NBA Unveils Their 3rd Installment Of “This Is Why We Play” Campaign

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Cleveland Cavaliers & Golden State Warriors Are Expected To Matchup On Christmas Day

A rematch of the 2015 NBA Finals should be an entertaining gift to hand out to NBA fans worldwide! Continue reading Cleveland Cavaliers & Golden State Warriors Are Expected To Matchup On Christmas Day

The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 7

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Draymond Green’s Mother and Grandmother Told Him to Stop Crying

If the Warriors are to win the Finals, they’ve got a point

Draymond Green is the gritty, voracious young forward that is as key a piece of the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals run as the league’s MVP, Stephen Curry, his All-Star running mate Klay Thompson, and first-year head coach Steve Kerr. That point’s been illustrated in these playoffs. Where Draymond Green goes, the team usually follows, and when his performance is in the dumps, the Warriors often have to fight to be in the game, or just end up losing.

Green’s mother and grandmother have been front-row witnesses to this dynamic all season, and with their young star’s team down 2-1 to the best player on the planet and his band of brothers, they took action. According to Black Sports Online, Green’s elders told him to get it together and stop crying with the referees.

My mom and my grandma told me I’m crying too much. ‘Leave the officials alone and just play. They’ve got you out there looking like you’re a punk and don’t know how to play basketball.

Needless to say, Green came out with a renewed focus in Game 4, and the Warriors pretty much shot the Cavaliers out of Quicken Loans Arena. Game 5 is tomorrow night, expect to see a complaint-less Draymond Green once again.

Looks like Steve Kerr’s got some help in the coaching area.

The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 6

“I ball for real, y’all n**** is Sam Bowie/and with the 3rd pick I made the earth sick/ M.J., him Jay, fadeaway, perfect..” -Jay-Z

Historical moments in sports have transpired over the past couple of days as you had to be glued in front of your television to experience it live. #SportsTwitter was all the way turned up as the premiere best of the best gave another reminder to fans of why he’s capable of strongly being considered the G.O.A.T. to ever lace up a pair of basketball sneakers. A seasoned vet to the tennis game continues to add on to her legacy amongst the all time greats while another rare Triple Crown feat has been conquered and it did not happened in the sport of baseball. The Source Sports’ own Omari White was able to become a witness of these moments of epic proportions and he took valuable time out to explain why him and all the fans worldwide had every reason to get their Daniel Bryan on and scream out YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!



Game 2 Of The NBA Finals (Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors)

Game 2 of this highly unpredictable NBA Finals can be looked at as a turning point of what maybe considered as the beginning of a bright light shining through the door of greatness the Cavs can walk through. It seemed like everything was going right for Cleveland as they was able to make tough plays and stops without their All Star point guard Kyrie Irving. Shumpert and Smith showed glimpse of why they are a part of this finals run as they made some clutch 3’s towards the end of the game. Mazgov was able to take full advantage of times when the Warriors went small. Matthew Dellavedova is slowly developing into a reliable defender, as he was able to hold Steph Curry to 5 for 23 shooting. Meanwhile, he was able to be a play maker during crunch time, grabbing a outstanding rebound and showing he has ice in his veins by knocking down two clutch free throws. Lastly, the King himself formerly known as LeBron James gave another masterpiece performance as he was able to go for another triple double, 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists. Granted, he may be the most disliked hooper in the league but you got to give credit where credit is due. Being sworn and hacked by Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes and referees missing foul calls, James was able to play through the physicality. Bron Bron was able to show fans that he was able to learn how to be a more clutch player during crunch time thanks to his previous NBA Finals experience at Miami. This is something essential everyone has been looking for in James as the entire sports world all knows he literally is fighting for his life to add some major resume worthy performances to his legacy and a spot of the Mt. Rushmore of basketball greats. Through three games, LeBron scored a total of 123 points, the most by anyone in NBA Finals history. The King is on a entirely different level by attempting to prove the sports fans that Meek Mill is accurate when he said it’s “levels to this shhhh”. The king is on the rise of becoming the immortal one, watch out Golden State.

A Golden State Warriors Fan Nearly Brought the Hulk out of LeBron James

A bold soul got the cold-death stare out of LeBron James

Right now, LeBron James is the baddest man on the planet. Despite the fact that his Cleveland Cavaliers are currently without three of the five players that started the first game of the regular season–two of whom, it’s worth mentioning, are All-Pro players–David Blatt is a first-year head coach, and they’re up against the NBA’s best defense, the Cavs have somehow scraped to a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 NBA Finals. For the first time all year, Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and the automatic Golden State Warriors actually have to put their heads together and manufacture victories.

Naturally, that isn’t something that Golden State Warrior fans are used to. Their team lost all of 15 games all season, tied for fourth best in NBA history. So after LeBron James turned in a valiant effort in Game 2, and stole home-court advantage from these historic Warriors, fans at Oracle Arena were not happy. Specifically, the woman in the above video clip, who thought it was a good idea to scream out that LeBron was a “p**sy a** b*tch” while he was just a few feet from her.

She received the death stare of a lifetime from the 4-time MVP, who would go on to dismantle the Warriors in Cleveland in Game 3 last night. If Warriors fans are trying to rattle LBJ, they’ve got to do a lot better than this.

That stare though.

Kyrie Irving to Miss the Rest of the NBA Finals with Fractured Knee

This is disheartening, and awful

Kyrie Irving was the #1 draft pick in the 2011 draft, and the first step the Cleveland Cavaliers took towards their current positioning: back to the NBA Finals, with LeBron James commandeering the team, and city. This is Irving’s first postseason and NBA Finals, and it has come to an unfortunate, heartbreaking end.

While trying to execute a routine crossover move on Klay Thompson last night, Irving’s knee buckled, he stumbled, and appeared to be in excruciating pain as he attempted to maneuver around the court by himself. He ended up needing a trainer’s help to get back to the locker room, and the grimaces on his face worsened as he neared the gallows of Oracle Arena. He knew it was over long before we did.

Now, we know. The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially announced that Irving will need surgery on a fractured knee, which will keep him out 3-6 months, and certainly the rest of the NBA Finals. This puts LeBron in the disadvantageous, but familiar position of having to lead an eager group of role players into battle every night against a fine-tuned, healthy, dominant Western Conference Champion (see: 2007 NBA Finals). Kevin Love, whom the Cavs traded their #1 pick, Andrew Wiggins, for in the off-season with the idea that Love gave them a better chance to win right away, has been watching from the sidelines all season after an awkward run-in with Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk in the first round of these playoffs ensured the end of his season.

Rihanna Screamed for LeBron After the Game Last Night, No One Knows Why

Maybe to console him? It was a tough ending

Last night was Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and as expected, it was a back-and-forth, exciting contest that couldn’t be decided in regulation, unfortunately for the Cavs. Their offense dissipated in the overtime period, mustering up no more than 2 points, and to add insult to injury, Kyrie Irving limped off the court before the end of this one, grimacing and clearly in excruciating pain.

But, as has been the case in these NBA Playoffs, some of the biggest stories happen after the final buzzer sounds, from Riley Curry‘s antics to colorful comments made by everyone from Joakim Noah to Dwight Howard. Last night, it was Rihanna that made headlines, after a couple reporters–and the NBA 2K guy–spotted Rihanna calling out LeBron James name in the players’ tunnel.


Interesting. Maybe she wanted to know where J.R. Smith was. Haha, just kidding.


The Sports Scoff With @SmooveGuyO, Vol. 4

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