BRANDED: Future Dirties the Sprite with Freebandz x Concepts NYC Pop-Up Shop

Apparel and footwear idea house Concepts posted up on 225 Hudson Street, and provided the “Freebandz” gang with some quality gear and a taste of the Dirty Sprite ambiance.

Collaborating on a set of graphic T-shirts, Concepts was able to produce an apparel offering to coincide with the sale of physical copies of Future‘s new album, Dirty Sprite 2. The man known by many as Future Hendrix also made a quick appearance, snapping a few pictures with fans and signing copies of his latest work, which is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 this weekend.

Future enthusiasts came through to a line that spanned around the block, and a few Concepts employees adorned in white lab coats milled around in front of the store and anticipated the arrival of one of rap’s current icons. An ice cream and Sprite concoction was provided to fans that purchased the physical form of DS2.

We were able to get the lowdown on the project from the general manager of Concepts Deion Point, so check out the Future-themed new episode of Branded.

Concepts x ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III “Boston Tea Party” NYC Launch Recap

Launch Recap of the Boston Tea Party Pair! 


Footwear brand Concepts connects with Luxury Goods and 8 Ball to produce a “Boston Tea Party” release. Concepts has took on an interesting concept in itself by mimicking the events of 1773 when Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty refused to give in to the British Parliament, before boarding their ships in the Boston harbor.

The anticipated collaboration of the ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III collaboration inspired by an important date in American history on May 2 has turned out to be a dope honorable piece. The shoe is featured in white, red and blue within a patriotic type contrast with gold and silver branding on the panels. Small features include namesake branding amongst the heel, lace options with a special design & more. Check out more images of the Concepts x ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III “Boston Tea Party” NYC Launch recap in the gallery below.


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Concepts x New Balance Celebrates The Boston Marathon

Concepts x New Balance = Boston Marathon 


Concepts and New Balance come together to pay homage to the Boston Marathon, as a surprise. No one knew that these would drop or even be released. Come close cause they are even set to drop this weekend. The shoe pays homage to the Boston Marathon, and infuses the colors of the race’s logo and medals amongst the shoe. This shoe gives off a different kind of vibe that everyone can get accustomed to. I want to purchase these kicks right now and if I could I would most definitely do so. The shoe features include laser etching of Boston’s skyline on the heel wrap with premium Horween leathers on the upper’s panels. The Concepts x New Balance 574 “Boston Marathon” will release at a set price of $170 this Saturday, April 18 and online in the afternoon of the 18th. Check out more images of the shoe in the gallery below.



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