Former ‘View’ Co-Host Says Black Lives Matter Movement Is a Hate Group

The former co-host of ABC’s The View is under fire Tuesday for suggesting that the activist movement, Black Lives Matter, is a hate group. While interviewing writer Kevin Jackson for her show Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Jackson, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

Jackson, who is African-American answered, “Well they should do it, but unfortunately it’s being financed by the leftists…Ironically, it’s people that have nothing, really no concern at all about black lives.” This sparked anger and outrage to many people. Hasselbeck, a Conservative, is no stranger to controversy. Following the death of Sandra Bland, Hasselbeck suggested that Bland might have “threatened” the police and that’s what led her to her death.

Hours after making the comment, many celebrities expressed their feelings about the comment. Blogger Perez Hilton wrote, “Wow. This is so offensive it’s hard to know where to begin.”

Hasselbeck’s former co-host, Rosie O’Donnell, took to Twitter to express how she felt. “Some r slow to wake,” tweeted O’Donnell. She continued, “when r we going to declare Donald Trump as a hate group?”

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ICYMI: Kerry Washington For Post-Baby Body President! Take a Look For Yourself

Progression is Kerry Washington’s middle name and it shows in her newest cover!

The actress flexes her incredible physique on this cover of “Self” magazine. In nothing more than a sports bra and leotard the Scandal star defines what the “snapback” should really look like. Although, Washington was flawless before giving birth to her 1-year-old daughter Isabell, she claims that she’s not aiming for the pre-baby body. Kerry Washington has wowed in a new fitness and health spread for Self Magazine revealing how motherhood and her hectic set life as Olivia Pope, has set pushed to the next level.

“A few weeks ago, my manager asked: ‘Do you feel like you’re back? I feel like you’re back.’ She meant it as a total compliment, but we had this great conversation where I was like, ‘You know what? I try really hard not to use that language, because it’s not about going backward in life,'” Kerry explains.

“I’ve been really focused on not being ‘back’ to anything, but being the best version of myself right now,” she adds. “My body is the site of a miracle now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle.”

You’d assume with a schedule like Kerry’s it’d be hard to stay dedicated to the gym. The actress explains that pilates is her thing, which she’s been doing two to six times a week for the past five years. She’s also a certified yoga instructor, and shares that her and her fellow Scandal actresses take regular hikes around Los Angeles as a group ritual. Washington tributes her dedication to her role on the ABC hit series Scandal

“It makes my heart smile to think that maybe part of the reason I’m taking all this on is because of Olivia,” she says. “She truly believes that she can handle every situation, and I do feel that has bled into my life. I have more of a sense of my capacity to do anything.”

Well, sounds like Kerry Washington is a real life Gladiator to say the least.

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Watch Mike Epps and Nia Long in the Trailer for ABC’s Reboot of Uncle Buck

The show is based on the John Candy classic movie of the same title. Uncle Buck will premiere on ABC  later this year and stars Mike Epps in the leading role – with the supporting cast including Nia Long, James Lesure, and more. The sitcom follows the adventures of the sweet but irresponsible Uncle Buck, as he helps take care of his brother’s kids.

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Shonda Rhimes Is Bringing A New Drama To ABC

It’s Shonda Rhimes’ world and we’re just living in it.

It’s no doubt that Shonda Rhimes got Thursday nights on lock. From Scandal to How To Get Away With Murder to the 12 season (and counting) series Grey’s Anatomy.

Now ABC picked up yet another Shonda Rhimes drama called The Catch. It’s about a female fraud investigator who’s about to get bamboozled by her fiance but she lives a double life that he doesn’t know about. Sounds like some good stuff.

There is no details on when The Catch will be on air but from the look of Rhimes’ Twitter account, it’s definitely in the works.



Bruce Jenner Says He’s a Woman, Tells All to Diane Sawyer

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Bruce Jenner gets up close and personal with Diane Sawyer on ABC

Last night, Bruce Jenner‘s interview with Diane Sawyer aired on ABC, and the entire world was literally watching, and waiting, to see what the former Olympian–once referred to by many to be the world’s greatest athlete–had to say about his current frame of mind, and the rumors circulating his reported gender change.

In one fluid sentence, Jenner made it very clear where, and who, he was.

For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.

Jenner’s secret was off-handedly discovered by his daughter, Kim Kardashian, who walked in on him wearing a dress one day. According to Bruce, she walked out without saying a word, after which he divulged his situation to her.

Kimberly has been by far the most accepting [of the children] and the easiest to talk to about it.

Jenner has made it clear that he’s not yet sure when he’ll have gender reassignment surgery, if he does at all. This has been a long process for him. He began taking hormones in the 1980’s.

One very popular question surrounding the rumors was Kanye West’s role in all of this. Jenner made it clear that without Kanye, the road to his daughter’s acceptance of his change would’ve been significantly more difficult. When Kim reached out to her husband for his thoughts, West had this to say:

I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I can have the most beautiful daughter in the world, and I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be true to myself. It don’t mean anything.

Kerry Washington To Be Honored At The 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Earlier today America’s LGBT media advocacy organization announced that it will be honoring Kerry Washington during the upcoming 26th annual GLAAD Media awards on March 21.

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