Make your own music video with new app: Triller

Ever watch a music video and think, “I could do that”? Now you can, using a new app called Triller. Triller – which launched in July – is turning anyone with an iPhone into a director by automating the most difficult part of making a music video: editing.

Triller breaks down the music video making process into just a few easy steps. First, you pick a song – either from the app’s library or your own music library – then you select which part of the song you want to use. The default length is 12 seconds but videos can be as short as a couple seconds or as long as the full song. Then you record a few takes as the song plays out loud so you can sing or dance along. Once you’re finished with your takes, you simply click the Triller logo and the app edits the takes and your song snippet into a professional-looking music video. Within the app, you can send the video to a friend or share the video to Instagram, Twitter, or any other social network.

The app makes music video shooting seem effortless, but behind the scenes Triller developers David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin enlisted the help of celebrated music video director Colin Tilley. Tilley, who won Best Director at this year’s VMA’s for Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” video, helped design the app’s 14 custom filters and worked on the auto-editing algorithm to make it edit like a talented human editor.

Developer Rubin says he has big plans for the app, which is currently available on iOS. “Exciting things are on the horizon for Triller. We’ll start small with new filters and effects, but then we’ll be getting a lot more ambitious,” he told me.

Already, Triller’s taking off in the music industry: Russell Simmons and Rita Ora made Triller videos, and former flames Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appeared in separate Trillers. And though he’s not a musician, my favorite Triller video came from Kevin Hart, who showed how he was “Finna Get Loose” for his fiancee’s birthday. Diddy must have liked it too – he reposted it:

Download Triller for free here to see what you what kind of music video you can make.

Watch Puff Daddy’s “Finna Get Loose” Video, f/ Pharrell Williams

Let’s dance

Puff Daddy teased a new album, tentatively titled MMM, last year with a trap-influenced lead single, “Big Homie,” featuring vintage Puff, complete with toothpicks and vintage furs. This year, the Bad Boy head honcho is back in vintage fashion, but this time, he’s dancing.

The Pharrell-produced “Finna Get Loose,” which premiered at this year’s BET Awards in the midst of the much-talked about Bad Boy reunion, has finally been granted a video, directed by Hype Williams.

And yes, Puff is dancing. No Way Out 2 on the way. Enjoy, courtesy of Apple Music.


DJ Cassidy Talks Being Found By Diddy And Lying To R Kelly in Annotations for Genius

A dapper sense of style, which includes 24-carat gold microphones, color-blocked tuxedos, and cricket sweaters is only a small portion of why DJ Cassidy is such a recognized and famed figure in the Hip Hop. With a résumé that includes not only DJ’ing Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 2008 wedding, but even President Obama’s 50th birthday and 2009 inauguration, his importance permeates throughout the culture. It’s interesting though, to examine the roots of such a blossomed and esteemed figure, to learn the steps that galvanized such glaring achievements, and that’s exactly what DJ Cassidy does in his new annotations for Genius.

In commentary Cassidy recalls receiving Diddy‘s number as a college freshman:

He comes up to me on the way out and looks at me and he does kind of a triple take and he is like, “Where is the DJ?” And I said, “I am the DJ.’” And he said, “Who has been here all night playing all these old records?” And I said, “Me.” So he writes down his number and says, “Call me tomorrow.” I was a freshman at college, NYU, and I was so nervous to call him. Like, Puffy, he was the king of New York, you know? And I finally got the nerve to call him and I got his voicemail and it rang a few times and then it said, “God is the greatest, leave a message.”

He also talks about lying to R. Kelly to hit the studio:

I texted him and said, “Hi,” and I didn’t know what to call him so I said, “Hi, Mr. Kelly, it is DJ Cassidy. If you remember we met a year ago. I am in Chicago and I would love to come by the studio tomorrow. Can I?” Or something like that. And he wrote back right away, “Sure.” Of course, I was actually in New York and I was testing my hypothesis, which is that famous people don’t like the pressure of you flying to go see them, so if I was flying to go see someone I had to lie about why I was there.

