Donald Sterling Sues Ex-Lover, TMZ over Leaked Tapes.

Former Clipper owner Donald Sterling is trying to get back the people that took him down. According to TMZ, Sterling is suing V. Stiviano and TMZ over the recording and publishing of a conversation he had with Stiviano.

Sterling filed the lawsuit Friday in L.A. … claiming Stiviano “surreptitiously” recorded their convo sometime between September 2013 and April 2014 — and then either she, or her agents, provided that recording to TMZ.

The audio that was released from Sterling caused him to receive a lifetime ban from the NBA. This is just another chapter in this saga, that appears to be never ending. Stiviano has already been ordered to pay back Shelly Sterling more than $2.6 million in gifts as part of a separate court case. Donald Sterling also filed for divorce from his wife last week.

Sterling has very little to gain from these lawsuits, but it seems as if ego wouldn’t let this situation end.

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The Clippers are Trying to Get DeAndre Jordan to Renege on Mavs Deal & Come Back to L.A. [UPDATE: It’s Official]

UPDATE: According to ESPN sources, DeAndre Jordan has signed a 4-year, $88 million contract with the Clippers, after agreeing in principle to join the Dallas Mavericks last week.

The process of signing Jordan was no well-kept secret. The events of yesterday played out like a soap opera yesterday, beginning with ESPN reporter Marc Stein‘s announcement that the Clippers were flying down to Houston to attempt to make DeAndre Jordan change his mind about signing a 5-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Then there was the emoji battle on Twitter, reports that Jordan was crying during the Clips’ video presentation, and before you know it, the Clippers claimed they’d had a commitment.

Blake Griffin tweeted a picture of a chair holding a door closed, insinuating that they were indeed holding Jordan hostage until he was eligible to re-sign at midnight. Paul Pierce, who hasn’t yet played a game for the Clippers, tweeted “that’s why they brought me here,” with a picture of Jordan signing his Clippers contract with Doc Rivers grinning from ear-to-ear behind him.

Totally awesome.


ESPN sources are reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers are trying to convince their former center, DeAndre Jordan, to change his mind, not sign a long-term deal with the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow, and return to the L.A. Free agents are not able to sign deals till July 9. Marc Stein is reporting that point guard Chris Paul, with whom Jordan has had several reported issues–partially his alleged reason for leavingis “pushing” for DeAndre to change his mind. ESPN anchor Michael Eaves is reporting that prominent members of the Clippers organization, including Paul, Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer and Paul Pierce, have flown down to Houston to meet with Jordan, with the goal of completing the deal by 11pm.

Jordan had agreed to a 4-year deal worth $80 million with the Dallas Mavericks last week, and aside from the reported Chris Paul drama, it was rumored that Jordan also wanted to be more involved in the offense. We’ll have to wait and see if Jordan will make one of the craziest move in free-agency history, but the next few hours will surely be a whirlwind.

Already, reports are trickling out from Jordan’s meeting claiming that he was so torn by the decision in front of him, he cried while watching the Clippers’ video presentation.


Wow. More updates as soon as we get them.

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Watch Jamie Foxx Do A Hilarious Doc Rivers Impression On Tonight With Jimmy Fallon

Jamie Foxx appeared on Jimmy Fallon and delivered a bunch of hilarious impressions Continue reading Watch Jamie Foxx Do A Hilarious Doc Rivers Impression On Tonight With Jimmy Fallon

Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Loses It To Fergie’s “L.A.LOVE”

Dance like nobody’s watching, Steve

Steve Ballmer is the fiery, ballsy former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, but last night he was just a very exuberant fan in the front row. During last night’s game against the Lakers, which the Clippers won by 25, hometown favorite Fergie took to the court to perform her latest hit, “L.A.Love,” which also features and is produced by Los Angeles natives YG and DJ Mustard. While Fergie performed, some of the people surrounding Ballmer subtly showed their support for the Black Eyed Peas pop starlet, Ballmer decided to go all out. It appeared that he heard a song he liked and was reminded that he’s worth about 20 billion at the same time. That’s enough to make anybody go as berserk as ol’ Steve went last night.

No matter how insane his antics appear to the public eye, we’re pretty sure the Clippers organization will take crazy dancing Steve over his psychotic racist predecessor any day.

LA Clippers Blake Griffin And Chris Paul Have A New Comedy Special Coming To Adult Swim

LA Clippers duo Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are teaming up for a hilarious comedy sketch for Adult Swim

Point guard general Chris Paul and elite high-riser Blake Griffin  are set to bring a two-part sketch comedy special titled BGCP3TV in HD to Adult Swim. The Jordan Brand ambassadors will also be joining legendary comedian Neal Brennan, who among many things is known for being the co-creator of the iconic comedy sketch series the Chappelle Show. The sketch comedy series will debut this Friday (October 24th) at 12:12 a.m only on Adult Swim. Check the teaser for the upcoming sketch show above.

Drew is currently adjusting his fantasy team for this upcoming NBA season. Planning to take over for the 14-15′ (Juvenile voice) – @Drewtheabstract

Donald Sterling Is Really Trying To Impede The Sale Of The Clippers

Steve Ballmer awaits sign off before becoming official owner of the Clippers.
Steve Ballmer awaits sign off before becoming official owner of the Clippers.


Last week it seemed Donald Sterling had finally accepted the decision to sell his team, however he has apparently had a change of heart. Sterling is holding off on signing away his team to new Clippers owner designate Steve Ballmer, in the hopes that his lifetime ban and 25 million dollar fine will be lifted. Tough luck Sterling.

According to the L.A. Times, Sterling saw a drafted statement from the NBA absolving him of all charges, which, according to an anonymous source, couldn’t be farther from the truth

“In terms of saying something in a draft press release that indicated they would be dismissing the lifetime ban and the fine, that is not true at all,”  said the anonymous source.

Sterling’s lawyers haven’t made an appeal to the NBA’s lifetime ban, fine, and forced sale of  the team, and it’s not yet clear if they will do so.

In the meantime, Ballmer awaits an official sign off from Donald Sterling to avoid further legal complications. If Ballmer  proceeds without a signature, Sterling may be able to sue on the grounds that his property was taken illegally from him.

Sterling’s wife and co-owner of the team Shelly, who negotiated the 2-billion dollar deal with Ballmer, may appeal to a judge to make her the sole owner of the Clippers in order to proceed with the sale.

According to sources close with the Sterlings, Shelly hopes to avoid this measure to prevent difficult and embarrassing proceedings for her husband.


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V. Stiviano, Mistress Of Donald Sterling Who Leaked Racist Rants, Assaulted In NYC

v. stiviano


V. Stiviano has been in the news just as much as her alleged former boyfriend, Donald Sterling, after leaking his racist rants to TMZ and revealing to paparazzi cameras in a separate incident that “black people don’t know what to do with money”. This time, she’s made headlines for a pretty horrific reason. Around 7 p.m. last night, Stiviano was leaving a restaurant in NYC’s Meatpacking District and she was assulated–specifically, punched several times in her face–by two assailants yelling racial slurs at her in the commotion. According to reports, Stiviano was medically treated but has not filed official charges.

A source close to Stiviano previously expressed that she has had to hire a bodyguard and scale back her public activities after the Sterling scandal went down, and she’s received several death threats, many from social media.

Watch Donald Sterling’s Interview With Anderson Cooper In Its Entirety

sterling stiviano

This guy needs better PR, or a muzzle.

Donald Sterling took his “talents” to Anderson Cooper tonight, in a prime time interview where he’s expected to air all about the stirring scandal that led to him being banned from the NBA by Commissioner Adam Silver, and a rally from the other 29 owners of NBA teams to have him ousted as an owner.

Though the official video of the interview hasn’t been released, it is currently being played live on CNN right now, and Cooper was just joined by Spike Lee who is offering his opinion on Sterling’s disturbing comments.

After claiming he told V. Stiviano, who leaked the infamous audio of Sterling’s racist rant to TMZ a few short weeks ago, not to bring Magic Johnson to the Clippers arena ever again because he was jealous of their relationship, Sterling went more in depth, claiming that Magic Johnson is not a role model, because of the sexual relations he carried on with “when he had those AIDS”, and claiming that Johnson has done nothing for the black community, when Cooper asked Sterling to comment on the Lakers’ legend.

Cooper disproved Sterling’s claims during breaks from the interview, citing that Johnson’s humanitarian efforts have been rated highly by the non-profit community, and he has donated millions of dollars to underprivileged individuals and minorities.

Check back with us to view the interview in its entirety as soon as the video is released.

UPDATE: We’ve included YouTube links so you can watch the entire interview below.