LeBron & Melo Die Laughing When Russell Westbrook Screws Up Scoring Drill


You gotta admit, this is pretty funny (and cool)

The USA Basketball non-contact workouts are taking place this week in Las Vegas, and all the stars are out West, honing their skills for forthcoming exhibition games. Stars like Russell Westbrook, who got clowned a bit in the above video clip for screwing up a fairly simple scoring drill–Westbrook was expected to score using 2 dribbles or less.

The coolest thing about this clip, is just how broken down in laughter LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were; the two superstars were on the sideline observing Westbrook perplex both himself and USA Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Monty Williams, who shared a laugh with Westbrook before the camera panned to LeBron and Melo.

It’s worth noting that this is pretty valuable time for Williams and Westbrook, who will be doing this for much longer than the exhibition period of USA Basketball. Williams was hired in the off-season to be an assistant coach for the Thunder, after gaining notoriety for his offensive prowess as the head coach of the Pelicans.

Carmelo Anthony Denies Being Upset With NY Knicks Draft Choice

Fans of the New York Knicks were up in arms this past week when the team selected Kristaps Porzingis with the 4th overall pick. For a team that is indeed in the rebuilding phase but is looking to win now, choosing a project player who may not make an immediate impact for the next 2-3 years seemed like a stretch. Later that night, the Knicks also traded away guard Tim Hardaway Jr to the Atlanta Hawks. All of these moves left many scratching their heads, looking for answers from Knicks President Phil Jackson.

A story then hit the web at the tail end of the draft citing that Knicks star Carmelo Anthony made a phone call to now ex-teammate Hardaway Jr, not only expressing his regret at the youngsters departure but also claiming that he was downright furious with the selection of Porzingis. Now that the dust has settled, Melo posted a image on Instagram lamenting on the mentor/protege relationship he had with Hardaway, but also dispelling the rumors that he was upset with the draft, stating that he feels Porzingis is a “steal.”

Could Melo truly be upset and only deflecting to keep up appearances for the public? Or does he truly believe Porzingis was the right choice? Only time will tell.


Things will definitely be interesting for NY this offseason@Rocko_CNK

Report: Carmelo Anthony is Unhappy With New York Knicks Draft Choice

It seems like Carmelo Anthony reacted to the Knicks selecting Kristaps Porzingis with the number 4 pick like the rest of Knicks fans.

Yeah, not a great reaction. Reports are that Anthony wasn’t pleased with how team president Phil Jackson handled the night either. Frank Isola of  the New York Daily News,  reports Anthony called Tim Hardaway Jr, whom was traded to the Atlanta Hawks for 19th pick Jerain Grant, to explain his unhappiness. The veteran isn’t pleased with the pace of the team’s rebuild, which likely won’t be accelerated by Porzingis:

After resigning with the Knicks for 5 years/124 million dollars last summer; Anthony was limited to only 40 games due to a knee injury and his days as an elite player are limited. Anthony’s frustration seem to be rooted in playing alongside a “project player” when he should be competing for a championship.

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[OP-ED] New Civil Leaders: Athletes Taking A Stand On Social Issues

Travyon Martin, Micheal Brown, Eric Garner, these names will always give chills each time they are mentioned. The names release a type of emotion in every American. Words such as innocent, thugs, misunderstood, ignorant, all thoughts that have been expressed over radio, tv, or social media. We allow for all people to express their feelings to these issues for whatever side they take. Athletes are usually on the other end of criticism. An entire business has been built on discussion of players moves on and off the court. But in years past athletes have stayed away from just having a opinion on any real meaningful issue.  Micheal Jordan once famously said the “Republicans buy shoes too” avoiding truly taking a stand on any social issue. Charles Barkley did a Nike commercial saying that he wasn’t a role model.

But this is a new age, players have the ability to stand up for what they think is right.  Last season, after the Don Sterling mixtape came out, the Clippers all showed unity during the playoffs as they faced the Golden State Warriors.

Clippers protest

This, along with pressure from the media forced the hand of commissioner Adam Silver, to ban the shamed owner out of the league for life. A few months later Eric Garner was killed by police in Staten Island. The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Brooklyn Nets a few days later in Brooklyn. Many players decided to wear a “I Can’t Breathe” shirts to show support for Garner. But it meant the most when Lebron James came wore it.