Cassidy gives provides candid info about transcending the New York club scene to collaborations with R. Kelly, Jessie JChromeo and more in on is verified Genius page. Check out the interesting gems here.





Diddy Will Not Be Charged With Any Felonies In UCLA Assault Case

A little over a week ago, the news broke that Diddy had been arrested on the UCLA campus after an incident with  strength & conditioning coach Sal Alosi. The altercation ensued after Alosi was berating Combs’ son and defensive back on the squad, Justin Combs. Of course, there were conflicting stories as to what actually took place, with Diddy’s reps stating that he was merely defending himself, while the University’s reps claim Puff threw a kettlebell at Alosi. Combs was arrested faced charges on assault on terroristic threats.

In the days that followed, Diddy was the subject of many memes and online conjecture but it appears as though this situation may be swept under the rug, adding it to a list of unsavory incidents that Puff has been resilient to. According to District attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago, his office has decided to hand the case over to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, meaning that Combs will skate on any serious felony charges. Normally the DA’s office handles serious felony offense, while the city court sees the misdemeanor infractions.

As always, Puff remains teflon.

Being worth $750M is enough to keep anyone out of any serious jail time.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Today In Hip Hop History: Ice Cube, Digital Underground, Diddy And Geto Boys Release Albums; Which One Was Your Favorite?

All of these legendary artists dropped albums on the first of July. Was it a key to their success? Tell us here at which album was your favorite

When it comes to business, everyone is familiar with the importance of the first of the month. In Hip Hop, the first of July is extremely important, with four classic albums dropping on this day in Hip Hop History over the span of seven years. Don’t forget to let us know which album was your favorite!

1990 – Ice Cube ‘Kill At Will’
This was Cube’s second solo project after leaving the legendary NWA camp to pursue a solo career and avoid the pitfalls of a slave contract. Tracks like “Jackin’ For Beats” appealed to his East Coast audience, which subsequently made his music and brand more mainstream.


1991 – Digital Underground ‘This Is An EP’
The fact that this sophomore project from DU featured the first time the world ever heard the voice of Tupac Amaru Shakur on “Same Song” makes this under the radar gem a classic.



1991 – Geto Boys ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’
With Bushwick Bill’s self inflicted gunshot wound to the eye on the album cover and their uber-popular “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” dominating airwaves, Bill, Willie D and Face’s most revered album helped re-define the term “hotter than July”.


1997 – Puff Daddy & The Family ‘No Way Out’
Less than a year after the untimely death of the Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, who was then known as “Puff Daddy”, along with Ma$e, Black Rob, Loon and a few other Bad Boys for this monumental album. The Grammy Award winning album went platinum in one year’s time with the help from tracks like “All About The Benjamins (Remix)”, “Been Around The World” and “I’ll Be Missing You” featuring Phil Collins, dedicated to the late executive producer of the album and co-architect of the Bad Boy legacy, Notorious B.I.G.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

Listen to Puff Daddy & The Family’s “Finna Get Loose” f/ Pharrell Williams

Puff’s new single is here

Last night, Puff Daddy re-united the feel good crew of the 90’s, the Bad Boy Family, featuring performances from Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Faith Evans, Mase, French Montana and an iconic performance from Lil’ Kim on “All About The Benjamins.” Though Pharrell wasn’t part of the reunion, he joined Puff on stage to world premiere a new record, presumably off Puff’s forthcoming album, MMM, “Finna Get Loose.” The song was received well by the crowd, not to mention Chris Brown abruptly jumped on stage, then proceeded to dance battle someone in the aisle.

finna get loose

Today, after vaguely announcing a Bad Boy and The Family tour on Instagram late last night, Puff has officially released the single, dubbed new music from “Puff Daddy and The Bad Boy Family,” “Finna Get Loose.” Stream the track below, or grab it on iTunes here.

