Free Gym Pass, Ladies And Gents!

Seriously gym anyone?

This month Crunch is using a market tool that we just can’t turn down. The gym is now offering a 5 day guest pass including a free personal training session. Cool right? It gets better. In addition you can even get access to the classes they have to offer as well. I know right; amazing, free and no hidden fees. The best part is that I’m serious! All you literally have to do is fill out the form which the link is provided below in which where you can do so. I recently filled out the form myself and was reached out instantly by a manager through email. I was in the gym the next day and the experience was fab not to mention my personal trainer was a total babe. Any who, everyone should take advantage of this wonderful promo may end any day now.|DD|EM|||2015-08-26T17:15:42

-P.S. Although I did mention all these goodies along with the fact that this is a major freebie, I mean come on it’s a market tool. It’s only right that at the end of it all of course their going to try to get you so join the gym with an official membership which you are totally not entitled too if you don’t wan’t too. Lol, in the mean time, say fit my friends.

Stanford Now Offering Free Tuition

Stanford is now offering free tuition to students, so what’s the catch? According to Stanford… none.


Stanford is one of the country’s most prestigious schools, and with that usually comes a hefty price tag.  With an acceptance rate of only 5.05% though, it makes it even harder to get in despite any level of income.

But last week, Stanford made a move that seems unlikely in a country where the cost of college education has skyrocketed over the years – an offer of free tuition for many of it’s admitted prospects.

In a press release, Stanford announced that for it’s admits to the 2015-16 school year, any student who’s family income is $125,000 or below is getting free tuition.  Even more, any student’s family income that is $65,000 or below gets not only free tuition, but also room and board – a price that alone totals over $14,000.

While the likes of Yale and Princeton also have had similar measures, the offering is revolutionary to a world where not-for-profit schooling has steadily cost more and more for decades.

“Our highest priority is that Stanford remain affordable and accessible to the most talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances,” Provost John Etchemendy said in a statement.

A rather simple, straightforward, and honorable hand to extend.  Currently 77 percent of Stanford undergraduates leave the university at graduation with no student debt.  But Stanford can only do such a thing because of its current demographic – the extremely high number of wealthy students who attend.  It is also one of the richest universities in the world with an endowment of $21 billion, according to an even more in depth report by


-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)