Watch: Scott Brown’s “One Day,” via #TheSignal

Born in New York City, and transplanted to Houston, Scott Brown got a jump start in the industry as a child actor with roles in film and TV, including an appearance with Destiny’s Child.  Like Drake, Scott’s bite from the acting bug led him into music, coming full force just two years ago in 2013.

Today he’s a local favorite, who’s headlined for artists like Maxo Kream and other major acts in Houston.  His laid back, intellectual sounds are atypically refreshing when compared to most of Houston’s sounds; perhaps due to his mashup of East/West Coast influences, as he’s recently found himself back in New York as a junior at St. John’s University.

His sound has been coined as “relatable art to create waves that everyone can catch.”  He’s working on his debut project, Gold Tape, which is scheduled to drop on his birthday, October 21st.

Frank Leone Debuts a Theatrical Masterpiece of a Rap Song on #THESIGNAL

In the past year, The Signal, All Def Digital’s weekly show that acts as an artist accelerator platform, has served up a smorgasbord of rap-centric programming, featuring every sub-genre of rap imaginable, from backpack rap to trap to trippy psychedelic rap, from a diverse selection of artists, ranging from those who are stereotypical in their aesthetic, to femcees, to psychedelic loving hipsters with a particularly hallucinogenic brand of hip hop.  Nonetheless, The Signal hasn’t offered up anything quite like Frank Leone and his “Elephant” video yet.

We’ve seen the tired rhetoric of a lone rapper walking through dark woods (with or without a weapon), whilst dropping angst-ridden bars over an ominous soundscape before.  But we haven’t seen Frank Leone, calmly channeling an unapologetically darker version of King Arthur in The Sword & the Stone, do it before…until now, with his visuals for “Elephant.”

Everything about “Elephant” conveys simplistic minimalism to the point of forceful juxtaposition, with the visuals conjuring up an eerie sense of foreboding, despite an initially underwhelming superficial banality.  During those first few moments, it isn’t cinematic fanfare that grabs your attention, and it’s not the music either; it’s the artist himself.  Leone raps from the primordial womb; a place that at first glance, is anxiety-inducing, because it is heavily cloaked in a bleak, black darkness, that’s not conducive to foreshadowing; it’s the unknown in its pure, most unadulterated form: the infinite possibility of creation.  His power as an artist lies not in the basic ability of being louder than the beat he’s rapping over, rudely interrupting the euphoria-inducing feeling of a dope record with an obnoxiously loud delivery; nor is it in littering the record with ad-libs to the point of ad-nauseum;  it’s actually in his quietly climactic delivery, punctuated with urgency and subtle nuances of raw animalistic aggression.  The kid doesn’t need the grandiose theatrics that come with full-out energy expenditure; he doesn’t need to bothered with going into beast mode to show he’s a beast.  He raps with an unassuming authority and a calm, unsettling confidence that makes this rap sh*t look easy.  He carries himself with such a sinister nonchalance that you almost get the impression it’d be nothing for him to eat your favorite rapper for breakfast and spit them right back out as effortlessly as he’s spitting these bars while silently stalking through some creepy-ass woods with a unbothered air of predatory menace; perhaps to maybe do some Illuminati sh*t, so he can be up next.

“Elephant” is Frank Leone’s grand caveat that he is the elephant in the room:  He will not be ignored, and you gon’ learn today.  Watch the video above, and let us know what you think.


Watch: Open Mic Champ Sahtyre x Hippie Sabotage, “Forgive Me”

Once upon a time, a young Sahtyre found himself sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to attend the legendary open mic workshop, “Project Blowed.” For a hungry young artist like him, the workshop was a chance to be schooled and surrounded by some of the most legendary masters of the underground, like Aceyalone, Busdriver, and the Freestyle Fellowship. It was there that he started battling much older emcees, winning respect from the older heads when he became one of the youngest rappers to compete and win battles at the tender age of 14; a genuine honor considering some of the incredible talent who rocked the mic.

Sahtyre is still rocking mics, and is still every bit as hungry today as he was at 14. Check out his latest visual, “Forgive Me,” produced by Hippie Sabotage, directed by Farid Xan, and premiering via All Def Digital’s The Signal.

Watch: Nashville Native Alocodaman Premieres “How I Roll” Visuals via #TheSignal

Newcomer Alocodaman, from the East side of Nashville, recently released his debut project, Straight Off the Porch, in March, after putting in significant work building a buzz from Atlanta to Nashville.  The seven track EP is available on both and  The first two leaks, “Want It All” & “Major Flexxin” couldn’t have been more different, stylistically, in every aspect, from the flows, to the intonations, to the beat selection.  This week he drops off a third component to the project, the visuals for “How I Roll,” via All Def Digital’s The Signal.

Watch it above, and let us know what you think.

Watch: Apollo Ali Drops Visuals for “Purge” via #TheSignal

On this episode of #THESIGNAL, Apollo Ali, hailing from Camden, NJ, drops the second visual, “Purge,” from his new album Contradiction.

Apollo first burst onto to the scene in 2010, when he dropped H.I.M. (History in the Making).  Over the past five years, with a lot of hustle and even more flow, Apollo built up a buzz in the streets;  he’s toured with Freeway and Joel Ortiz, and even opened up for Dipset during their reunion, as well as other notables, such as Ghostface.

“Purge” is produced by Charlie Heat; video direction by Follow The Script.

Contradiction is available on iTunes now, and features August Alsina, Jadakiss, the late Sean Price (rest in peace!), & Dave East.

Check the video above and let us know what you think.

Watch #TheVault: That One Time Turbo T. Double Jacked Someone’s Mic in Ireland to Get Andre 3000’s Attention

The Vault is All Def Digital’s newest series, where artists, comedians, and other famous figures in the entertainment business give us the inside scoop on one of the craziest moments in their career.  And when we say crazy, we mean crazy.  Be prepared to hear all kinds of shenanigans, madness, and mayhem on each episode of The Vault, proving time and time again that there’s no biz like show biz.

On this episode of The Vault, we have Turbo T. Double, who tells a wild tale of how he snatched the mic from a street performer in Ireland in order to get Andre 3000’s attention.

Find out what happens next; watch the clip above!

Watch: Waka Flocka’s Protege Ben G’s “A Hit Away,” via #TheSignal

This week’s episode of The Signal features Waka Flocka’s protege, a rapper by the name of Ben G, who hails from South Carolina.  Fresh off tour with Flocka, Ben G has been hard at work putting together his upcoming EP, Spanish Moss & Collard Greens.  The inspiration for the EP is derived from his Southern upbringing.  The seven song EP features the single “Heart of a Lion,” a track with Waka Flocka that will be made available for free download.

“A Hit Away” is the final single from the EP, releasing 8/10, but today we’re bringing you the visuals for it.  The on-location visuals were filmed in Atlanta by Ben’s in-house videographer, Logan Meis, and they capture Ben’s feeling that he’s only “a hit away” from success.

Success to Ben though, isn’t all about the money.  So far, the humble rapper says that his greatest accomplishment has been having fans come up to him after shows, saying that they relate to his past, and growing up in group homes, and that his story gives them something to look forward to, and renews their determination to continue on in life.  Ben’s backstory is full of troubles–an arrest and subsequent incarceration at 16, living in and out of various group homes, and the recent loss of his mother–but Waka has taken the young rapper under his wing, and looked after him like a brother.

“A Hit Away” and Spanish Moss & Collard Greens is the culmination of Ben’s life story, and will (hopefully) lead him to the successes he desires.

Check out the video, and let us know what you think.

#TheVault: Chill Moody Talks That Time He Got Bit By a Fan at The Roots Picnic

The Vault is one of All Def Digital’s newest series, where artists, comedians, and other famous figures in the entertainment business give us the inside scoop on one of the craziest moments in their career.  And when we say crazy, we mean crazy.  Be prepared to hear all kinds of shenanigans, madness, and mayhem on each episode of The Vault, proving time and time again that there’s no biz like show biz.

On this episode of The Vault, ADD sits down with Chill Moody,  who was performing at The Roots picnic, when he met a fan who had a killer bite, literally.  Yikes.