Boston Artist 2Eaze Impacts With New Single “Rebel Of The Garden”

Beantown emcee releases the first track from his forthcoming album


One of the rising stars from the new Boston music scene, 2Eaze switches from his club, uptempo anthem music to his own version of R&B/Hip Hop with “Rebel Of The Garden.” Recently, 2Eaze has delivered an onslaught of new material in an effort to build anticipation for his upcoming album Determination 2 which is slated for a 2015 release date. “Rebel Of The Garden” is truly one of the standouts and it will have to hold his fans over for now until 2Eaze releases the full project.

Bias in the Courtroom: Black Judges Forced to Take Mandatory Classes in Massachusetts Due to White Lawyer’s Ratings

Is there any real order in the court?

Bias in the courtroom was brought to attention in an issue of The Boston Globe. A report by two psychologist published last week concluded that Massachusetts Lawyers, who anonymously rate judges are biased against those of color. The research, conducted over a span of ten years, found that lawyers have repeatedly scored African-American judges lower than White judges. As a result, judges who receive lower scores must attend mandatory mentoring classes, due to the assumption that they lack core competency. In one published report, a researcher stated,

“With regard to racial bias, results showed that Caucasian judges scored significantly higher on all [judicial performance] survey items compared to minority judges, and the magnitude of those differences was meaningful.”

Not only did these researchers review questionnaires from over nearly a decade ago, they held focus groups with lawyers and judges to get a better understanding of the racial drift in the courtroom. After one of these focus groups, researchers concluded,

“The general theme that emerged was the idea that persons of color do not match the expectations of what a judge should look like, and therefore confront more doubt, mistrust, and interpersonal tensions than do non-minority judges.”

With the same results from these questionnaires every year, African-American judges are now under pressure to manage their courtrooms in a different way because they are being held to a different standard than white judges.

After the article was published, a commission was founded to investigate the matter regarding these questionnaires so they can be revised for fairness and efficiency.

Input will be monitored next year when the judges are to be evaluated again.

Nitty Scott’s New Mixtape Teaches Listeners “The Art Of Chill”, Features Ab-Soul, Rapper Big Pooh, Ski Beatz & More

ab-soul, boston, nitty scott, rapper big pooh, Stacey Barthe, The Art of Chill

The highly praised East Coast femcee Nitty Scott, MC just dropped her latest project titled The Art of Chill. The mixtape is available now completely free via LiveMixtapes as well as for sale via iTunes.

On this latest compilation of work, Nitty grabbed verse assists from Hip Hop staples such as Ab-Soul, Rapper Big Pooh, Stacey Barthe and more, and included production from board-legends Ski Beatz, Ty Real, Yuri Beats among others. Needless to say, the whole gang is here on this one.

We could easily go into a conversation about female rappers and how there are so few of them left today, but why do that when there’s music to be heard? Plus, who told you that female emcees today are lacking? There are actually more out there than you think, be on the lookout.

Expand your horizons, download this project, turn up the volume and vibe out. Read a statement from Nitty herself regarding this mixtape, below.

Something is happening inside of me. I don’t know the moment when it started, but it’s brewing gently, a fuzzy sense of self that I’ve never felt before. I’m finally starting to get it. That my existence is not based on identity, experience, location or even my physical body. I existI am. I don’t have to fight for this anymore. I don’t have to desire. I don’t have to desperately seek for the answer, because the answer is within me. I am the answer.

I suddenly feel sensitive to things. I don’t want to indulge in anger or pain. I just want to enjoy the oneness. The realness that I have craved all my life. It’s so beautiful that I’m crying. I am the light, the energy, the infinite, the limitless. And so are you. We are the God we seek. And I must harness this. Sharpen it. Learn to absorb and project whatever I want to, whenever I want to.

