, a top 5 player at the position. Further out west, the 1st place Golden State Warriors have been led by the record-setting Stephen Curry all season, but many claim it’s his ridiculous supporting cast–one of Curry teammates, All-Star Klay Thompson, scored 37 points in a quarter earlier this season, and two others are Defensive Player of the Year candidates–that would’ve made it nearly impossible for the Warriors to be bad this year.

Last night, in an interview with, Harden acknowledged the year Stephen Curry is having, but was very clear about who the real Most Valuable Player is.

I feel as though I am the MVP. I think the MVP is the most valuable player to your team. Obviously, you have to be winning and be one of the top teams in this league, and we are. I’m not taking credit away from anybody else in the league. But I’ve been consistent all year. I’ve just been doing the right things to put my team in situations to win, considering all of the different circumstances we’ve had to deal with. I’m looking at all those things put together. Not taking away from Steph or that team. It’s an unbelievable season that they’re having. But we’re having a pretty good season as well with all the injuries and all that we’ve been going through this season…Look, I understand that people can go either way with it. But for the most valuable player, I think I would have the edge.

Last Night Was Just Another Example: Stephen Curry’s Most Badass Crossovers

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, two of the league’s top playmakers, have gone at it each time their teams have met. Their battles are even better since their respective teams are division rivals, and this year Steph has clearly won the battle of the two. If you tuned into last night’s Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers game, then you saw the move that Curry put on Paul which sent him straight to the hardwood, but that was just one chapter in Curry’s dangerous NBA crossover story. In case you missed it:

If you watch the move from another angle, Paul steps on Curry’s foot which may have lead to him hitting the floor after that crossover, but nonetheless it was a great move by Chef Curry.

To add insult to injury, Curry’s Golden State Warriors edged out a victory against CP3’s Clippers 110-106, pushing their overall record to 61-13.

In honor of last night’s soul-snatching, we’ve complied a list of Chef Curry’s top crossover’s. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our selection.

-Darius Hawkins (@Dee_Hawkie)

Stephen Curry’s Dominant 2014-2015 NBA Season

Stephen Curry has proved to be an offensive juggernaut while dominating the NBA season. By averaging 23.6 points and 7.8 assist Curry has proven he is among the top 10 players in the NBA as well as one of the most exciting. The incredible season Curry is having has led the Golden State Warriors to the best record in the NBA and Curry to the forefront of the MVP race.

Draymond Green Sends Post-Game Shot To The Clippers’ Dahntay Jones After Blatant Snub

The 2015 NBA 3 Point Champion has also proven to be a marketing goldmine and highlight machine as a constant face on the NBA’s weekly top 10 plays. Over the past year Stephen Curry has emerged as one of the most recognizable faces in the NBA racking up endorsements from Degree, Muscle Milk, Under Armour (where he released his first signature “Curry 1” sneakers), and most recently Statefarm as the character “Sebastian Curry”.

 Thunder Struck: How Russell Westbrook became Unstoppable

Steph being so marketable can be attributed to how relatable he is to the average person. Measuring in at 6’3 185 pounds in a league full of giants, Stephen Curry is perceived by the general public as an average sized athlete. Not everyone can dunk like LeBron, but everyone can step behind the three point line and pretend they’re Curry. Upon entering the NBA scouts looked at Curry as not big enough, strong enough, or fast enough. Two All-Star selections and tons of 30+ point games later, Curry proved those scouts wrong and is viewed by the public as “the patron saint of the underdog”.

– Chad Vill (@YungChad)

Draymond Green Sends Post-Game Shot To The Clippers’ Dahntay Jones

You didn’t even need cable to watch the beating that the Golden State Warriors put on the Los Angeles Clippers. It was so bad, it reminded viewers of the Clippers from yesteryear. Especially after Deandre Jordan‘s failed — well, nonexistent — game winning shot against the Trailblazers a few nights back.

Adding salt to their troubled wounds was Los Angeles’ Dahntay Jones. During a nationally televised post-game interview with ABC, while Draymond Green was speaking on his impressive stat line (23 points shooting 8-15 from the field, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists) Jones was seen on camera glancing at Green before — seemingly on purpose — brushing him as he walked into the locker room.

Later, media caught up with Draymond to discuss what occurred. Green held no punches back with his response:

“If [Dahntay Jones] gets suspended, they may not even notice. So I guess good bump-by, but I definitely expect to be reviewed by the NBA. You know, for him to look at me and look at me again, and bump me, when I’m doing a postgame interview, that’s really smart too, when it’s on ABC. And obviously the postgame interview is the highlight of that segment, and you bump somebody? He got some camera time, which he needed because there wasn’t much celebration from their bench today, so you didn’t see him much. So he got the camera time that he was looking for…He served his purpose in today’s game.”


It’s not uncommon for players to be upset after a loss. Especially with Steph Curry running around doing things like this:

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)

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