50 Cent Trolls Diddy Over Assault Arrest

After being arrested for throwing a kettle-bell at a UCLA coach, Diddy has had a rough day on the internet

No one should be surprised that 50 Cent would jump into the comedy.  50 Cent has long clowned Diddy for various reasons on his Instagram account, especially dealing with his Ciroc, or as 50 calls it, Puffy Juice. Watch as 50 clowns Puff over the fight that took place just yesterday.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

Diddy Arrested After Altercation With UCLA Football Coach

For those that know, Diddy is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind, or throwing hands when necessary. (see. Drake, Steve Stoute). But today, it seems that a coach on the UCLA staff also found out. Diddy was apparently visiting the campus during an offseason training session for the football team, in which his son Justin Combs plays defensive back. According to TMZ, one of the coaches present was screaming at Justin intensely throughout the session as Puff watched from afar. After the conclusion, Diddy allegedly went to said coaches office and gave him a piece of his mind, grabbing his shirt in the process.

Diddy was later arrested for assault by UCLA police and is currently in custody at the campus jail. A source close to the mogul told TMZ that Diddy initially wanted to call the police himself but his phone was taken away from him.

Justin Combs, who is a redshirt junior for the team, has played defensive back for the past two seasons coming off the bench sparingly in reserve situations as well as playing on special teams. He has a total of 4 career sacks. We will surely keep you posted on this story as more develops.

Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Hip Hop 101: Interview With Black Rob

It’s been four years since we last heard from Black Rob, but his hiatus is over. He’s making his way back into the rap game with his newest album, Genuine Article, which dropped last week. The veteran also released a new single titled “Welcome To My Life”. On the track Rob talks about his long journey back into the spotlight.

Other than working on just music, Rob is in the midst of working on a new reality TV show called “Come Back Kings”. It will follow him, Mr. Cheeks, Ed Lover, Calvin Richardson, Treach, and others that are trying to turn their setbacks into comebacks. We haven’t been given many details, but it sounds like it will be an excellent show.

Black Rob also recently just told us that he suffered a stroke not long ago. His recovery has been going very well, but has nonetheless been a major issue in his life that he’s been battling. I had a chance to sit down with the artist who was once a prominent rapper on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records with hits like “Whoa”. His success was short-lived though when he ended up facing legal trouble for led him to do a four-year prison stint.

How has your health been?

It’s good man, I can’t complain. You know, things were hard before. I’m back to being good though. It took a long time, but that’s okay. You know, it’s just good being healthy again. And it’s good making music again. Before I couldn’t even remember my rhymes. It took me a lot to just start remembering them again. You can’t be a rapper if you don’t remember your own rhymes. But little by little it came back to me. I’m happy.

How are you feeling about the new album?

This album will be exactly what the people were expecting. It’s just me doing the same old thing I always have. It felt good to make this because at a time I thought I wouldn’t even be able to do this anymore.

Did your health end up affecting the music at all?

Nah, man. Not at all. Things are good with my memory now. It took me a while, but I’m good. Once I get into the booth, and hear a beat everything comes back to me. It’s just like that.

What is it like being independent?

I love it. There’s a beauty to it that I can’t explain. It’s different, but it’s definitely better. I’m happy I can put music out like this while being independent. It’s really different than being on a major label, but I like it more.

Who are some of your favorite artists out now?

I haven’t listened to much of the new stuff so it’s hard to say. I’m just happy people is out there getting their money. If I had to pick though I do like Troy Ave. I met him. He’s definitely nice on the mic. Other than that though I don’t know.

What are some of your goals this year, and moving forward? 

I just want to keep making music. I’m happy I can do it again. Looking forward to going out there, and giving the fans what they want.

Anything else you’d like to tell the fans?

Go out and cop the album. You won’t be disappointed. It’s that same hip hop sound from me that people came to love. Hip hop needs this album. Trust me, just listen and you’ll understand.