I finally see a way out of my own misery, and a way out of the spiritually suppressive nature of society itself. It is my own suffering and confusion that has lead me to this amazing discovery. How powerful is that? I see that every moment is full of divine purpose. I will surrender my ego and simply be, knowing that I can never cease to be, because life, death, time and space are only an illusion. A matrix. I can transcend my own thoughts, even transcend this worldly realm, and I know it now. I am grateful to the Universe, for I have found my Art of Chill. – Nitty Scott, MC.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

Get In The Game W/ Statik Selektah x JFK x Wais P x Joey B’s New Music Video, “Welcome To The NBA”

statik selektah, nba, brooklyn, boston, jfk, joey b, wais p, basketball

Though Boston’s hometown stars, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, have made their move to Brooklyn, Statik Selektah and family still keep them close.

In his latest video, Stat sports a full-flag ski mask and brings on JFK, Wais P and Joey B to pay homage to Boston, Brooklyn and the NBA as a whole.

Directed by TalkEye and just in time for the Finals, the visual has the group of emcees rolling around Brooklyn in a custom-painted Nets ride. They make appearances everywhere from in front of the Barclay‘s center to the back alley of a side street, all while the camera cuts from one angle to the next. The b-roll between verses contains various clips and highlights from current and past NBA seasons, giving the video a great amount of added energy.

This song is off of #AG3 (The Rebuild) Mixtape, coming soon.

The video obviously is NBA inspired and features highlights, but the song itself is referring to all these Cocaine cowboy/Gangstas-on-Wax that have never even been arrested, but act like felons in this rap game… – Statik Selektah

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

Boston Duo, Notoriety, Release New Jazz-Infused Single, “Outsiders”

notoriety, gainerz, brockton, boston, the ground table, vydle sinez, incredible chuck

Outsiders is the first single off of Notoriety‘s upcoming mixtape, The Ground Table, and aims to touch home with those who feel lost, confused or are just unsure where they belong. Whether it be in one particular situation or an existential life question, feeling this way is not uncommon and Notoriety can relate.

Brockton, Mass’s Vydle Sinez and Incredible Chuck lace a smooth, yet dramatic, 5-minute flow over a beautiful Blended Babies-produced Jazz horn backdrop as Chuck comes in throughout with soulful singing to highlight the emotion being released, balancing the song out just right. Say goodbye to cliché lines, fads and lyrics and welcome something refreshing. On the inside, we all feel like outsiders.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Though it does not yet have a release date, The Ground Table is a compilation project which Notoriety created in order to bring all of their favorite Boston artists together. Each song, aside from Outsiders, will have at least one feature from a local, indie emcee and the production will also be provided by local producers. In an age where every individual is aiming to reign supreme, a unifying project such as this one is long overdue.

Follow Notoriety:

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Miles From Nothing And Esoteric Cause A Massive “Ruckus” In New Music Video

Miles From Nothing, Army of The Pharaoh, esoteric, ruckus, boston, mass

Miles From Nothing, a 21-year young emcee on the move with nothing except verbal ambition in his heart, has released a new track featuring Army of The Pharaoh‘s member, Esoteric. The song is fittingly entitled Ruckus as the youngin’ and veteran slay emcees in a lyrical boxing ring, beating them down right in front of the cameras. What evidence?

A great song and beautifully cut visuals truly make the track a whole. I am interested to see where Miles heads as the years pass. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard his name and know it won’t be the last. He has great wordplay, an extensive vocabulary and was even able to keep up with a monumental MA emcee in his latest release. Watch the full video, below.

