Mark Cuban Speaks on What the Hell Happened Last Night

Now that the dust has settled, Cuban has begun to speak his mind

Yesterday was a historically crazy day in NBA Free Agency. DeAndre Jordan, after agreeing in principle to join the Dallas Mavericks, reneged in a soap opera-esque series of events and decided to rejoin the Los Angeles Clippers. Naturally, DeAndre’s happy to be back with the team that drafted him, and Clippers brass got back the defensive prowess that cements their contender status.

So, we all know who got the short end of the stick.

The Dallas Mavericks not only lost out on one of the best defensive and pick-and-roll specialists at the center position the league has to offer, but their own defensive/pick-and-roll specialist, Tyson Chandler, a former Defensive Player of the Year, departed for the Phoenix Suns a week ago.

Naturally, Mark Cuban was, and still is heated. He held off on addressing the specifics–probably awaiting that call from ESPN’s Sunday Conversation–but released a brief statement via social media yesterday.

Dear Mavs fans.

There will be a time when I detail everything I know regarding the last 48 hours.

I don’t think the time is right to say anything beyond the facts that he never responded to me at all yesterday. Not once. To this minute I have not heard anything from him since Tuesday night.

More importantly, I specifically told Wes that I would not hold him to his commitment if he wanted to go elsewhere. I can’t print his exact response, but suffice it to say he is excited to play for our Mavs:) Wes Matthews is exactly the type of player we want in a Mavs uniform and our fans will love him

He will be in Dallas today so if you see him give him an MFFL welcome

+letsgomavs !

And Dust On !

That first in-depth interview will probably be legendary.

It should be said, though this was an unbelievable turn of events, Mavs fans shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. Losing Chandler and Monta Ellis and Jordan will hurt, but a core of Nowitzki, Chandler Parsons and the free agent that did honor his agreement, Wes Matthews, will certainly be a decent crop of guys to build on.

The Clippers are Trying to Get DeAndre Jordan to Renege on Mavs Deal & Come Back to L.A. [UPDATE: It’s Official]

UPDATE: According to ESPN sources, DeAndre Jordan has signed a 4-year, $88 million contract with the Clippers, after agreeing in principle to join the Dallas Mavericks last week.

The process of signing Jordan was no well-kept secret. The events of yesterday played out like a soap opera yesterday, beginning with ESPN reporter Marc Stein‘s announcement that the Clippers were flying down to Houston to attempt to make DeAndre Jordan change his mind about signing a 5-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Then there was the emoji battle on Twitter, reports that Jordan was crying during the Clips’ video presentation, and before you know it, the Clippers claimed they’d had a commitment.

Blake Griffin tweeted a picture of a chair holding a door closed, insinuating that they were indeed holding Jordan hostage until he was eligible to re-sign at midnight. Paul Pierce, who hasn’t yet played a game for the Clippers, tweeted “that’s why they brought me here,” with a picture of Jordan signing his Clippers contract with Doc Rivers grinning from ear-to-ear behind him.

Totally awesome.


ESPN sources are reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers are trying to convince their former center, DeAndre Jordan, to change his mind, not sign a long-term deal with the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow, and return to the L.A. Free agents are not able to sign deals till July 9. Marc Stein is reporting that point guard Chris Paul, with whom Jordan has had several reported issues–partially his alleged reason for leavingis “pushing” for DeAndre to change his mind. ESPN anchor Michael Eaves is reporting that prominent members of the Clippers organization, including Paul, Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer and Paul Pierce, have flown down to Houston to meet with Jordan, with the goal of completing the deal by 11pm.

Jordan had agreed to a 4-year deal worth $80 million with the Dallas Mavericks last week, and aside from the reported Chris Paul drama, it was rumored that Jordan also wanted to be more involved in the offense. We’ll have to wait and see if Jordan will make one of the craziest move in free-agency history, but the next few hours will surely be a whirlwind.

Already, reports are trickling out from Jordan’s meeting claiming that he was so torn by the decision in front of him, he cried while watching the Clippers’ video presentation.


Wow. More updates as soon as we get them.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

DeAndre Jordan Signs 4-Year Deal With the Dallas Mavericks

Deandre Jordan is flying south for the winter

The Los Angeles Clippers are undoubtedly still reeling from their Western Conference Semi-Finals collapse, in which they lost a 3-1 lead to the Houston Rockets en route to losing Game 7 of the series in a game that was only close at the opening tip. To ensure the same doesn’t happen next year, the Clippers front office got right to work, trading for Lance Stephenson, a younger, stronger, faster version of Matt Barnes, and Paul Pierce, a veteran presence who can take the pressure off Chris Paul in late-game situations. Though it’s early in the summer, the Clippers were looking like serious contenders in the West next season.

Deandre Jordan, a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, won’t be around to find out if the Clippers can rebound. After fielding offers from several teams, including the Knicks and the Lakers, Jordan has decided to join Dirk Nowitzki and newly signed Wes Matthews in Dallas, who lost their starting center, Tyson Chandler, to the Phoenix Suns earlier this week. Jordan has reportedly signed a 4-year, $80 million deal with the Mavs, filling the hole Chandler left.

As far as the Clippers are concerned, they’re in a sticky situation. As it stands, the only players they have that can potentially fill Jordan’s spot are Glen Davis and Ekpe Udoh. Will Blake Griffin moonlight at center? Who knows. It’ll certainly be interesting to watch their moves for the rest of the month.

NBA: Chris Paul Might Be The Reason That DeAndre Jordan Leaves Town

Lob City might have one less tower next season, as DeAndre Jordan will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. According to reports the 6-year veteran will command a max contract by other teams. Not only is that outside of the Los Angeles Clippers price range for a player that career averages are 8 points and 9 rebounds, but Jordan might want to just get away from star point guard Chris Paul. Bill Reiter of Fox Sports is reporting that Paul and Jordan had a “falling out” during the season.

The center averaged career highs in points (11.5), rebounds (15.0), and field-goal percentage (71.0), helping the Clippers to a 56-26 recorded. It would be a big lost if the Clippers aren’t able to come to some agreement with Jordan. Coach and General Manager Doc Rivers says that keeping DeAndre is of prime importance.

KingJut (@KingJut92)

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