Floyd Mayweather Stands At 49-0 After Bout With Andre Berto; Pacquiao & De La Hoya Express Their Boredom With Fight On Social Media

Going into Saturday night’s welterweight title fight between the undefeated Floyd Mayweather and number one contender Andre Berto, the excitement was a mere blip compared to the monstrosity that was Mayweather-Pacquiao. The champion indicated that this fight, which is the final one on his 6 fight deal with Showtime, would be his final bout in a long illustrious career.

Berto on the other hand, who had lost few of his previous bouts, was a 30-1 underdog based on Vegas oddsmakers. From the opening bell, it was very clear that Berto, though a talented fighter, was in way over his head against the crafty Mayweather. For boxing fans with a bloodlust for brawlers and knockouts, this was not one of their favorites, as for fanatics of the pure science of boxing, this was another impressive and masterful outing by the champ.

Floyd cruised to a very easy victory as he ducked, dodged and tagged Berto with punches, even dancing his way to the corner a on few occasions, as well as speaking to fans in the crowd mid-fight. Some of the highlights of the bout actually came from social media, as former champion Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao took to their accounts and comically weighed in on how bored they are of the fight.

What I do when I’m bored. Hehe

A video posted by Manny Pacquiao (@mannypacquiao) on

If this is truly Floyd’s final fight, which many are saying it is not, he has had one of most distinguished careers of any athlete on the face of the planet. If he looks for one more fight, it would give him the opportunity to have the best record in boxing history, as he currently stands tied at 49-0 with boxing legend Rocky Marciano. But if he does move ahead with another, who shall the opponent be? Amir Kahn or a rematch with Pacquiao? Only time will tell.

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Report Says Floyd Mayweather Used Banned Injection Before His Fight With Pacquaio

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Ronda Rousey Takes Ether-Esque Jab at Floyd Mayweather

Ronda Rousey is, to put it lightly, not having it.

Her back-and-forth with Floyd Mayweather–media jabs, not literal ones–has taken a new twist and turn every time we look up from our keyboards, and this latest one was never going to prompt Floyd to turn the other cheek, so to speak.

A TMZ reporter caught up with the UFC prowess as she was walking her dog, and asked her about Floyd’s postulation that she doesn’t make enough money to be compared to him. Rousey retorted that she makes more money than Floyd does by the second, and made sure to mention that once Floyd “learns to read and write” he can text her.

Well, he didn’t text, but Floyd surely responded. In a press release given to TMZ Sports, Floyd says:

Big bank take little bank. Let’s play and see how much money you got. Last time I checked, I was No. 1 on Forbes. She will never be at my status. Keep trying to get publicity.

Your move Ronda.

Floyd Mayweather Dethrones Ali, Names Himself As the Greatest Boxer of All-Time


In promotion for his bout with Andre Berto coming in September, Floyd Mayweather made a stop on SportsNation, but in a different language.

Mayweather recently appeared on ESPN Deportes’ Nacion ESPN, conveniently allowing him to skip an encounter with known Mayweather detractor Michelle Beadle, who appears on the English-speaking version of Sportsnation. Mayweather revealed his all-time boxer rankings while on the show, and instead of starting from No. 5 and working his way up, he began at the top of the list.

It’s not surprising that Mayweather would put himself as the greatest of all-time, but where he ranked Ali was a bit surprising. He placed the former heavy-weight champion of the world 5th on the list.

Floyd is really doing his job by bringing attention to himself, good or bad. Watch the clip above.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

Floyd Mayweather Shoots Back at Ronda Rousey

Floyd Mayweather is picking a fight with the worst possible person

It’s bad enough that Floyd Mayweather is arguably one of the most hated people in sports, and his ridiculous success only antagonizes his detractors, but now he’s picking a fight with a woman now. One that can actually fight back.

Ronda Rousey is the darling of the sports world currently, a swift assassin in the ring that demolishes her opponents–opponents that would prove formidable for 99% of the rest of the field–in mere minutes, if not seconds. She is also an adamant supporter of women’s issues, and recently jabbed at Floyd Mayweather on the ESPY red carpet, hinting at the fact that he wouldn’t like losing an award to a woman (herself).

Last night, on Sportscenter, Floyd took the opportunity to congratulate Rousey, but couldn’t help but slide in an underhanded response to her ESPYs comment.

“I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes. When she can do that, then call me.”

We’re pretty sure this isn’t over.


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Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Set to Fight Andre Berto in September

Floyd may be fighting someone he has a bit of history with in a couple months

Floyd Mayweather has teased hanging it up several times this year, especially in the days immediately following his highly-anticipated bout with Manny Pacquiao, which he won, improving his historic record to 48-0.

Well, we may now know who Mayweather’s rumored last fight will be against: Andre Berto. Berto, a career 30-3 fighter with 23 knockouts, first came up in discussions concerning Floyd Mayweather earlier this year when he accused the undefeated boxer of making several harassing phone calls, allegedly because he’s tight with Mayweather’s ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson.

Whatever the reason, if the rumors prove to be true-which, they are, if you let TMZ tell it–Berto will get a chance to settle the score in September, which may double as the final time we’ll witness Mayweather put his undefeated record on the line.


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Ronda Rousey Serves Floyd Mayweather an Ice Cold Glass of Ether on ESPY Red Carpet

No boxing gloves involved

Ronda Rousey has quickly become one of the biggest faces in sports. Not just women sports. Sports in general. The dominant UFC fighter has dominated her sport with such fervor and swiftness, that many believe she could inflict damage on fighters should she be allowed to square off against men in the near future.

The biggest face in men’s fighting–also, one of the biggest faces in sports–is Floyd Mayweather, and he’s previously been asked about Rousey. His response? Well, he acted as if he didn’t even know who that was.

Rousey, who dazzled on the ESPYs red carpet a few hours ago, was awarded a non-broadcasted award for Best Fighter. Floyd Mayweather was also nominated. When Rousey was asked for her comment, she delivered a knockout blow.

“I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once.”

Not only was it a knock on Floyd pretending he’d never heard the name Ronda Rousey before, but it was a clear reference to Mayweather’s documented domestic abuse past, one that has hung a black cloud over his all-time great achievements, most notably his outlasting of Manny Pacquiao in one of the highest-profile fights in the history of boxing.

If Floyd were smart, he’d turn the other cheek. Right now, Ronda can’t lose.

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