“Miles is young but he’s a rare breed of emcee, I wouldn’t say he’s under my tutelage, in fact we actually learn a lot from each other, it is good for me to capture the perspective of a 21 year old emcee. He’s adamant about recording together, no email shit, and he’s enthusiastic about that gritty production we use in AOTP…he gets points for that (laughs)…but the interesting thing is that he also makes records that remind me of something they’d throw in rotation on Hot97…the kid is versatile…for this joint “Ruckus” we just got in the lab on Newbury St in Boston and traded-off bars. He got up with John Greene for the video and captured us beating down some fake emcees, something I pride myself on doing. Look for more from us together, but keep an eye on him…he can jump into any lane and keep up” – Esoteric

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

Esh The Monolith x The Arcitype Release Ghouly “Werewolves Anonymous” Music Video

Esh The Monolith, AR Classic Records, Arcitype, Matt Watkins, The Invisible EP, Poorly Drawn People, dox, boston, nightworks, Werewolves Anonymous

Currently being ranked in several noteworthy publications as one of the top new indie emcees, Esh The Monolith has released a new video with fellow Boston native and fuego producer, The Arcitype. Werewolves Anonymous is one of the lead singles off of the pairs’ recent collaborative EP, Nightworks. This song is ESH’s first release with Boston, MA based record label AR Classic Records.

Horror movie-esque flows, fierce delivery and lyricism of ghoulish tales is the best way to describe the basis of this track. Director Matt Watkins did an excellent job of bringing this video’s message to life. With custom edits and creative graphics throughout, it keeps the viewer (and, of course, listener) entertained. Plus, Esh’s t-shirt is winning everything.

Nightworks is a follow up to the 2011 release The Invisible EP (a collaboration with Poorly Drawn People producer, Dox). It can be downloaded, HERE.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

Natural x Dutch ReBelle Head Back To The Sandbox And Run The City In New Video, “City Kids”

natural, dutch rebelle, teddy roxpin, Martin Richard, boston

“We just some city kids, tryna run the city, kid.”

City Kids is probably the most renowned cut off of Boston emcee Natural‘s latest project, Ways To Go. It’s the tape’s second single, following the surmounted success and support from it’s first, State Of Grace, which honored the lives of those lost and injured in the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013, notably the young Martin Richard.

City Kids is a vibrant single with a positive message, get out and get yours, simply put. The Beantown “firecracker” links with the femcee goddess, Dutch ReBelle and the two transform back into their childhood state, complete with re-enactments from twin versions of themselves. The production comes by way of Teddy Roxpin (has worked with Mac Miller, among others), and is a great introduction to Natural’s full project, if this is the first your hearing of it. Growing up in a big city, or any city, will have turn your life into a fast-paced movie at a young age, but you can never forget where you come from. Natural simply channeled that youthfulness and used it to enrich his career and uplift a message. Enjoy the video, below.

Directed by: The Concepts Team (A Stae True Organization)
Download: Natural – Ways To Go

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

Boston Red Sox Jonny Gomes To Host Citi Baseball ProCamp

Boston Red Sox  Photo Day

Major League Baseball’s regular season begins exactly one week from today. With America’s favorite past time beginning and the snow storms in the Northeast appearing to be over, kids in the region can turn their video games off, shed their winter coats and get active outside too.

What better way for kids in the Greater Boston-area to jump start their spring than by spending the day with Boston Red Sox left fielder and World Series Champion Jonny Gomes? Gomes will host his youth baseball clinic on Saturday, April 5 at Edge Sports Center in Bedford, Massachusetts from 9:30 AM to 12 PM.

The Game 4 hero in the 2013 World Series, Gomes hit a 387 foot, three run home run in the sixth inning to help the Red Sox take a 4-1 lead.

Now a World Series Champion, Gomes will host his camp the day after Opening Day when the Sox play the Milwaukee Brewers—the same night he and his teammates receive their World Series championship rings. Gomes can’t wait to share that synergy with his campers. “I’m excited to show my campers my 2013 World Series ring the day after I get it,” Gomes told The Source.

The clinic is open for both boys and girls in grades 1-8. Campers will play games, get instruction from Gomes and from the top coaches in the area on fielding drills, pitching techniques and the right ways to stretch before games. Campers who participate will receive a limited-edition clinic t-shirt, a team photo with Jonny and an autograph.

Gomes is optimistic: “I look forward to having fun with the kids,” he said. 

If you’d like more info on the camp or want to register, visit: