Listen Here: When I Wanna by Consequence

The king of Queens, Consequence is getting ready to release his EP, “A Good Comeback Story”, and today he gave us a piece with his total flames “When I Wanna”. He says that the record is “unruly, unapologetic, high energy anthem that was tailor made for today’s part goer”. And it definitely is just that because it will make you feel like you’re in the club right now.

The production is done by Consequence himself along with Mike Cash, who also worked on “Countdown”. Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

Check Consequence’s Exclusive Curated Playlist for Jay Z’s Tidal!!!

“Cons In The Crates” Playlist is something curated exclusively for Tidal to give the listener an inside look at the inspiration to some of Consequence’s more notable songs & collaborations. These selections are either a record Cons performed, produced, co wrote or featured on. We’ve taken the liberty to  accompany them by the sampled record that was used for their conception.

Click this Tidal link to check out “Cons In The Crates” Playlist

Watch here: Consequence on The Breakfast Club

Check out Consequence’s return to Power 105’s Breakfast ClubCons discusses mending things with Kanye West, Q-Tip + G.O.O.D. Music, being on Love & Hip Hop, ghostwriting and much more. It seems like Cons has been slowly bringing himself back into the limelight, and that the rest of 2015+2016 will really be his year. Don’t sleep on the kid…

Also, Consequence surprised his son Caiden with a Skype call from Uncle Kanye who called him to wish him a happy 4th birthday. His cousin Q-Tip was able to stop by the birthday celebration of the future musician and gave him a guitar lesson.


Watch here: Countdown – Consequence ft Chris Turner & Lupe Fiasco

Countdown” Video is the creative brainchild of Consequence. The video showcases charismatic performances by Cons and Lupe in the midst of them being overly consumed by numbers. Chris Turner soulful inclusion is the cherry on top of this audible dessert that will leave fans craving more. Filmed by Matty J of KnotLion Media, Edited by Romen Rok for Hop Noodle Productions and Animated by Jesse Lampkin. This winning combination were able to bring Consequence’s vision into fruition and the results are amazing.


“Countdown” was just added to Spotify’s biggest hip-hop playlist “Rap Caviar.”

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Listen Here: Consequence ft Lupe Fiasco – “Countdown”

Finally, Consequence and Lupe Fiasco have blessed us by putting out a track together on their first collaboration, “Countdown”.

We’ve been waiting on this track for way too long. They were even doing a short video clip that was going around for the countdown to “Countdown”.

Aside from Consequence and Lupe Fiasco, we have Chris Turner adding a bit to here with a beat that was worked on by Cons and Mike Cash. It really is just an amazing track all around.

In a recent interview with BET, Cons told us once he heard the track he knew he had to work with Lupe Fiasco on this one, saying:

“I was in LA working with Ye and G.O.O.D Music,” he recalled. “Lupe lives in LA now. We met up and I laid the idea, like, ‘This would be dope if you was on this with me.” The process of making this record was like two months. I put a verse down and I wanted a great chorus, because obviously when you hear Consequence and Lupe Fiasco, automatically you think lyrics: It’s going to be a lyric bonanza. But for a record of that nature to make sense, it’s gotta have a dope chorus, otherwise it could turn into a freestyle…It’s classic Cons and Food & Liquor Lupe.”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Listen Here: The Countdown to “Countdown” (Trailer) Consequence x Lupe Fiasco

Consequence is back, and has been killing it for the last few months. He made good with Kanye West, Pusha T, and everyone over at G.O.O.D Music, and has been working on a variety of new tracks recently. This newest one is an early look for the countdown to “Countdown” featuring himself and Lupe Fiasco. The track is said to drop in the near future, and from the sound of it we’re looking forward to a super hot track.  Tell us below how much you’re looking forward to it as well, and let us know some other artists you think should work with Cons!


Happy Birthday To Former G.O.O.D Music Artist Consequence

Consequence 3

We want to send a Happy Birthday out to Consequence!

The former G.O.O.D Music MC Consequence has been making airwaves recently, and the beef between him and Pusha T is way in the past now. He has been back in the studio with Kanye West working on “So Help Me God”. His most recent track, “Tuck Your Release” could not be more fire. There is a new song of his dropping with the elusive Lupe Fiasco, and he has been giving beats to the likes of Kendrick Lamar. Not to mention his association with the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, who dropped their debut LP today in Hip Hop history. Enjoy your day Consequence…Happy Birthday from

Listen to Consequence and Tuck Your Release


A couple of days ago Consequence has been relatively silent as of late. Today that changes with the release of “Tuck Your Relesae.”  Cons uses his talent behind the mic and behind the boards to craft a gritty two minute boastful ode to his opposition.  Listen to the raw cut above and let us know your thoughts below.

– Def Soul (DefSoulNJ)


Listen To The Audible Doctor’s “No Future” Featuring Consequence

The best/worst guidance counselors on the mic

We all need some TLC here and again. But TLC means a little something different to everyone. It could mean a good whooping, a big hug, or advice on chasing waterfalls. Today, TLC means getting some career advice if you happen to be a Hip-Hop artist hoping to compete with The Audible Doctor and Consequence. The Wisconsin producer and rapper lays down a heavy, soulful sample driven beat for him to discourage the weak-hearted to reconsider their future outlook while the Cons shares his personal pain to show why he does what he does. At this point, you may be taking the Future sampled hook to heart.

You can purchase the single in your near future HERE. “No Future” will be on The Audible Doctor’s upcoming Can’t Keep The People Waiting EP which will feature Bumpy Knuckles, Guilty Simpson, John Robinson, and more. It’s just a little something something until The Spring Tape is ready next year.

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Artwork by James Niche

Bryan Hahn probably wouldn’t be any better/worse as a guidance counselor. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate) to prove it.