Vice President Of FIFA Is Being Investigated Over Missing Haiti Earthquake Relief Money

FIFA Vice President is the “Jack of all Trades”

Things can’t get any worse for the officials at FIFA. Yesterday, sources believe that FIFA Vice President Jack Warner is being investigated for funds that went missing from Haiti’s earthquake aftermath.

Warner visited the country back in 2010 after the natural disaster killed roughly over 200,000 people. The Trinidad and Tobago Football chief was given $750,000 by the Korean football association to utilize in the function of rebuilding Haiti after the disaster hit. But according to BBC News, Jack is the owner of 75 bank accounts under the alias of “Mr. Warner”. Warner requested that the money that was donated was to be paid into his private account. It later was being labeled as “personal use”.

No stranger to these kinds of accusations, this hasn’t been Jack’s first or second time being accused to stealing money. Back in 2010, Warner and other officials took $10 million dollars in bribery money for South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup. Safe to say that the jig is up for Mr. Warner as the period of him and officials “jacking” people for “dirty” money is slowly coming to a end.

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USA Women’s Soccer Team Scores A 3-1 Victory Over Australia In Their Opening Match Of The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

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The Things We Learn in Sports This Week May 30-June 5

Another week has come and gone in world of sports and the focus of the week is simply cause and effect. What you put out into the world, you will receive back, good or bad.President of FIFA Sepp Blatter headlines that idea this week. Blatter was reelected and resigned within a week.  Seems like all that garbage he has put forth has finally started to sink. Guess he has to be fresh as hell while the feads watching. Blatter, Lebron James, and Cam Newton highlight this idea in week that was.

Sepp Blatter Resigns As FIFA President

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FIFA Receives Red Flag As Top Soccer Officials Were Indicted On Bribery Charges

Welcome to the 2015 World Cup Of Fraud…where corruption wins you a golden boot

The soccer world is in shock as the unexpected happened early Wednesday morning. The U.S. Department of Justice indicted 14 world soccer officials on 47 unsealed counts of racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracy. Out of the 14 who were accused, there were two major sports marketing companies who pleaded guilty and are likely to cooperate. 7 people were arrested in Zurich with the help of the Swiss authorities as they were able to raid the FIFA headquarters. According to the FBI, FIFA officials were accused of taking more than $140 million dollars in bribery money and in return provided highly profitable media and marketing rights to soccer tournaments as kickbacks over the span of 24 years. Amongst the officials who were arrested were Eduardo Li (current FIFA executive committee president and president of the Costa Rican soccer federation), Jeffrey Webb (president of CONCACAF) , Eugenio Figueredo (current FIFA vice president and executive committee members), Jack Warner (former president of CONCACAF), Julio Rocha (current FIFA development officer and former head of the Central American Football Union), Costas Takkas (an attache and former general secretary of the Cayman Islands Football Association), Rafael Esquivel (president of the Venezuelan soccer federation) , Jose Maria Marin (member of the FIFA organizing committee for the Olympic football tournaments) and Nicolas Leoz (former FIFA executive committee member). US Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke to reporters after the arrest and claimed:

The most serious are the racketeering charges, which allege that the officials turned soccer “into a criminal enterprise”. The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted both abroad and here in the United States. It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.



This event that occurred yesterday could be the turning point of ending corruption in the world of sports and politics. As the Department of Justice are able to put their foot down on justice, let’s hope that FIFA can finally come to their sense and find someone who can lead this billion dollar organization to end social and political injustice. US-1, WORLD-0.

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FIFA Officials Arrested for Bribery

CNN is reporting that the United States government has allegedly found evidence of corruption in FIFA, including taking money in exchange for World Cup games. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters in New York about the allegations that FIFA faces.

 “The indictment also alleges that corruption and bribery extended to the 2011 presidential FIFA election, and to agreements regarding sponsorship of the Brazilian national soccer team by a major U.S. sportswear company.”

ESPN just recently showed a quick documentary on the corruption that has been apart of the FIFA organization for years. Check out the video at the bottom.

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World Cup Star, James Rodriguez, Is Headed To Real Madrid For $80 Million

Colombia’s star striker/dancer is cashing out

After a stellar World Cup performance, in which James Rodriguez was instrumental in helping his native Colombia achieve an undefeated record in the opening group stage of the tournament, James Rodriguez is headed to Real Madrid for 80 million euros.

Rodriguez’s former team, AS Monaco FC, initially purchased Rodgriguez for 45 million euros in what was the most expensive transfer in Portugese football history, second to only a deal Hulk, a key member of the Brazilian national team, made.

Today, it was announced that Rodriguez will be joining Real Madrid for the equivalent of $108 million (in U.S. dollars).

In case you don’t think that was money well spent, check out a highlight reel of James’ 2014.

Nike F.C. 2014 Fall Collection

Nike Celebrates 20 Years With First Ever Nike F.C. 2014 Collection


Nike celebrated 20 years of classic football with the Nike F.C. 2014 Fall Collection. Now that the FIFA world cup is over and everyone is getting prepared for new seasons and new campaigns. Nike has presented their new F.C. collection for Fall 2014. Previews of the collection was initially shot in Paris with French Capital stars modeling stand-out pieces.The collection features an AW77 Hoodie, Tech Knit N98, Au Revoir Tee, pocket tees & more. The collection was inspired by the French capital and its clubs. The full collection is not yet available so stay tuned for the release date and when Nike retailers will release the pieces. Check out images of the collection below. 


nike-f-c-2014-fall-collection-3 nike-f-c-2014-fall-collection-4 nike-f-c-2014-fall-collection-2


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FIFA Bans Nigerian National Team From International Competition


The Nigerian National Team (Soccer) has been banned from international competition indefinitely by FIFA due to the government’s repeated interference with soccer matters. Brass from the Nigerian team were in violation of FIFA policy that requires them to handle soccer operations “independently and with no influence from third parties”, which they haven’t quite abided by.

Nigeria was sent home following their loss to France in this year’s World Cup, and upon their return to Africa, the day-to-day operations of the team and national organization were handed over to a government civil servant–a major breach of FIFA protocol.

The turmoil of the team began following the 2-0 loss to the French, however. Upon returning home, the team’s head coach, Stephen Keshi, resigned his position.

The women’s Under-20 division will feel the wrath of the ban first, as they’re scheduled to kick off their World Cup run next month.