Off The Wall: WRBT Movement

This week’s edition of “Off The Wall” features the West Coast freight graff movement We Ride By Train

For the most part, the focus on “Off The Wall” has always been the writers who have been killing the streets or bombing the subways before the 1989 clean train era. There is a movement that has grown over the decades since subway train bombing became almost null and void, which surprisingly, is a greater platform for graffiti writers.

The LA based WRBT(We Ride By Train) movement is one of the largest crews in the freight graffiti “community” that have provided quality art, clothing and other visual arts all at the cost of the various freight systems intersected throughout the United States. All of the work, travel by freight and other debauchery is totally unauthorized and has been packaged for sale in their new We Ride By Train Volume 3 available at

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)


Inmates Saves C.O. From Rape

Photo: Correction History

A correctional officer has a lot to be thankful for…but not from the people she would expect to save her life. According to the NY Daily News, an inmate named Raleek Young locked a female correctional officer in a room while he choked her and masturbated.

As other correctional officers at the Anna M. Kross facility tried to get the inmate to stop and release the C.O., some took matters into their own hands and freed the officer the inmate had held captive. A slim inmate slipped into a “station” bubble through a small crack and opened the door, after which, her fellow inmates rushed into the room and held down Young. Young is serving a 5 to 10 year jail bid for raping a 13 year old girl in 2007.

The C.O. was treated after the attack and subsequently released. New York City Correction Officers Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook was appreciative to the inmates for saving the correctional officer.

“I appreciate (them) helping a sister officer because that could have been their mother, wife or sister,” Seabrook said, noting 90% of the inmates “are there to do their time and go home”

-Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)