Boston Artist Gio Dee Sets Off EP Release With “Man Of Your Word” Video

As Gio Dee progresses as a young artist with star quality, his new EP Never Going Back is the perfect tale of the rapper’s personal journey of growth — a reminder of the story that made him, but an inspiration to always move forward. Today the video release for “Man Of Your Word” celebrates the upcoming release of the new EP, and serves as a reminder that Gio Dee doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk.

Seneca B Releases Instrumental EP

Seneca B‘s journey into the music industry is quite simple. The Boston beatmaker began producing in 2010 while in high school as she experimented with many genres before finding her niche with sample-driven genre of Hip Hop. Listening to her EP, Rascal, is like being a teenager and hanging out with your friends during Hip Hop’s golden era: it’s chill and a good time.

The vibe of the overall EP is inspired by Seneca’s personal and social struggles, and the pressures that come with being on the border of good and evil. You can hear the mood of each track as the production is bright and bombastic, a clear and full sound that shines with minimal samples vocals that compliment the mix.

Seneca B’s Rascal EP isn’t a game-changer, but it is 10 tracks with no fillers and a blissful soundtrack to the summer of all things real.

Check it out for yourself:

Listen Now: Cousin Stizz’s “No Bells”

Cousin Stizz, who’s putting on for Boston in a major way, drops another record, “No Bells.” Continue reading Listen Now: Cousin Stizz’s “No Bells”

Watch: Boston’s Cousin Stizz Drops Visuals for “Bonds”

Cousin Stizz, whose star is steadily rising out of Boston under the management of Tim Larew and Goodwin, may be one of the most heavily anticipated next-to-blow rappers on the scene right now.  After all, it isn’t every up & comer who can say Drake adopted their flows for his own use.  On “Bonds,” Stizz’s characteristic cadence pairs nicely with the almost hypnotic production from Lil Rich.  The gritty, raw visuals, directed by Goodwin, compliment the darkly-nuanced beat exceptionally well, while simultaneously putting on for Boston.

Watch it above, and keep an eye out for his upcoming project, Suffolk County, dropping soon.

Police Are Looking for Spontaneous Blowjob Boston Couple

The express train just wasn’t express enough

Ah, the end of the work week. A chance to relax, unwind, see a movie, do a late dinner, and get a train platform blowjob.

Wait, what?

That was the mindset of this couple, whom Boston authorities are currently searching for, after a fellow train-rider sent a pretty stern message to the MBTA about his rather unpleasant observation as he waited for his train.

Dear MBTA, I understand you are having financial problems and it is difficult to maintain a broken system, however my tax dollars should be going to pay your police force because I shouldn’t have to stand next to a man receiving oral sex.

Pretty straightforward. It’ll be tough to find these two, especially considering the man’s face is buried in the platform pillar and the woman’s face is buried in…well. If caught, they could face charges of open and gross lewdness. Transit police lieutenant Richard Sullivan mentioned that he’s “very rarely encountered something as brazen” as this particular incident.

What We Learned In Sports This Week (May 8-May 15)


From buzzer-beaters, to beating the air out of footballs, it has been another crazy week in sports. Most of the sports talk has revolved around the fall from grace of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was found to be “more than probable”  in the Deflatgate scandal. However, so much more has taken place this week besides the PSI pressure in footballs. Here are the top seven things we learn in sports this week.

Concepts x ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III “Boston Tea Party” NYC Launch Recap

Launch Recap of the Boston Tea Party Pair! 


Footwear brand Concepts connects with Luxury Goods and 8 Ball to produce a “Boston Tea Party” release. Concepts has took on an interesting concept in itself by mimicking the events of 1773 when Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty refused to give in to the British Parliament, before boarding their ships in the Boston harbor.

The anticipated collaboration of the ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III collaboration inspired by an important date in American history on May 2 has turned out to be a dope honorable piece. The shoe is featured in white, red and blue within a patriotic type contrast with gold and silver branding on the panels. Small features include namesake branding amongst the heel, lace options with a special design & more. Check out more images of the Concepts x ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte III “Boston Tea Party” NYC Launch recap in the gallery below.


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Concepts x New Balance Celebrates The Boston Marathon

Concepts x New Balance = Boston Marathon 


Concepts and New Balance come together to pay homage to the Boston Marathon, as a surprise. No one knew that these would drop or even be released. Come close cause they are even set to drop this weekend. The shoe pays homage to the Boston Marathon, and infuses the colors of the race’s logo and medals amongst the shoe. This shoe gives off a different kind of vibe that everyone can get accustomed to. I want to purchase these kicks right now and if I could I would most definitely do so. The shoe features include laser etching of Boston’s skyline on the heel wrap with premium Horween leathers on the upper’s panels. The Concepts x New Balance 574 “Boston Marathon” will release at a set price of $170 this Saturday, April 18 and online in the afternoon of the 18th. Check out more images of the shoe in the gallery below.



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