Beanie Sigel Gives His Take On Meek Mill/Ar-Ab Situation; Tells Meek To Get Rid Of “Yes Men”

At the risk of sounding redundant, by now everyone is fully aware of the current rift that occurred between Meek Mill and Drake some weeks back. Recently though, things took a turn when Philadelphia rapper and the “top goon of Philly” Ar-Ab was name checked in Drake’s “Back To Back Freestyle,” which in turn led to him inheriting a new beef with Meek Mill. The two have been on amicable terms in the past, so it was interesting to see how this was going to play out.

Since then, Ar-Ab has launched a diss record aimed squarely at Meek, while Omelly of Meek’s Dreamchasers collective added his own rebuttal. The streets of Philadelphia are some of the roughest in the nation, and with both rappers having such close ties to the street, many feared this would spill out into violence. Today, one of Hip-Hop’s most notable street MCs and fellow Philadelphia native, Beanie Sigel has given his two cents on the matter.

Taking to his Instagram account, he made sure to point out that he could care less about what initially incited everything (Drake ghostwriter claims), and tells both Meek and Ar-Ab to cool out a bit, because there can be causalities. Check out what Beans had to say below.


Now that I’ve got your attention! I think a lot of you are misinterpreting what I’m saying… See this thing bigger than Nino Brown.. First & foremost who really care about Meek & Drake rap beef…That hole situation gay.. Meek said what he said and Drake did what he did !!! Bottom line. .. I’m not choosing sides in none of this shit.. For one I can care less plus it’s none of my business. .. I know ,Why would Meek care if Drake didn’t write his own shit I don’t know.. I’m going to still bang Drake shit just like everybody else is because nobody cares point blank.. I know, why would Meek diss Ar. I don’t know… You have to choose your battles carefully and be prepared for the outcome good or bad.. But this about to move somewhere else beyond rap.. “A wise man don’t learn from his own mistakes ,he learns from the mistakes of other.. I told yall “I go through it so you WOULDN’T do it after me”. .. Somebody mite die over this stupid shit.. it won’t be Ar.,Meek, or Drake.. it’s going to be one of the entourage … Somebody going to move out to prove they loyalty to something that’s not loyal to them “stupidity ” somebody dies somebody in jail for life over what. You’ll be lucky if a nigga get you a lawyer send you some flicks & commissary money for a couple months…good luck on that dark skin Jermaine… But what do I know.. I’m just a washed up rapper right? RIGHT ! .. This the shit that happens when you turn your back on your people… You don’t advise them on what’s right.. You Don’t tell them they acting like a sucker when they doing sucker shit!!! Advice to @ar_ab_32 don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe & sacrifice something or someone over this gay shit…do your thing and get your money homie.. Advise to @meekmill tighten up your circle, Get them yes men from around you that’s not going to keep it

Azealia Banks Takes on Katy Perry’s Tweet About the “Trap House”

Earlier today, Katy Perry sent out a tweet thanking her fans for getting her “Dark Horse” video to 1 billion views. Well, it was all good until Katy posted *heads back to the trap house* at the end of the tweet, which didn’t sit very well with Azealia Banks, and prompted the “212” rapper to reply back to Ms. Perry.





The controversial Harlem rapper has been very vocal about her disdain of cultural appropriation, or as she calls it, “cultural smudging.” She visited popular Hip-Hop station Hot 97 and spoke openly about her issues with Iggy Azalea, and other artists of Caucasian descent who she feels inappropriately use black culture to their advantage. Banks has since erased the tweet where she publicly addressed Perry, but do you feel feel like Katy Perry went too far?

-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytori)

Lil Wayne Comes at Birdman in Young Money Cypher

If we thought this publicized beef between Birdman and Lil Wayne was over, we were sadly mistaken..

In this Young Money Cypher that was released last night, things weren’t said too kindly on anyone’s part. It looks like literally everyone is taking shots at everyone else.

“I say hit em up to my daddy b**** ass,” Wayne rapped, just past the 10 minute mark of the video in reference to Tupac’s diss track “Hit ‘Em Up,” coming for Birdman.

YMCMB associate Flow dissed Young Thug by saying, “Young motherf***** Money / These my mother****** brothers not my fucking hubbies,” referring to Thug often calling his close associates “lovers” or “hubbies.”

Damn. Wayne might as well have just said Birdman’s name. Man, this beef needs to be over already. This is looking like it’s still going to be happening till Birdman pays up the coin, it doesn’t look like Wayne is budging.

Check out the cypher above.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

Chance the Rapper and Donnie Trumpet Interview at ‘The Breakfast Club’

Fresh off a surprise performance at New York City’s intimate SOBs venue, in which they, along with the rest of The Social Experiment–Nate Fox, Peter Cottondale–brought out Elle Varner and legendary jazz musician Robert Glasper, Donnie Trumpet and Chance the Rapper discuss the origin and purpose of their band, The Social Experiment, with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy, better known as The Breakfast Club. Chance and Donnie tackle drugs, musical influences, and social activism, in addition to a myriad of other topics.

Watch the interview above, and get ready for their new album, Surf, coming soon.

-Rhetlaw Brandon (@DefSoulNJ)

Cam’ron & Jim Jones Attempt to Revive Jay Z Beef in 2015 With “Victory” Freestyle

After Funk Flex’s longwinded diatribe the other night, Cam’ron & Jim Jones dropped a (somewhat disappointing) Jay Z diss. Continue reading Cam’ron & Jim Jones Attempt to Revive Jay Z Beef in 2015 With “Victory” Freestyle

Kevin Durant On Based God Beef: ‘Me And Lil B Are Cool’

It seems that the curse of The Based God has been lifted from Kevin Durant. In a recent interview with REVOLT TV at 2K Sports‘ NBA 2K15 Launch Party, when asked if he was worried about the curse, Durantula responded that although he felt that it hadn’t affected his game, “I don’t have [a] problem with Lil B.” The reigning MVP then explained the online hassle he catches from Lil B fans online before saying, “Me and Lil B are cool.”

Now the world awaits word from Lil B.

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)

War Of The Tweets: Kid Cudi & Lupe Fiasco Trade Words On Twitter

At first, what seems to be an act of humbleness and generosity, Lupe Fiasco thought it was cool to show his fans that he’s a reasonable person to do business with. The Chi-town lyricist decided to offer his followers the price of $500.00 to get him to record a verse for a fan’s song. As long as you have the funds in cash and a contract ready to sign (for usage purposes), a lucky fan was guaranteed straight lyrical heat from the former Child Rebel Soldier emcee. But signs of skepticism hits the fan when Kid Cudi called out Fiasco for the purpose of this offer. “The Rager” tweeted Fiasco and asked

What are you doing with the money your making from this @LupeFiasco . Are u givin some of this money ur about to make to a charity orrrr??

The two emcees continued to throw jabs at one another. From pocketing funds to accusations of swindling fans, these two outspoken rappers continued to tweet one another which led to small sarcastic talks of supporting one another’s albums which will lead to doing something outrageous such as buying Guiseppe Zanottis sneakers. The small battle of words became jokes as the infamous kermit memes were inserted to lighten up on the topic at hand.

Here are a glimpse of the twitter rift: