Busta Rhymes Was Arrested For 2nd Degree Assault At A Manhattan Gym

Rhymes was arrested after a heated exchange that turned physical in the gym yesterday

Busta Rhymes is back in the news today after a physical confrontation led to his arrest for simple assault yesterday in Manhattan.

The Conglomerate general was arrested and charged for throwing a 17 oz. cardboard container of strawberry protein shake at a gym employee who refused to allow a cameraman to film Busta’s workout routine. Things between Rhymes and the employee escalated to higher tension at the Steel Gym in the Chelsea area of Manhattan after Busta threw a protein shake that hit the employee in the head, in which he decided to press charges on the Long Island rapper. Busta was arrested around 8:30 p.m. No further information has been released to the public yet. Busta’s lawyer expressed that he is extremely confident that his client will beat the second-degree assault charge.

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Teens Assault Uber Driver in Brooklyn


Video of an Uber driver being assaulted by a group of teenagers in Brooklyn has surfaced

According to the NY Daily News, a video has made its way to YouTube featuring male teens beating an Uber driver, simply because he refused to give them a ride. In the video, the teens can be heard laughing while they slap the driver continuously in the head, shouting out phrases like “n***a got a headache!” While the driver is being hit, laughter profusely ensues, and the driver is told to, “drive the F****** car n****”.

A teen in the front seat continues the assault, hitting the driver before putting him in a choke-hold. The driver manages to escape through his driver’s side door at the video’s end.

The time and location of the incident are currently unknown, and the NYPD are having a hard time investigating because the unidentified driver has not come forward and reported the assault. Still, law enforcement is reportedly continuing to investigate the tape with hopes of identifying the driver and culprits.

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– Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Diddy Arrested After Altercation With UCLA Football Coach

For those that know, Diddy is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind, or throwing hands when necessary. (see. Drake, Steve Stoute). But today, it seems that a coach on the UCLA staff also found out. Diddy was apparently visiting the campus during an offseason training session for the football team, in which his son Justin Combs plays defensive back. According to TMZ, one of the coaches present was screaming at Justin intensely throughout the session as Puff watched from afar. After the conclusion, Diddy allegedly went to said coaches office and gave him a piece of his mind, grabbing his shirt in the process.

Diddy was later arrested for assault by UCLA police and is currently in custody at the campus jail. A source close to the mogul told TMZ that Diddy initially wanted to call the police himself but his phone was taken away from him.

Justin Combs, who is a redshirt junior for the team, has played defensive back for the past two seasons coming off the bench sparingly in reserve situations as well as playing on special teams. He has a total of 4 career sacks. We will surely keep you posted on this story as more develops.

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Second Video Emerges From Pool Party in Texas

McKinney, Texas has been the topic of conversation since a video was released of police officer, Eric Casebolt, slamming 15-year Dajerria Becton to the ground. Many people have tried to piece together what caused the presence of McKinney Police, and now new footage has emerged of a fight that took place prior to them showing up to the party.

In the footage above, an adult and a teen can be seen fighting while bystanders try to defuse the chaos. The woman is Caucasian, and the teen is African-American. Residents of McKinney have been speaking on the incident, and some claim that race had nothing to do with the assault of Becton and the arrest of other teens, but rather the teens were being extremely rowdy.

Casebolt was initially suspended, and yesterday resigned from his position.

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photo credit: Heavy.com

McKinney Cop Has History of Racial Profiling and Harassment

The world has shown its disappointment and disapproval in the way McKinney police officer David Eric Casebolt handled 15-year old Dajerria Becton while he attempted to break up a pool party. Some are debating the way Casebolt handled the teen, and it turns out that Casebolt has been in trouble in the past for racial profiling and harassing an inmate.

According to Heavy.com, Federal court papers show that back in 2008, Casebolt and other officers were sued for racial profiling, harassment, failure to render aid and sexual assault. The victim, Albert E. Brown, was being held in jail for pending charges on a routine traffic stop, and according to the lawsuit, Brown says that Casebolt “reached for his private area” while pulling his pants past his ankles.

During the incident for which Brown was arrested, Casebolt told Brown that he was going to write him a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the road, but noticed two marijuana seeds in an open container. Brown says that Casebolt commented on the two Caucasian women he had in his car, and also commented on his clothes. Brown continued to allege that another police officer, Lee Keith, repeatedly slammed his head on the hood of the car during the arrest. While Keith held Brown down, Casebolt pulled his pants down, while a third, yet to be identified officer, used a flash light to examine Brown’s anus.

The civil case was dismissed because of the pending criminal case on Brown. After the pending criminal case was dismissed, Brown never refiled the civil case.

And to think this man was still employed in law enforcement.

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Cleveland Officer Arrested Four Days After Being Acquitted of Killing Black Couple

Michael Brelo arrested on assault charges for drunken brawl with his twin brother Mark

The Cleveland police officer who was involved in the brutal murder of a black couple was arrested four days after being acquitted of the murders. Officer Michael Brelo and his twin brother Mark Brelo were arrested after a brawl between the brothers occurred. According to CNN, the fight happened at the home of Michael Brelo on May 27th at 4 A.M. Mark went to a neighbors house banging on the door stating that he needed help after an incident with his brother.

When the police arrived, it appeared that Mark Brelo was intoxicated with a few marks that showed he was in an altercation. When asked, Michael says that he was in an altercation with his brother. An investigation was done and it showed that the brothers had been drinking and got into an altercation with each other. A prosecutor is investigating the case.

Four days prior to the fight between the brothers, Brelo was acquitted in the murders of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams who were shot and killed by Cleveland police after a 22 mile car chase. Brelo stood on top of the car of the couple and shot 15 times into the couple’s car. It was later found that they were unarmed. The justice department is reviewing the case.

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Gary Payton Suspended From Fox Sports Amid Assault Allegations

Gary Payton is being accused of assaulting a woman in January

Gary Payton has been suspended for the duration of the investigation into his pending assault charge, stemming from a January incident.

Allegedly, Payton, the former Seattle Sonics standout guard, assaulted a woman named Trishtan Williams, who was his date to an awards function they both attended. Payton has denied that said assault ever took place, and believes the charges are Williams’ attempt to extort money from him.

Fox Sports has released a statement to Huffington Post:

Regardless of the circumstance, domestic violence is abhorrent and inexcusable and FOX takes these accusations very seriously. As soon as we were made aware of the claim, we began an internal investigation. Mr. Payton was suspended immediately pending the completion of the investigation. Out of respect for both parties we will not be making any additional statements.