Kanye West, Alexander Wang And More Make 2015’s Business Of Fashion 500 List

These are the “supposedly” most important people in Fashion!


Kanye has been going hard to give himself a name in fashion as if he didn’t already have a huge name in fashion before being a heavy assisted designer in the fashion world. Business of fashion has revealed a list of some of the most influential people in fashion and Kanye west is among some of the names mentioned along with Alexander Wang, Public School, Dao-Yi Chow and 497 more industry icons. What a dope list to be apart of if I’m Kanye. You can check out the full list from here.


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Hood By Air 2016 Spring/Summer NYFW Collection

Hood By Air gives us zippers, strips and more at NYFW


Hood by Air was at NYFW to debut their 2016 spring/summer collection and by the looks of things the collection was not surprising at all. Shayne Oliver drew inspiration from something a bit different for his collection this time as he say’s “It was all about childhood in the Caribbean. And growing up around uniforms. We had such high education, and we couldn’t do anything with it—high education and low living quarters. So it was about cutting up and altering that school uniform, as we did”. The collection featured multiple pieces with leather, zippers and strips, neoprene body suits and silk dresses were seen on the men with a dash amount of makeup. The collection might have left many a bit confused by who was who in gender walking the runway but at least Shayne got his point across. Check out some of the images of the Hood by Air spring/summer 2016 collection presented at NYFW in the gallery below.


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Creative Director @Afeezus Presents the Bear’N All Hat

Bear’ N All hat dropping October 1st a MUST HAVE. 

Afeez Co presents an eye-catching piece of hatwear that features a bear dressed up on the front and I gotta say that this hat will definitely be in high demand come October 1st. The hat is featured with a bear created by designer @dongottti. The “Bear’ N All hat” is inspired by wildlife to child life which means everyone has been in a situation that seemed too hard to bare, luckily with freedom of the mind and freedom of design the creator is able to reach the world with a Bear N All (baring all) mentality. Stealing success as easily as your childhood friend Yogi could snag a picnic basket or even as non fictional wildlife bears approach the world with survival in mind, while sometimes being fearful of others and vice versa. The bear n all displays an animal dressed to kill in a way that would certainly make wildlife activists proud. The hat will be available in different colors and will release on October 1st on Afeez.co. Check out more images of the “Bear’ N All hat” collection in the gallery below.


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How To Rock A Street Edgy Style

When it comes to street fashion, it’s probably the hardest style to pull off especially if your a chick who mainly wears high fashion. Because it’s about being fashionable, comfortable, and stylish all while putting a piece of you into the clothes you wear.

Most people view street style as grunge that is effortless but street style is more then just throwing on a pair of jeans with a cut off shirt its about making the style that’s so effortless and underrated a statement piece of fashion.

So check out some of these looks that show how fashion forward street style can be and they can also serve as inspiration for the next time you are trying to pull of this edgy style.
























Photo Credit(s): Berlinstreetstyle, Shemazing, blog.missguided, Tophdgallery, Be-mod, Tokyofaces, Rebloggy. 


Punk Up Your Look!

Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista or an every day, round the way girl who likes to switch it up now and again, a lot of folks attempt the punk look at least once in your lifetime. It’s deeper than uploading Nirvana or Led Zeppalin to the ol’ ipod and throwing on some Barry M black Matte varnish.

You’d be surprised how many people try and take it waaay too far and end up bloody disaster. We don’t want that for our Her Source readers. Studs, skinny jeans, tartan, mohawks are all fashion styles associated with punk, but wearing them all together might look like you’re trying too hard. It’s a culture, just like hip-hop, its roots run deep and is tied hand in hand with the music.

Here are a few tips on how to respectfully add that punky edge to an outfit, without crashing and burning. We’ve even enlisted the guidance of actual punk rockers, musical trio, The Ghost Ease (Jem, Nsayi and Laurence), who gave a few pointers on how to give your outfit that ‘edge’.

Punk Is Comfort


Jem: To be true, go for comfort and individuality. Be confident enough to wear whatever you want to. It’s the grunge sound that matters most anyway. Go with whatever feels right. Just don’t think about it too much and you’ll look great.


Punks Don’t Care!


Nsayi: Don’t care too much and don’t try too hard. Punk is about counterculture and non-conformity, among other things. Key words: Don’t Care.

Absolutely DO NOT:  

Go crazy with the ripped jeans!
Ripped jeans look cool and are most definitely a punk asset, but don’t go overboard! Balance in all things as Nsayi kindly advises.

Nyasi: Those jeans that are ripped in like 18 spots on each pant leg. I’m all about wear and tear, but that’s just too much. Who rips their jeans in 18 spots from their waist down?


Be a walking cliché!

Beyonce isn’t necessarily affiliated with punk rock, but we have to give it to her… she nails this look! Have fun with color but never overdo the make up around the eyes.
Laurence: Totally get some studs, and uh, put them on everything. Then buy some safety pins, and uh, put them on everything.  (NOT).


Now check out The Ghost Ease’s video and see how real punks get down!

-Ayara Pommells (@YahYahNah)


The Top Three Fashion Sites Every Chick Should Know About

Every fashion forward chick has their go to sites for the latest in fashion finds. Every fashionista searches for those celebrity looks they idolize and with those celebrity looks comes celebrity prices. But what if you could get those same celebrity looks for less?

Online shopping in the past was the alternative to not finding exactly what you wanted in stores but now it has become the primary source of how fashion forward chicks get their latest looks.  Some of the hottest sites have gained popularity via Instagram while others remain hidden secrets. Here are our top 3 sites that deliver great fashion at a great price.










Photo Credit(s): Shesasecretshopper, Independent.co,  Blog.midough, Higher-faashion. 


Easy Tips To Make Your Favorite Shoes Last Longer

If you’re a woman who has a shoe addiction, which is practically every woman ever, you take the care of your shoes very seriously. And when your favorite pair of shoes has seen its last days of life,  a sudden stroke of sadness that hits. But what if we could give you a few tips that could make your favorite pair of heels last a little longer?

The way you treat your shoes is the way they will treat you. If you are sure to take care of them they will take care of you. And the care of your shoes should starts with the first day you decide to show them what a day out of the box looks like.

Shower Them With Love: Before you wear any pair of shoes you want to spray them with a water protector so that water or any other liquid won’t be able to penetrate the fabric and ruin the shoe.

Perfect Top Coat: If you see your shoes are becoming dull or don’t have that same shine they once had take them to be polished or conditioned. Leather can easily dry out over time so to restore the natural oils take them to get conditioned and they will be back to new in no time.

Keep Lifting: On every heel it seems inevitable that the lift on the shoe goes first especially if your shoes are made for walking and not necessarily just an addition to your outfit. So when you see that small hard plastic piece that sits at the end of your heel is getting worn replace it right away.

You Got It Covered: When you are storing your shoes in your closet be sure to keep them covered so they are protected from dust and dirt. And most importantly it keeps them from rubbing against your other shoes with the potential of bleeding on each other.


Photo Credit(s): Justbestcovers. 

#WangSeason: La’Saye Hommes “Send For You” Visual

New York Native, La’Saye Hommes is coming for his. Incorporating dope fashion with art, music, and fly visuals, it’s safe to say his movement is on the rise. As a street-style model, he’s worked creatively and completed editorials for clothing brands such as REPRESENT, ADYN, and was also featured on HYPEBEAST for Oliver New York’s 2014 collection. However, it doesn’t stop there…

La’Saye is also founder and one fourth of a collective group called “WANG”, which stands for “We Are the New Generation.” WANG is a movement consisting of producers,engineers and artists, TheMusic, K$D, and of course, La’Saye Hommes.

He has recently debuted and co-directed his first music video titled “Send For You”, which was also featured on Kanyetothe.com, who labeled him “The Prince of New York”.

Peep the video to “Send for You” below

Prod by: TheMusic

Dir by: A1Vision x La’Saye Hommes


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Her Source | Great Buys: Summer Sandals For Under $75

Awesome vendor steals you don’t to miss out on, all under $75!  


ASOS FREED Cross Strap Embellished Leather Sandals



Banana Republic Adeline Jelly Sandal



Tory Burch Rope Lace-Up Rubber Sandal

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Kate Spade Imperiale Sandals

Original: $98.00 Now: $58.00

To buy, just click the pic and it’ll direct you to a link. It’s no surprise some might be already sold out or otherwise out of stock, but I provided the proper name for each shoe below, so if you type it in Google, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Tweet us your opinion on which shoe you liked best at (@HerSource) Stay tuned for more goodies to grab!

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