Lebron "I can't breathe shirts

Freddie Gray’s death almost brought a city to it’s knees. People expressing their emotions through peaceful & non-peaceful protest. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, who is from Baltimore, walked in support of it’s citizens.

Melo marches for Baltimore


These are just the new civil rights times that we live in, our black leaders just seem to have a ball in their hand. If you add up LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul twitter followers, it would be more people than a small African country. With the 32 million plus followers these men have, they now have the ability to completely bypass the local paper or TV media to get their opinions across to the masses. Social Media has created a way for athletes to express their feelings at any given moment.

Some may argue that athletes are out of place when they speak on these type of issues. To those people who feel that way, look in the mirror, do you see a human being? That is the same thing that these athletes see, they just have a different platform than you or me. They are actually best to take a stand in whatever they want.

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Carmelo Anthony Had a Rough Time On The Internet Last Night

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Atlanta Hawks to advance to the NBA Finals last night. Despite having a losing record after 39 games, the Cavs were able to hit their stride and become a complete basketball team when they traded for Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith in a deal with the New York Knicks earlier this season. The Knicks finished the season with the 2nd worst record in the league but, just their luck, ended up with the 4th overall pick in the draft.

In light of this dynamic, the Internet decided to do what the Internet does best, and that’s troll. Lets look at some of the best.



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Her Source | LaLa Anthony Talks Releasing ‘The Power Playbook’, Being an Entrepreneur, and Going Tastefully Topless!

Mrs. Anthony is having a great run in 2015!

The actress and author LaLa Anthony stopped by The Breakfast Club last week to discuss her newest successes and juggling such an intense schedule. As you should know, Lala is the wife of NBA star, Carmelo Anthony, a mother to one, has played in the Think Like A Man movies, acts as Lakeisha in the show Power, and she’s just released a new book. The resume is fully stacked and schedule is over booked but how did she get there and how does she maintain it?

The Power Playbook: Rules For Independence, Money and Success hit shelves on May 5th as the sequel to her first best-seller The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness. During the interview, she explains that containing power is an endless journey and the learning process is essential for growth –

Last night while everyone was chilling, I was in an acting workshop from 5pm to 9:30pm, working, learning. People don’t know that’s what I’m doing in my spare time. I’m just trying to continue to grow.”

Lala explains that she’s been working hard at her career well before getting with Carmelo and although she had power before meeting him, there’s such a thing as being too independent.

I think you should be submissive, at times, to any man that you respect. If you respect him then you have to be the ‘man’ at different times.

She later dishes that she is baring it all on an episode of the Starz series Power. Charlamagne was easily intrigued that the very conservative, LaLa Anthony, has a sex scene on the show. When she discussed this with her husband, he says he understands her job, but he won’t be watching. No worries Melo, there’s about 100,000 more men that’ll do the honors of watching it for you! (Episode 4 to be exact, but you didn’t hear it from me.)

Watch LaLa Anthony’s interview here and purchase The Power Playbook online or in Barnes & Noble.

-Tia Long (@bytialong)

Carmelo Anthony Pleads With Looters In Baltimore To Stop Destroying The City

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Carmelo Anthony Is Fine With Being A 2nd Option During The 2016 Season

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Duke Freshman Forward Jahlil Okafor Declares For NBA Draft

It’s safe to say the New York Knicks found their main man…let’s hope that the lottery ball lands for them so they can get the 1st overall pick in June
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This Is Why Carmelo Anthony Refuses To Sit On The Knicks Bench During Games

The perennial All-Star is reportedly “scared” to hang on the sideline

The Knicks are…never mind. It’s not even worth it.

For those still keeping track of the drama, the latest installment in Carmelo Anthony‘s lost season saga is a bit of controversy regarding the vantage point from which he watches his team’s often futile efforts every other night. Since his season was truncated by injury a couple months ago, Melo hasn’t been scene rooting from the sideline, which has become low-hanging fruit for his detractors, but the NY Post has the real reason.

Coach Derek Fisher said he wasn’t sure of the reasons, but a Knicks official later said it was due to the fear of a hustling player crashing into the bench where Anthony might be sitting. Anthony’s surgery took place six weeks ago. It’s unclear if he will be on the bench by the time the season ends April 15.

Well, there you have it. Should one of his teammates offer a valiant effort and go crashing into his leg diving for a loose ball, Melo and the rest of the organization would just be devastated.